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  1. Andy Reid is a fat FRAUD

    How does this dope get a pass after these last two seasons? They are like 10-18 since the Superbowl Game. He must have naked pictures of Jeff Laurie. Look at that play. My kid brother ran that play on me playing two hand touch in our back yard. This is embarrassing.
  2. Shaud Williams vs. Sammy Morris

    I may have to start both of them. I assume Williams is playing? Man my RBs are a joke.
  3. any new on Willis McGahee?

    Please post any news on the RB situation here. I am thinking Shaud gets the nod. Henry has to be rusty a bit and Burns is a blocker. SF should yield decent numbers. But I think Shaud will get the bulk of the work.
  4. QB Decision

    Plummer is a must. TENN is a Qbs dream.
  5. How did you get to your SB?

    I have the worst team but am still in the semis: I had Priest Holmes, Blaylock and Travis Henry but someone drafted both of their backups and I was offered LJ but I needed WRs so here is my lineup last week. Collins (sat Favre)-the ballsiest FF move I have ever made Allstott Sammy Morris Horn DJax McMike Taylor, J Den. Do not even ask how I got this far with that slop. Another Festivus Miracle!
  6. Do I start Favre or Kerry Collins?

    Thanks, I assume thats your endorsement of Favre.
  7. I started Collins last week and he got me to the semis, but KC is a tough place to play. Favre should light it up after last weeks debacle. Any thoughts?
  8. Playoff Tie Question

    You have to do a coin toss. If I were in this predicament, there is not way I could make up rules at this stage in the season. Each team has a 5050 shot to win. Its the only fair way to decide things. Next year, make it the first item of business.
  9. Monday Night...

    I heard Graham was ? to play. It would be nice to see him out so I can watch the game in peace. Thanks for replying.
  10. Monday Night...

    I need Daniel Graham to be declared inactive. I am up by 3 and have Morris and McMike but he has Graham. Please sit him Bill. He needs to be 100% for the playoffs. HAHA!
  11. I am up 3 and he has Graham and I have Morris and McMike? Do I take it?
  12. This might be crazy...but

    I am benching Favre for Collins. He better throw it 50 times and at least complete half of those. I expect Collins to perform well. 300 yds and 3 tds.
  13. I know most people will not believe this but I am in the playoffs and have to pick from this slop. Any advice, I have to start two: Minor Morris Blaylock JR Redmond Allstott Arlen Harris Scary huh?
  14. VERMEIL: “Sure, uh huh.” Q: Priest Holmes is out this week, right? VERMEIL: “Uh huh.” Q: He won’t play on Sunday? VERMEIL: “No. He’s working out right now.” Q: So Priest will be listed as out? VERMEIL: “He’ll be listed as out.” Q: Is he out for the year? VERMEIL: “I don’t think so. The doctors have never told me that.” This is from the Chiefs website Cmon Priest! We need you back week 15! You can do it!