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  1. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Championship in the balance. I know that either QB would not be a first choice, but I gotta pick either Hasslebeck or Greise. Hasslebeck's injury has me more worried than past performances against Arizona. Greise is at home, but posted terrible numbers last week and plays a dangerous Panthers Def. Thanks for the help. Happy Holidays and good luck in your championship or playoffs.
  2. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    Its' gonna be a tough one. My third SB in 3 years. Mine - Opponent Hasslebeck or Griese v. Culpepper F. Taylor & L. Johnson v. Westbrook & Tomlinson R. Moss & E. Kennison v. R. Wayne & Stokely (he may play Bennett) A. Gates v. McMichael Akers v. Vanderjagt Jets DST v. Patriots DST All I want for Christmas is a 2nd SB title.
  3. WR pickup

    Current roster of WRs: R. Moss, Bruce, Kennison, Burleson 12 Team league, performance scoring, 1 pt/10yds rec/rush, 6 pts/td. 12 man roster, start 8 (qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, k, def/st) With the return of Moss, Burleson becomes the #2 WR in Minn. Is Burleson worth keeping or should I take advantage of these waiver wire prospects: A. Bryant K. Colbert Houshmandzadeh S. Moss (will he continue to flop??) I had a decent season without input from the message board (no offense), but with a playoff spot hanging in the balance I would greatly appreciate any input. Many thanks...
  4. WR pickup

    That's a scenario that weighs heavily on my decision. Hmmmm.....