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  1. And the winner of Super Bowl XXXIX

    New England over Minnesota 0-5 in the big show bawling
  2. Neil Everett

    Hey I know you. You have an older brother named Bud right? cool_thu
  3. My big p*nis is ruining everything

    Whoa! That's quite a name. While we're at it, how's about letting me change my display name back to "cap'n grunge" without the brackets? thinking
  4. How do I View Recent Posts

    Click on the directory link towards the top of your page. Type in your displayed name in the search box. The number of posts is hyperlinked. Click on that and it will show your last 50 posts.
  5. Would it be possible to add a link to each league forum "home page" that could be used to link to the corresponding league management site, if applicable? I know in the 3 BOTH leagues I'm in, it would be a nice feature to have a link in the upper left hand corner of the message board. I'm sure such a link would have to be approved and added by theHuddle's management, but I sure wouldn't have a problem with that. Thanks! cool_thu
  6. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    When did you live in Fargo? I lived there from 1984-1992. That was a bit before my time. I went to college in Grand Forks (GB the Fighting Sioux) from fall 92 - fall 96. Then moved to Warroad, MN for about a year and a half. Then moved back to Grand Forks and worked in Fargo, commuting for over a year, before moving to Fargo beginning of 2000. Lived there until fall of 2001 and moved to Phoenix. That's the long answer I guess. loco
  7. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: cap'n grunge - bleeder of purple, enemy of cheeseheads, & MH legend What: Financial Analyst for a Multi-State Healthcare System. Married, no kids, one very cool cat. When: 29 yrs old. Hit the big 3-0 this fall. Where: Phoenix, land of the eternal sun, via God's country: Fargo, ND via Grand Forks, ND via NW Minnesota. (No, not everybody in that neck of the woods talks or acts like the movie Fargo, which would have been more aptly titled, Wisconsin brow ) Why: What can I say? It's a Sickness! (Hence my FF team name) Fantasy Bio: This will be my 5th season playing FF. Started out with a local work league, found the Huddle, and branched out to online leagues. Much more success in the local league (one championship and one 2nd place) then online as the level of competition here is tremendous. This fall I plan to be in: 1) Local League (10 or 12 team auction redraft) 2) BOTH league = BOTNH (12 team, up to 3 keeper) 3) BOTH league = 32 Homers, a unique 32 team league where you can be a true homer and manage your respective home team. Proud to say I was involved in the initial concept. I've seen more and more of these 32 team leagues floating around on the net since. 4) BOTH league = the Corleone Family (12 team auction league) 5) Interboard Challenge = 5 FF sites (thehuddle, FFToday, FBG, FSW, and the Warroom) each pit 12 of their members in a massive FF free for fall. The object is not only to come out on top, but also to win the honors of site champion. The Huddle is working on a 3peat this fall. thumbs_u
  8. Who is gonna win the 2002-2003 NBA title?

    T-Wolves? loco
  9. Ana vs. Min

    Go Twins! Nothing I'd like to see better than to have the Twins advance, win the World Series, and be handed the trophy by that moron Bud Selig!
  10. Min vs. Oak

    Bring on the Angels! Sa-weet!
  11. Min vs. Oak

    Go Twins! Take that Commishna Selig! :P
  12. This one's easy! Week 5, Rams at Niners: Garcia, Owens, & the Niners top Warner, Faulk and the visiting Rams in a shootout 38 to 35.
  13. Looking for people to join a league

    With no word this week I take it this is a no go?
  14. Looking for people to join a league

    Cool with me. Would be my first time in a fantasy baseball league. Lookin' forward to filling the time until football season. GB living in the city of the world champion Diamondbacks!
  15. Looking for people to join a league this a go? need to know if i need to start paying attention to baseball or not!
  16. Looking for people to join a league

    I'm in. Had joined one through another site but backed out as I thought I wouldn't put in enough time with people I didn't know to make it interesting. If it's through the huddle I'd put forth the effort and make it a fun thing.
  17. NBA Champion

    Go T-Wolves! (Not that they have much of a chance though)
  18. Looking to join a Fantasy Baseball League for the first time. Would prefer a free league as I come in with no experience. E-mail me at or reply here. Muchas Gracias!
  19. Newbie lookin' to join a Fantasy Baseball League

    Saw that. Thanks...I think...
  20. Looking to join a Fantasy baseball league

    I've never played fantasy baseball but will love to give it a try. I don't even really follow the sport so I'm not looking for a money league just somewhere I can learn and have some fun.