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  1. R Williams or S Moss? Keeper League

    First time post so I realize I was not very clear. I am looking for a good WR down the playoff stretch this year but keeping in mind I it is a keeper league. My choices are D Bennet D Mason R Williams S Moss

    I would definitely start S Jackson against SF - they are horrible and Jackson is getting the start over Faulk. Being a Denver fan I saw too much of Curry last week - I think out your choices I would start him.
  3. Had a question and wanted to get some outside opinions. In a 2 player keeper league so I am not positive Williams would be someone I would keep anyway. But currently my wide receiver corp is Drew Bennet, TEN Derick Mason, TEN Roy Williams, DET On the waiver still is Santana Moss of the Jets. I dislike having 2 WRs from same team, but also Williams has been less than stellar for a while. Anyones's thoughts on picking up Santana Moss for Bennet or Williams? Last week for pickups - Thanks