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  1. dude delete your posting in the Aqua Lung thread that his wife wrote ...its got no business being in there the right thing please for all's sake especially his wife's

  2. His pictures that rule, really suck.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    why is there a 3 in your name?
  4. Tour de France

    you used to be cool.
  5. the supreme court rules ...

    06 was the hottest year every recorded. 2nd is 1998. this year is record breaking. nuff said.
  6. the supreme court rules ...

    we have been breaking records for a month now. 102 today and i live in the northern rockies.
  7. Tour de France

    g.c. 1.RASMUSSEN M.RAB 43h 52' 480 2.VALVERDE A.GCE 02' 35" 3.MAYO I.SDV 02' 39" 4.EVANS C.PRL 02' 41" 5.CONTADOR A.DSC 03' 08" 6.MOREAU C.A2R 03' 18" 7.SASTRE C.CSC 03' 39" 8.KLĂ–DEN A.AST 03' 50" 9.LEIPHEIMER L.DSC 03' 53" 10.KIRCHEN K.TMO 05' 06"
  8. feds can hear you......

    i dont.
  9. i took home this teenage indian mom one night. the next morning i woke up and she had peed my bed.
  10. YouTube Videos
  11. Tour de France
  12. Video Game Neglect

  13. squeegiebo

    you did it my first year here and it was fun. nowadays it would be boring i recall everyone laughing at me for picking terrell owens with the 15th pick. he had a huge year with sf.
  14. Video Game Neglect

    i dont, try the search function next time, buster.
  15. Great Parenting!

    anyone play that game?