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  1. Teams asking about Wentz

    Cohen on Twitter
  2. Smackbowl history

    I think I won the 2nd year--haven't come close since.
  3. 2006 NFL Draft Contest

    1 DE, Williams, NC State 2 RB, Reggie Bush, USC 3 QB Vince Young UT 4 OL, D'Brickshaw Ferguson, Virginia 5 LB, AJ Hawk, OSU 6 TE, Vernon Davis, Maryland 7 QB, Matt Leinhart, USC 8 S. Michael Huff 9 DT, Brodrick Bunkley FSU 10 QB, Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt 11 CB, Jimmy Williams, Va Tech 12 DT, Haloti Ngata, Oregon 13 OT, Winston Justice, USC 14 OL. Nick Mangold, OSU 15 WR, Chad Jackson, Florida
  4. How did you get to your SB?

    In a dynasty auction league I rode TO all year as well as acquiring Brandon Stokely and Antonio Gates for way below what their production has been worth. I started the year with Duce Staley who was putting up very good yardage but was getting his TD's vultured by Bettis. Since then I have almost exclusively turned in a lineup with both Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett.