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  1. PS3 or Xbox360?

    yeah...the movies are stunning even if you only have a SDTV display... plus it now upscales standard DVD's and plays Super-Audio CD's (SACD)....Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon sounds outstanding through this.... the PS3 gets updates via internet every month...and the online service "Home" is going to blow X-Box Live away when it comes around October...
  2. The Island

    she looks sexy period...
  3. The Island

    SPOILER ALERT I like Scarlett...she is my wife other than that...I hate watching movies that make you think but then have holes all over the place within the plot and storyline... like how they JUST broke out of some underground civilization and then suddenly end up in the house of the person who's "insurance policy" you are.... and then when Scarlett notices his "eyes lying" like the clone version of McGregor's character....but that is a personality trait that is developed by yourself and wouldn't be the same in a clone... etc. etc.
  4. PS3 or Xbox360?

    yeah Gears of War is nasty....it looks better than Resistance on PS3...but the online battles can have up to 40 people in one battle... Gears is better IMO...but Resistance is no slouch and Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to blow both of them away...
  5. PS3 or Xbox360?

    the PS3 game lineup coming in the next year dwarfs the 360's list... plus there's this http://www.crn.com.au/story.aspx?CIID=8560...p;src=site-marq I have played both and the PS3 is is by far the better machine and most of the top games coming out for the 360 are already coming out on the PS3 anyways except Halo 3 and a few others...
  6. UPDATE: I have a potential trade in the works...check post 21 in this thread Alright...both players are sharing the load and here come the tangibles... there are a few "If's" here...so the question is, which IF has a stronger bearing on these players value.. IMO...IF Betts got hurt...as he's been known to do (except last year)...Portis could be back to his old form as long as he has no bad luck again... and...IMO...IF Deuce gets hurt...I think that's worse for Bush because they play off one another alot...and deuce has been kind of injury prone (except last year)... I personally have Bush pretty high on my RB rankings...and Portis isn't far behind... based on the following unique scoring, who would you pick?? PPR for everyone 1 pt per 10 rush yds, 5 pt bonus @ 100 yds 2 pts per 10 rec/pass yds, 5 pt bonus @ 100 yds rush TD's are worth between 6-9 pts (pending on the distance) rec/pass TD's are worth between 9-12 pts (pending on the distance preciate the responses...and if you pick a choice, post something so I know who to look for when I respond to your post..
  7. which player to keep?

    pretty much...but I am keeping Gore and SJax... I can keep 2...but I have 3 top notch RB's... the 4th rounder is just a bonus..
  8. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    she looks crackhead skinny now...but I'd still bang her..
  9. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    Gore big time here...especially in a keeper..
  10. which player to keep?

    alright...instead of posting this again with the new scenario, I'll just add it... SJax and a 3rd for Bush and Portis... so my 1st 2 picks would be SJax and Gore...and then I get two 3rd rounders... this might be a 4th rounder...I forget what we talked about, but I'll try a 3rd.... what do you think about this?..
  11. Keeper league advice...

    I would sit tight and maybe try to move SA in a package deal to upgrade at RB in the age dept.
  12. Trading Picks Advice Please

    one player doesn't make a team.... if you have more high picks, you increase your chances of building the team that you really want to assemble...
  13. Tony Romo for 2nd Round Pick?

    a 2nd round rookie pick here isn't worth it at all... and I don't even like Romo... but he has some weapons around him to have some productive games... hold out for something better..
  14. Keeper (3 Years)

    I completely concur here... I tilted both ways in thought... but I still go LT here..
  15. calculating a credit score is like being a real estate appraiser...there isn't an exact number, it's just an estimate... I noticed that Equifax gets hit up the most....Experian is the least important of the 3....and Equifax is just there... at least from what I've checked the past few years... my scores are sometimes 30 points different...
  16. McNabb or Bulger

    I'd go Bulger with Holt, Bennett, Bruce, Klopfenstein and SJax... McNabb has some decent weapons all around and makes plays more than Bulger does...but Bulger has more weapons at his disposal and in a much more passer friendly division....
  17. MTV and the radio equally killed music... they both force crappy music onto the radio until morans think it's good and start buying.... I think every post-teen generation looks back and calls the "new generation" of teens idiots...
  18. Keeping Gore now How bout this ?

    go Addai....I really think he's the play here...
  19. blockbuster keeper trade?

    I would definately do the trade....I'm not sold on VY just yet with such little talent around him..
  20. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    you're setting up the fireplace and leaving it for them to pour the gasoline if you let them go by themselves right now... the daughter would have to be about 9 or 10 while the brother would be 13 or 14 where he wouldn't care as much to torture her other than just ignoring her...
  21. Spoil Harry Potter for me

    I didn't see it...but my spoiler is.. "it sucked"
  22. Keeper Help - Need to keep 3

    in my local...the scoring favors RB's who catch and QB's who are top 5... now, the team that won had a mediocre QB...but had Gore, Bush, Portis, Boldin, Gonzo, KWII etc. etc.....this was the deepest 'freak' team.... of the 3 other teams that made it had, they had either Bulger and one team had Brees and Manning.....the other teams QB doesn't come to mind and the dominant teams usually have top QB's because the passing TD's escalate due to distance... and just being 6 pts per TD...this is a factor, even if average QB's can put up numbers... if you have a top QB with this scoring...it does manage to make a difference...
  23. TJ or the CADDY

    I'd go Housh as you probably can still draft Caddy and you already have 3 RB's that I personally like this year... all 3 RB's are in my top 10...balance out the roster with Housh and be set with it... you know Housh is going to produce something....where-as Caddy might be a bum again and if you like him, just draft him as he should be available for your next pick anyways...
  24. John Edwards new invention

    Evian has fluoride in it... you're not supposed to drink fluoride and that's why the bottles say "not for use for ages under 3"... this is a conspiracy....
  25. Free fantasy football

    exactly...and I don't really bother as the team is usually auto-drafted and I sporadically set my lineups... if anything...them beating me helps boost their confidence because they know much into fantasy I already am....even though I barely pay it any mind.. I'm glad to be of service...