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  1. Made it to the Big showdown...

    I am not suprised that you face the same guy again in this year's championship game... since there only seems to be 2 teams in your league. Either that or a 10 team league with the local girl scouts troop.
  2. Down 5 points to RUDI!

    What good is that Huddle membership doing you... if you allow someone in your league to pickup LT, Gore and Parker? Might I ask who your RB's are? and... how many teams in your league?
  3. Week 16 Superbowl...WDIS QB

    I'd go with Garcia... the Cowboys pass Def is the suck... Garcia has only thrown one pick in 150 passing attempts. San Diego is going to feed LT2 the ball against a weak Seahawks run Defense... Rivers most likely will not throw for 200 yrds and 2 scores... which is less than what I predict for Garcia. Rivers projected week 16 stats: 189 yrds 1 td Garcia proj. week 16 stats: 312 yrds 3 tds
  4. champ or playing for championship...

    Should also ask them how many teams in their leagues... looks like alot of 12> team leagues chimed in. 14 team re-draft league: E.Manning, J Garcia LT Jones-Drew CJ Reggie Wayne D Driver Kaeding Cowboys D
  5. WDIS? Pick 2... D Driver, B Edwards, Jones-Drew

    Thanks... anyone else?
  6. WDIS at QB

    I agree... Frye is the sleeper this week and the Vikings D is stout. I am trying to squeeze B Edwards into my starting lineup this week...
  7. 14 team league, can start any combination of 5 RB/WR/TE along with 1 QB, 1 PK and 1 Team D. 1 point every 25 yards rush/recv... 6 pts rush/recv TD. Other 3 of the 5 positions are locked... Tomlinson R. Wayne C. Johnson 4._____________ 5._____________ Driver faces the Seahawks Edwards faces the Bengals Jones-Drew faces the Bills ( or even DeAngelo Williams w/ DeShaun bruised up... he was 20 for 114yrds last week) Normally I would start Jones-Drew w/ Driver... and sit Edwards and DeAngelo... but Edwards looked great last week and faces a Bengals team that will give up some big plays. Driver can be studly, but comes off of a bad week due to Favre going down... Favre will play as the Pack has no other viable QB since the backup is now out for the year, but that just makes me wonder. So do I dare sit Driver? or dare sit Jones-Drew? for the shot at Edwards or DeAngelo going off? The next 2 weeks are crucial... I made a great run at high points in the last few weeks after a terrible start due to LT2 and CJ just going crazy.... but it is a tight race for the playoffs, one slip and I could find myself in the toilet bowl bracket.
  8. WDIS? Pick 2... D Driver, B Edwards, Jones-Drew

    Whoops.... wrong forum... my bad.
  9. Wrong forum... moved to Fantasy Football Advice: WDIS: pick 2.. D Driver, B Edwards, Jones-Drew
  10. Done with Eli

    I also have Eli and LT.... I benched Eli for Garrard... Garrard got me 1 point... UNO point... and it was STILL the correct coaching call.
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Washington Driver S. Smith
  12. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 3 Results

    Damn, I forgot to turn in my pick...
  13. Sunday is coming

    If I have a ritual it is BBQing something... Carne asade, chips, guacamole and a sixer of Negra Modelo... or crossaint wrapped hot dogs w/ mustard and a sixer or Rolling Rock... or burgers, steak, etc. and of course pull up the live scoring pages on the computer and relish in the beauty of another NFL Sunday.
  14. Biggest First Round Bust Ever!

    Ryan Leaf, Brian Bosworth or Steve Emtman
  15. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    New Orleans