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  1. Where's the 07' Sleeper thread?

    who is Delhomme's backup?... I can't believe I already forget..
  2. Which draft slot should I take?

    I'd go #4... look at it this way....if they are really a bunch of tools in your league, then you'll see someone that shouldn't be there at your 2nd pick... so you'll get either SJax or Gore and then maybe Henry or even better?...
  3. I don't know that I'd keep Cutler as he can be re-drafted... plus QB's don't necessarily flourish in a Shanahan offense too much as they run to set up the play-action alot....that is usually what gets them their big play... but I don't peg Shanny's system as being one that favors fantasy QB's....and yes, Cutler is strong talent and upside-wise....but it's still his 1st year and under Shanahan at that...
  4. Keeper League Commissioners

    what we do is we have a set date where everyone will name 3 potential keepers (we keep 2) and after you name the 3 potential keepers, you are allowed to trade any of those players...but the rest of your team dumps into the player pool and everyone gets a good idea of who will be available without giving up too much of the draft... and when the draft starts, the team who won the championship the previous year goes last in draft order, but declares their keepers 1st (all of them)...and then the draft order starts by who has the earliest pick without a keeper being named (you can keep 0)... we don't hide who we keep, but rather leave the option open for 2nd guessing..
  5. What to do with the #3 pick?

    I agree with this... Caddy has a mediocre at best OL and I wouldn't expect him to run like it is 2005 all over again.... if you can make the move for Peterson, I'd do it..
  6. Keeper Advice

    I would keep Brady unless you can get Henry, Boldin and RMoss or either Peterson/DeAngelo.... what picks would you have if you let Brady go?...
  7. I'd move him down if it was his hammy... but WR's don't usually have nagging quad injuries.,, if he stays off it and does what he has to do, he'll be more than fine for pre-season..
  8. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    I wish we could see her reaction afterwards.... I had a plan to stock up on PS3's during the holidays by pre-ordering one from 3 or 4 different stores... she is a sucker...plain and simple...
  9. HDTV question

    it's good to utilize the uncompressed sound that HDMI offers when watching something that encourages it..
  10. sony cuts price of PS3

    planet earth in HD is ridiculous... and while replacing your current movies in high def would be quite expensive, I at least try to get new movies in HD...
  11. HDTV question

    yuup...HDMI makes everything look and sound better...
  12. sony cuts price of PS3

    yeah, just stay away from their high-def hd-dvd/blu-ray discussions... I've never seen so much crap in my life... on the other hand .... that site is great for television and audio topics....etc. etc.
  13. sony cuts price of PS3

    1080p is really ideal for upconverting regular DVD's and it's the highest standard for high-def... 720p favors sports because the lines produce sideways and 1080i favors drama movies as it produces lines interlaced into one another... both 720p and 1080i have their places...but 1080p is top notch right now for viewing movies..
  14. sony cuts price of PS3

    it had a firmware upgrade a month ago where you can now upscale DVD's.... so yes, it does this..
  15. sony cuts price of PS3

    I already own 20 Blu-rays and I have had my player since late february....I refuse to buy DVD anymore...
  16. circuit city combo menu

    Circuit City is going to offer a deal where you get 5 free blu-ray movies with the purchase of a blu-ray player (ps3 included) ...plus the ps3 price drop tomorrow....you'll get a deal out of that... but wait for the 5 free blu-ray movie deal as that's coming up real soon...
  17. HDTV question

    that's unfortunate that they don't support HDMI... and it sounds like you have a beat box unless you have things configured incorrectly.... which is their job to handle anyways...... I would make sure everything is hooked up properly and if it doesn't work, unplug your box for about a minute and plug it back in....
  18. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    I'll make a personal rule and not be able to pick my home team...even though they are my pick to represent the NFC... Saints vs Patriots NFCC Eagles vs Saints AFCC Patriots vs Chargers
  19. Please help me out with this trade

    I don't know if TO is worth it in a keeper.. another WR instead of TO would be ideal....
  20. I concur with the... Benson Davis Cotchery Jennings
  21. Pick 8

    I was a non-believer as well...but I think he'll continue to catch passes out the backfield.. the only question I still have is his durability......however, he doesn't have to run between the tackles too often..
  22. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    Martz is actually pretty good at bringing along QB's and I think Detroit will have a good, young QB in place by 2008
  23. Please help me out with this trade

    I dunno..I like Portis more than Rudi... plus Stallworth is competing witha slew of wideouts for the ball...
  24. Pick 8

    you would leave Bush out of the top 8 or 9 in a PPR, though?.... in a non-PPR, Bush doesn't make the top 10....but in a PPR, you have to put him in there IMO...
  25. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    I'd go Roy over TO just because TO is winding down his career as Roy's is just coming into it's own.... especially on a team run by Martz... also Rudi...in no PPR, Bush drops out of the top 10 RB's...