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  1. Especially the stuff in the can on Ritz crackers.

  2. Cliaz. Like Cialis, only it makes you flaccid. If flaccidity lasts for more than 4 hours consult your pr0n source of choice. Cliaz should only be taken under a doctor's supervision. Failure to follow directions may lead to irritable bowel syndrome. All rights reserved.

  3. I like cheese. Just thought you should know

  4. Buying a cell phone thru E-bay

    I've narrowed down my cell phone search to the HTC Mogul with Sprint service. The phone is pretty pricey going thru Sprint ($300 after rebates). I've looked at and and no really great deal on this phone there yet either. I did notice there are a bunch of different sellers on E-bay who identify themselves as Sprint resellers. You can get this phone for $99.99 and then somehow work with them to sign the contract with Sprint. Anybody ever gone this route for a phone? Any other tips/ideas where to get this phone at a decent price? I'm actually wanting two of the phones with a family plan and an unlimted data plan.
  5. The SURGE

  6. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    Too lifelike eh?
  7. Phoenix area interest in a new BOTH league

    Sorry guys. This league appears to be dead. But one year...maybe it will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.
  8. Best foreign rock band.

    I can't believe everyone forgot....The Darkness.
  9. Best foreign rock band.

    Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Beatles, and The Stones.
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    Getting back to the whole grunge scene breaking, I'd like to see how anyone can throw out generalities like "Pearl Jam is the same as Nirvana, one was just discovered first". Sorry, but the sound, while all labeled "grunge" doesn't sound all that similar to me. For some reason, I kind of liken Nirvana to the Beatles and Pearl Jam to the Stones. Maybe having to do with the sheer popularity to the longevity, I don't know.
  11. Anyone use Helio?

    So you buy these online? Or would Sprint carry them?
  12. Anyone use Helio?

    From Wiki: Helio is an MVNO wireless carrier launched on May 2, 2006. It was founded by Earthlink founder Sky Dayton. It is the joint venture between SK Telecom (a South Korean CDMA mobile telecom) and Earthlink. On January 26, 2005, Earthlink and SK Telecom announced to the media that they had entered into agreement to launch a new US mobile provider. This provider would operate as a mobile virtual network operator and would lease network capacity from Sprint. The premise of this new company would be to bring advanced mobile devices in service from SK Telecom's home market of Korea to the US wireless market, where such advanced devices had been noted, by many, to be lacking.[1] Helio, as it was to be called, would market itself to the younger demographic, promoting itself using the latest in cutting-edge handset technology. They plan to avoid taking on the major US wireless carriers directly, and instead they intend to carve out a niche for themselves with technology-savvy consumers.[2] Earthlink and SK Telecom agreed to provide financing totaling $440 million US dollars, with each of the two owning 50% of the new company.[3] In addition to leasing capacity from Sprint Nextel, in the event that Sprint Nextel isn't available, their devices will go into "roaming" mode to use Alltel and voice-only service from Verizon Wireless. Even though Helio offers unlimited data plans, there is a "reasonable limit" of 160 megabytes of EVDO data usage, going over that limit is considered excessive and abusive. Going over the abusive usage limit could potentially result in the termination of the account.[4]