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  1. How does this dope get a pass after these last two seasons? They are like 10-18 since the Superbowl Game. He must have naked pictures of Jeff Laurie. Look at that play. My kid brother ran that play on me playing two hand touch in our back yard. :D


    This is embarrassing.

  2. I have the worst team but am still in the semis:

    I had Priest Holmes, Blaylock and Travis Henry but someone drafted both of their backups and I was offered LJ but I needed WRs so here is my lineup last week.



    Collins (sat Favre)-the ballsiest FF move I have ever made


    Sammy Morris




    Taylor, J



    Do not even ask how I got this far with that slop. Another Festivus Miracle!


  3. You have to do a coin toss. If I were in this predicament, there is not way I could make up rules at this stage in the season. Each team has a 5050 shot to win. Its the only fair way to decide things. Next year, make it the first item of business.

  4. Graham has only had two games this season over 50yds and he hasn't scored in like 6 weeks.  However, I think his last good game was against Mia.  I would worry a little I guess.  McMichael looks like a good play though.







    I heard Graham was ? to play. It would be nice to see him out so I can watch the game in peace. Thanks for replying.

  5. I'm thinking about starting Jerry Porter over Chad Johnson.  Weather conditions in Ohio is going to be snowy, windy and plus the Buffalo defense is *** good.  Kerry Collins will probably throw 50 times in a potential high scoring game.  I have already benched J. Walker for Michael Clayton.








    I am benching Favre for Collins. He better throw it 50 times and at least complete half of those. I expect Collins to perform well. 300 yds and 3 tds.

  6. VERMEIL: “Sure, uh huh.”


    Q: Priest Holmes is out this week, right?


    VERMEIL: “Uh huh.”


    Q: He won’t play on Sunday?


    VERMEIL: “No. He’s working out right now.”


    Q: So Priest will be listed as out?


    VERMEIL: “He’ll be listed as out.”


    Q: Is he out for the year?


    VERMEIL: “I don’t think so. The doctors have never told me that.”



    This is from the Chiefs website


    Cmon Priest! We need you back week 15! You can do it!

  7. Seems to me they are just giving LJ some carries. As you said that SUCKS for Blaylock owners because he looked good. At least we got a TD from him so far, and I can't see it being just LJ from here on out, so we should get at least a little more I'd think.








    Blaylock just got a 12 yd rec. Thank god he is back in. Get LJ outta there. I hate vulchers.