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  1. Week 12 RB help

    if i had to...i'd drop mccardell for muhammed.....goings was a 1 week wonder
  2. thanks for nothing

    the last time I saw someone rant like this...I found out he was 12.... explained everything..
  3. Do you ever notice?

  4. Time for the yearly NoThanksgiving rants.

    I love having football on 3 days this week....they shoulda topped it off and made 2 games on friday and saturday too.. the more "primetime" games...the better..... and it doesn't matter if it's night time...as long as it's the only game in town...it's primetime...
  5. Ahman Update

    one can dream, can't he?...he seems to be leaving every game at some point because of one limb or another... it's like playing operation out there...
  6. Ahman Update

    I was kinda hoping he'd sit so I could start Tony Fisher....especially with ND out thus far....the fantasy numbers would be impressive IMO
  7. Any Randy Moss News?

    nobody will be 100% this season...unless they are a backup...and even then, they practice enough... even if he's 90%....that's just fine...
  8. Refs let the Pats D get away with another...

    the list just keeps growing...
  9. Priest Holmes running style

    Green has over 360 already....and Blaylock is rushing into the line before the lines even develop... I mean, sometimes they just burst right through and tackle him....but as Madden said (I can't believe I'm quoting Madden)...he runs through the line before the holes develop...and he has nothing in front of him...
  10. Refs let the Pats D get away with another...

    or Raiders fans..
  11. Priest Holmes running style

    I think if Priest was playing, he'd have more than 50 yds at the half... Blaylock is lacking any kind of burst....Holmes runs with a vengeance...it's almost like he knows what he wants to do before the ball is hiked....
  12. Refs let the Pats D get away with another...

    I've been pondering the conspiracy since 2001...
  13. Vick vs. Rattay

    my other money team just picked up Brees and I traded for Vick a couple weeks back to sure up a playoff run... now, only if Dunn would get benched for Duckett and sadly, A Green has looked all but a top 5 pick this year, at least for the most part....and week 1 looked so promising
  14. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    Brady might be a LITTLE overrated...but come playoff time, he makes key drives when the team needs him to... even in the Superbowl, both stout defenses were run over...and Brady came up clutch in the final moments by getting the team well into FG range....
  15. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    actually...Brees wouldn't be overrated in this case... he just finally has more weapons than LT...now that the OL has given him more than 2.2 seconds, Gates has devolped into a super-stud...and now McCardell is your starting WR.... not to mention the defense is keeping the scores low and gives you guys a chance at putting a team away... so all that really happened...is the rest of the team started playing above average....and allowed him to take it to the next level...
  16. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    lol...I just read the 1st post...and it said..."on your favorite team"... okay... Corey Simon..
  17. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    Roy Williams...the safety
  18. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    Serena has a donkey
  19. Prime Time Players

    you always start your studs.....but primetime games are a good way to Josh Gordon out a tough decision....especially if you're stacked at a certain position...or are stuck in a lull of mediocrity at one... a primetime game can settle any conflict of who you start....and rest easy...even if it isn't the right choice....the chances are just higher...
  20. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    Ben Roethlisberger is the most overrated...someone on the nfl network said he's up for MVP consideration...
  21. Wow!

    was it better than the hit Freguson took last night?
  22. Todd Heap Update

    I also drafted him at a favorable spot....at least I have Witten too
  23. Prime Time Players part II

    it just sounds like you have bad luck... but for the most part, primetime players are money just because if they are known to play well in big games....this is about as big a game they are going to get all season.....see: TO last week..
  24. The LT we like to see!

    that was my favorite part...I don't know about the rest of you...
  25. Time for the yearly NoThanksgiving rants.

    I can't recall a time when the Eagles played Dallas on thanksgiving....supposedly it happened in the 80's...but I don't recall it... you'd think the odds were in our favor...playing them twice a year...