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  1. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    I apologize, a cursory knowledge of Internet news reports on the subject certainly makes you an expert. If only the district attorney's office knew of you, they could have decided to prosecute with you as the lead witness. Well, at least until they found out you wear a clown suit. Eric Wright was going to be dismissed from USC despite the sexual assault case versus him being dropped. He transferred to UNLV before it happened. Winston Justice was arrested for seeing a prostitute. USC suspended him for a year. Both were first-round NFL talents who ended up being drafted in the second round. USC had no problem punishing them. Sanchez has received no punishment. There was no case against him. There were three others in the apartment at the time the rape was alleged, only one of whom was a football player. They heard no evidence of rape, nor saw any sign of distress on the woman when she left. All witnesses, including a friend of both involved, sided with Sanchez. There were no physical indications of rape. There was no evidence whatsoever. The case was embarrassingly weak, considering the spectacle the LAPD made of arresting him. And, again, Sanchez is not a punk. Far from it. If you had ever met him, or even talked to anyone who has met him, you would know this.
  2. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Sgt. Clown claims with absolute certainty that someone who was never charged is guilty of rape when he knows absolutely nothing about the case. That's all you need to know about Sgt. Clown and everything that comes out of his keyboard.
  3. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Mwahahaha. Guess there's just no good attorneys that graduate from Oklahoma. Funny, all that finger pointing and the Sooners are the ones hit with major violations. By the way, Sanchez definitely didn't rape that girl. He's probably the nicest guy on the team. After the investigation, the D.A. basically apologized to him for the public police display of bringing him in on such a bogus charge. And Jarrett did pay rent. Leinart wanted to move to an off-campus apartment to get away from the craziness. He asked Jarrett to be his roommie. Leinart comes from a well-to-do family and his father found him an expensive apartment downtown. Leinart and Jarrett each paid $650 a month for the apartment, and Leinart's father paid the remaining $2,566 a month. For any non-athlete in the school, it would be no problem if a friend's father wanted to pick up the extra rent for the two of them to stay in a nicer place. All involved didn't realize it would be a problem for them to have such an arrangement. When it was deemed a problem, Jarrett pledged to pay Leinart's father back.
  4. Dynasty... Henry and the Edge for...

    Getting Peterson alone for two aging rbs is a great deal. You made out good.
  5. Who SHOULD be #2 in the BCS?

    If Michigan wants to go to the BCS game over teams with equal records, it should stop scheduling Vanderbilt, Central Michigan and Ball State as three of its four non-conference games. The Wolverines beat a 5-7 MAC team by eight points. USC played three ranked teams as its three non-conference games in Arkansas, Nebraska and Notre Dame, destroying them all. Give all the facts instead of just the ones that support your opinion if you want it to hold up, theohiostate.
  6. Notre Dame-USC

    SC's defense is ranked nationally and much improved over earlier in the season. Held down high-scoring Cal and Oregon offenses the past two games. This is a better USC defense than last year.
  7. [sgt. Clown]USC got lucky. They got out to a big lead and it snowballed. Oklahoma would have won that game 9 out of 10 times.[/sgt. Clown]
  8. National Championship game or Bowl games

    I've been to the Rose Bowl three times and the Vegas Bowl. I'll probably go to the Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl this year, whichever USC is at, and might go to both.
  9. Arizona will never have equal talent to USC. Even Arizona's biggest fan would admit that. If USC makes it to the championship game and loses, it will still be a great accomplishment for this year's team and only enhance the Trojans' credentials as the best college football team over the past five years.
  10. Oklahoma - Oregon

    After all his calling out of the Pac-10, maybe Sarge shouldn't post until his team can at least beat the Pac-10 also-rans.
  11. LMAO - Pac 10 sucks

    If Oklahoma played Arkansas today, Oklahoma very well might have lost. Certainly wouldn't have won 50-14.
  12. 2006 Recruiting class

    Wells is a LenDale White type.
  13. GFPFFL Brian W

    It's amusing when Sgt. Clown calls someone else a joke.
  14. Where is John Galt

    Yes, USC losing is so hard for me to take that I cried and went into self-imposed exile for a year.
  15. Where is John Galt

    The stats certainly don't prove that the 2004-05 USC team wasn't as good offensively by the end of the season as the 2005-06 team. I think you remember what happened at the end of the season very well, as much as you'd like to forget. You just can't admit when you're wrong, which is fortunate for us because it makes your posts so much more entertaining.