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  1. Sega!, now I am fourth in line....I hate sloopy fourths

  2. Big 12 championship

    Ok St is a favorite Dark Horse, A&M does have a brutal schedule, but they will be able to play a grind it out ball control offense that will keep them in many games. If OU has a QB, they will be very tough. Have to assume that their D getting off to such a slow start last year was an aberation. The winner of the South will almost certainly have a Conference Loss, and very possibly 2. I will go with UT winning the South of course.
  3. Ratatouille

    One of my tennagers agreed to keep Maegan, so the wife and I could catch a movie togethor. A rare treat when you have a 13 month old. We went to the theater and picked the next movie to start. Turned out to be Ratatouille. We really enjoyed it. Hopefully I will get to sneak off soon and see Transformers
  4. IDP Projected Stats

    Is there any plan to have the IDP projected stats downloadable into excel, that the offensive stats?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a plan to make projected IDP stats downloadable to excel, like the Offensive stats are?
  6. Friday Night Poker

    so what's the scoop
  7. Friday Night Poker

    we need some left coasters to join this party
  8. Graemlins we should have

    I hate that faggot pic of Jeter, come to think of it, I don't like Jeter very well either
  9. Friday Night Poker

    I am here for good, if we can get it going
  10. Friday Night Poker

    I will be back at 10:45 CT, got caught at work
  11. Friday Night Poker

    Not looking so good
  12. Friday Night Poker

    I am defenately in....sorry about bugging out last Friday, but the Prego was having issues, but she is at her mothers tonight, so I am in for sure. I have the software, have loaded it, and have spent a little time mentally masturbating....but I have never used it remotely.
  13. Graemlins we should have

    Oh, and a Dinosaur on the ark would be cool
  14. Graemlins we should have

    When need a Pirate gremlin
  15. A truly sad day in pro wrestling

    My comment was strickly limited to the ridicules statement by the WWE that there was no way that Steroids could have been the cause of death (asphyxiation), well no duh, the asphyxiation was most likely caused by a set of hands, a piece of rope or pillow. It was stupid to say anything, like the reports are all going to scratch thier head, go hey your right, 'roids don't cause people to asphyxiate, lets all go home.