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  1. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    I thought you didn't live in the past? the reality is, The Pac 10 has 2, and it should have been 3. I give VY credit, but that USC team beats UT 8/10 times.... the Big 12 as a conference has been mediocre.
  2. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    u may have it set up where you can't see the ones that are running.
  3. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    AQ holds up- well done
  4. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    go to the scheduld tournaments - then scroll down to the ones running - 12,0000 guaranteed 144 players to start- have to dig for it a bit
  5. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    yup- u got yer gay Steeler logo. Not sure how long I can take the excitement though........do work son- kick some azz everyone is tightening up- you need to make a move soon......
  6. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    I have hit an all-time low........railing Menudo on BoDog.
  7. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    nice job- coming to watch this debacle. BoDog?
  8. Poker Hand for Discussion

    negative, ghostrider - limping from the button is not the play here. period. You guys have any room in yer homegame?
  9. Poker Hand for Discussion

    I agree with all of your plays. I am raising preflop there, no question. I like the 10k bet on the flop, and once he miniraises, I am pushing there as well., I can't see folding, and certinly not just a call. You have to like yer hand here, strong flush draw, hitting middle pair heads up, way too many outs. Down to final 6, it comes down to making a move, and you just happened to run into a monster BB special. Solid plays, just poker IMO
  10. Last day in my 20s

    yup- yer 30's rock- way better than 20's. You still look good, got some dough in yer pockets, and yer somewhat smarter about chit. BUT the best part is your way way smarter about gals, don't fall for their BS as much, and you can always go young.I t is a beautiful thing how much the youngsters love older dudes............. easy pickens......enjoy
  11. WSOP Updates

    yeah- I normally don't like that chit- but he was so likeable and such a cool, genuine guy that I loved it. Never seen someone that far from the table with their tournament lives at stake. Alex Jacob- loved seeing that dude get beat. Solid read by him with his 94 push also- dude thinks he is too smart at times.
  12. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    care. No one outside of the Little 12 cares who is North/South. It is a 2nd tier league right with the ACC and Big East
  13. WSOP Updates

    on a side note- who caught last night's 2007 NL event on ESPN? great final table, where Ciaran O'Leary, a likeable Irishman now living in Seattle spikes a 9 for a set on the turn, when he was down to 2 outs vs. KK, and then makes a great run to take down the title. The deck was hitting him over the head with pocket pair after pocket pair, but he made some nice plays, and it was fun as hell to watch him. The guy was awesome, I love seeing dudes like that win a bracelet.
  14. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    yup- what an idyet for even messing with this wacko ho. Serves him right, ex-stripper, went out with Michael Flately, he thought this wouldn't end badly? what is wrong with these dudes.
  15. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    you are out of yer freaking mind. Yer reasoning to finding someone guilty of a serious crime like rape is from the internet? well done Judge Ito, what was yer ruling in the Kobe Bryant case? yer ignorance is mind boggling
  16. Big 12 championship

    my bad fellas, let me correct my prediction for this esteemed athletic conference KState 44 Texas 28.
  17. fat tax

    agreed, although a sin tax is for consumable goods, not risky/non- healthy behavior....... but I agree, I want less taxes/government, not more. my point was more in regard to trying to balance the healthcare and make the obese, which is proven to cause a magnitude of costly health problems., have to pay a steep premium for abusing their bodies.
  18. Phoenix area interest in a new BOTH league

    Yeah- sounds good, we will need to nail down some dates if we are going live b/c of some travel I have in late Aug/Sept.........
  19. Big 12 championship

    The Big 12 gonna be a player in the NC hunt, or is it another down year watching from the sidelines? League looks mediocre for 2007-2008 Iowa State v. KState - in a mild upset...........
  20. if you had One Nuke.......

    Bawston, Massachusetts, easy
  21. fat tax

    I dunno about a fat tax- but I am all for something like this in relation to healthcare. Obese people are a hugh reason why our healthcare is so outta control and expensive. Direct correlation between obesity and health problems, I am hoping we see something happen on that front fairly soon. . Already a tax on cigarettes and alcohol - so why not............
  22. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    yer big mouth has an answer for everything, such a whiny Rosie O'Donnell, bringin USC into this somehow- grow the f up, and be a man. OU got caught, period, has nothing to do with any other NCAA schools supposed infractions, jeezus yer a str8 windbag nutcase. Uh, yes u do live in the past- pasr OU success is all you have, and all you talk about . The tradition at OUtlaw continues from Switzer to Stoops. Makes sense tho, the only way you can entice top recruits to that backwater school. Now your saying that Sanchez committed rape? idyet. What is wrong with you, that you can say someone is guilty of a horrible crime like that all the way frm dustbowl, Texas?
  23. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    what a little buddy - considering the only teams SC ever loses to come from the Pac 10 he needs to shut his hole. The SEC is great- I love it as a football conference, but maybe he has some kind of hate for the Pac 10 and the west coast, since he has to live in Baton Rouge and travel thru all the dogchit towns that all the SEC schools are in. Pac 10 owns the SEC in every sport, in every way.............always has, and always will. period.
  24. Phoenix area interest in a new BOTH league

    just moved to Scottsdale a few weeks ago. I think I could be down for a local here. Live or online draft - either way
  25. the wii

    yup- glad you all like it- just not my thing. If I want a workout- I will go do the real thing. Gaming is for morphing into the couch with a beer and not moving. Swetaing and video games don't mix IMO.