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  1. J Jones or D Foster

    I agree with Killah, sit Jackson. Too inconsistent, and Fitzpatrick is bringing down the offense. Jones and Jordan will have nice games.
  2. Farve or Warner?

    What games have you been watching? Yes they get a lot of field goals, but Warner also posts huge yardage numbers and a TD or 2 a game. Favre is a shell of his former self. Got to go with the nice weather in AZ.
  3. QB Quandary

    Here's another reason to go with Warner, from Sportingnews: Dec. 10, 8:35 a.m. Redskins Defense According to the Washington Post, defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin (hip) is probable for Week 14. Defensive tackles Joe Salave'a (foot) and Cedric Killings (groin) are both questionable but could play. Linebacker LaVar Arrington (thigh) is expected to miss Week 14. Fantasy Source spin: Has the Redskins' defensive line been healthy at all this season? Because the Cardinals have a potent passing attack, the Washington defense/special teams is a poor play this weekend.
  4. WR Choices - WDIS

    Bennett and KRob.
  5. WDIS

    Its not even close, Warner is the man. No running game, Fitz and Boldin to throw to. The #1 pass D Jax could not stop Warner, what makes anyone thing the #11 pass D can stop him. Alexander takes away a lot of Haas's value, even against the 49ers at home Haas will throw under 250, probably closer to 200 and 1 or 2 td's. You know Warner will be at the 300 mark, at least 1 Td and possibly more.
  6. WDIS?... L.Jordan or J.Jones?

    Boy, I'm really afraid of that vaunted Jets D stacking the line.
  7. Eagles will beat the Giants this week

    Now thats something I can respect.
  8. Eagles will beat the Giants this week

    As much as I respect Hugh, I don't see it happenning. Philly doesn't have anything to play for, and they will be going with the JV team. Worse case scenario, the Giants D should win this one.
  9. Favre or Warner this week

    Sorry, the sentimetnal vote always goes with Favre, but Warner is hot. The lack of a running game just makes Warner that much more valuable. Warner already burned the Jax secondary, and they were supposed to be one of the top secondaries in the league. The Pack will run Gado alot, and the weather will not favor the passing game. Never bench your studs, sorry but Warner is now a stud.
  10. WDIS WR

    I'd go with KRob. Look like KRob got his game legs, good chemistry now with Brad, and the bonus of returning kickoffs. Against the Rams, I'd expect Brad to look his away alot, especially deep. Although the matchup looks good for K.Johnson against the Chiefs, Drew has not been playing well. Parcells said that Jones will be heavily relied on from here on out. Go with KRob.
  11. S.Moss or KRob

    I don't think you can consider Moss a stud anymor, he hasn't done anything in weeks, Portis is running well, and also Moss tweaked a hammy. I believe KRob is coming on, and Johnson likes throwing to him. At home against the Rams Opinions?
  12. S.Moss or KRob

    Good advice, thanks.
  13. Anderson, Bell and Foster

    Anderson and Foster. What convinces me about starting Foster is that the Bucs won't be able to stack the line against him because Delhomme will the burn the D by stretching the field with that Steve Smith guy Playing at home, Foster should be able to get at least 100 yds combined with a TD. I don't thing Davis will vulture any TD's based on the fact that Foster proved last week that he can punch it in. One last thing, Foster has FRESH LEGS.
  14. Engram or Koren Robinson this week

    I really do want to go with Robinson this week, but I have to decide about who to bench, Wayne or S. Moss? In your situation I'd take the flier on Robinson, I think he's become Brad's favorite target. He could get you some big points this week, and we all know in SF its all about Alexander.
  15. Mcnair or Warner

    I don't see how you can bench Warner, he's been consistently throwing for 300+ yds, and 1 - 2 Td's per start. You never know what you're going to get with McNair. Don't forget that Warner lit up the tough Jax D for 315/2 Td's. Go with Warner.
  16. Lamont Jordan or L Johnson

    I agree this week it will be all about Jordan. He should have a multiple TD game, 100 yds rushing, and 40 - 50 yds receiving. Johnson won't do as well in Dallas. Tui will be looking for Jordan alot.
  17. Need Help

    I'm leaning towards Williams now because the K.Jones will probably be out. I like the Cards because Alex Smith hasn't done anything this year, and the Cards D is not that bad.
  18. Need Help

    Good advice thanks.
  19. WDIS @ WR?

    Nice choices, I wish I had that problem. I'd go with Moss or Fitzgerald, slight edge for Moss this week, since he's Brunnel's only option other than Cooley.
  20. Kurt Is Back?!?!

    He posted great numbers against a great secondary. Bottom line is the sheer 40+ passes a game will net results. I hear all this talk about the vaunted 49er secondary at home...sorry I don't buy it. Warner should at least post similar numbers as he did last week 300/2td's. Could be more, but Arrington/Shipp could get a rushing TD or 2. Warner is looking sharp, and his offensive line is giving him protection. Warner is the man!
  21. This is per John Clayton a few minutes ago on NFL Countdown. Not a bad schedule for Foster: Bills, Falcons, Bucs, Saints, Cowboys. I know I could use some consistency pushing towards the fantasy playoffs.
  22. Stephen Davis to be phased out

    He said something to the effect of Foster will get every opportunity to display his skills for the rest of the season, and that Davis is starting to look really tired. It was a pretty short statement, and Clayton did not elaborate on the rest. I would still say that Foster is worth having and seeing how it plays out this week.
  23. Fantasy Advice

    Hi Hugh, I'm vying for a playoff spot. Couple of questions for ya this week: QB McMahon or Warner: I believe McMahon should do well at home, Warner probably will be good for 1 TD and about 200 yds. RB Pick 1 - J.Jones, M.Barber, C.Taylor, or JJ Arrington. I'm leaning towards Jones, starting to get more work, and should play better at home, on Turkey day. Thanks.
  24. Gado owners beware.....

    Fumble jumble, come on now. If fumbling was so important to Sherman, how come he never benched Ahman Green??????? He is a fumbling machine I don't think Sherman will bench Gado, I beilieve he's emphazing the point to Gado to make sure he remembers to protect the ball, and don't turn into "Green the fumbling machine."
  25. J. Jones named starter

    I don't know guys. I had JJ last year, and he was impressive. Monday night was the first time I've seen him play since last year. My impression is he looked heavier, slower, and a little tentative. Barber didn't fare much better, but he did get in the endzone, had that nice 26 yd run, and even more impressively his pass blocking was superb I believe Parcells is still infatuated with JJ's performance from last year. Then again, maybe JJ is not totally recovered from his ankle injury.