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  1. WDIS: Volek or McNab

    Gotta go with Volek. The weather here is perfect for passing ( wind) and Mason is playing! He should have a great game!
  2. WDIS @ QB

    I agree, Bulger is being rushed back in before he is ready and may not last the game. Martz is an idiot! Play Leftwich Please see my post!
  3. Please double check my line up. This is for the big win!!! Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated Standard Scoring: QB Volek WR1 Harrison WR2 R.Smith WR3 J.Galloway RB Dillon RB Portis TE Shockey K Vinatieri Def Buf My Bench QB Bulger WR Fitzgerald RB Goings RB Droughns RB S.Williams TE Cooley
  4. Fitzgerald or Galloway

    Thanks!!! I thought the same thing, but I just picked up Fitgerald as an option.

    I have been burned by Portis's lack of TDs. If I had J.Jones, I think I would play him this week over Portis.
  6. Championship Game Help

    Philly's tough and Bulger is rusty Play Bledsoe. SF def. sucks.
  7. WDIS: Fitzgerald vs Seatle Galloway vs Car. #1 Harrison #2 R.Smith #3 ?
  8. Droughns Starting?

    I agree. Stay away from the Denver RB's. A.Smith might have a good day as long as Tn doesn't get way behind.

    sorry!!! DUH!
  10. Injury updates

    Mason: "Though he is listed as questionable with an ankle injury, Mason is expected to play in Saturday's game against the Broncos, ESPN's John Clayton reports." He could have a great game. Denver will double team Bennett and which might leave Mason open. Stokley is playing also, and could always score...he might even get the "record" TD (which doesn't matter here, does it). No info on Burress, sorry.

    I'd say J.Smith J.Walker (if the weathet's not a problem....if it Bennett) Pittman....better match up.
  12. Stokleys groin injured still?

    Play Stokley. Even if he is limited he has more potential pts than Chambers. Everything I read says he's playing. see my post, please (and give me your best guess)!
  13. Help Please! Pick 2 WR

    Never bench Harrison! He always has a potential to have a "blow up" matter who they are playing. Play Walker and Harrison.
  14. I'm in the championship game. This is for the money. Standard Scoring WDIS: Portis vs Dal Goings vs TB I'm already playing Dillion as #1. Portis let me down again last week...he got yds but no TD Goings seems more consistant but has a tougher match up. Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated!
  15. I'd start fact I am. the weather here in Nash. today is cold..but no snow or precip. and none forcasted. I don't think the cold will affect the game..and it's not going to be that cold (25 to 30 at game time). I'm not a Titans fan....but Volek is hot these days and Denver's secondary has been getting burned. I know Brees has a good match-up...but he has not been hot lately. Go with Volek.