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  1. How about a Huddle Convention

    I already spoke with Tim about you boys heading down my way for a few adult libations! Yall wont be that far from Gods Country! When is it that yall will be there?
  2. Lions Will Draft Brady Quinn

    Good point! And when the Lions organization honestly believes that they have found a franchise quarterback in the draft, he will destined to become a hall of famer. Anybody have that list of Lions qB's handy?
  3. Ted Johnson again.

    Belicheck cheats on his wife with another mans wife. And he abuses players to the point of risking their longterm health. Wow, what a great person he is...
  4. So those with recent Drunk Driving experience

    Who among us hasnt driven impaired at sometime in their lives? Who among us hasnt done so many times during our mis-spent youths? "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" J.H. Christ
  5. How about a Huddle Convention

    I am going to Vegas for 4 days in March. I am going to the Kentucky Derby for 4 days in May. I am going to Chicago for 4th of July for 4 days. I am going to cruise the Med for 2 weeks in August. And I am going to WCOFF in Vegas on September. The odds of me slipping in another trip, even though its only a weekend is negligable.
  6. Maybe I am niave but I just dont think it is nearly as prevalent as tv makes it out to be. Or perhaps I am a total square and nobody feels comfortable telling me that they are committing adultery. As a matter of fact, I would rather not know about it. Of course, I have never cheated on my wife and I let everyone know my feelings on this subject. Disclaimer: "cheated" as referenced above in no way includes gazing with lust upon internet pron or young nubile livestock grazing in a clover filled meadow.
  7. Baby H2

    Good luck Hugh! And if its a male child, lets all hope and pray he has more hair than his father! And if its a female child, lets pray she looks exactly like her Mama!
  8. Three Idaho Soldiers Killed in Iraq

    Too bad the Yankees dont have strong military people in charge like US Grant and William Tecumsah Sherman(may their evil souls rot in eternal he11). Having abject military haters and unadultered pacifists like Hillary and Bill leading their charge aint exactly Teddy Roosevelt leading his men up San Juan Hill for Christ sakes!
  9. Three Idaho Soldiers Killed in Iraq

    Logic is typically not involved when discussing a topic such as war...
  10. How about a Huddle Convention

    Hey, arent you and TimC going to Bowling Green for the Tiny Schween, ur, I mean, Corvette Club Convention in May?
  11. How about a Huddle Convention

    I am sure that they are ALOT better than the strip clubs in Vegas...
  12. Three Idaho Soldiers Killed in Iraq

    Are you kidding? We did nothing but negoiate with Saddam over the course of a dozen years or so. He disregarded all of our sanctions, warnings, and requests. He violated 16 UN resolutions in a row. 16 in a rown! He kicked out the UN inspectors from his country. While the inspectors were there he stymied their efforts and obstructed them whenever he could. He paid the families of suicide bombers to kill people in Israel. He violated the oil for food program. He was bribing countries like France to ensure he could do as he pleased without worrying about us invading. And he completely disregarded the peace treaty that he signed that left him in power after our 1st war with him in 1991. So, to say we "rushed" in without talking to Saddam is absurd in the extreme.
  13. Three Idaho Soldiers Killed in Iraq

    Dont get your panties all bunched up sister! I am against this dam war too. I was just pointing out that sometimes there are solutions that are actually WORSE than going to war...
  14. In my experience, very few people cheat on their spouses. I know ALOT of married couples but only personally know 1 couple where this was ever an issue. But by listening to television, it sounds like everyone cheats.
  15. Actually, I dont think adultery is as widespread as it seems.