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  1. Roster Nucleus

    it's pretty much either Young/Benson or Jacobs/Bulger I think Bulger >> Young but Benson >>> Jacobs.... I go with the stronger RB in Benson and run with Young...
  2. drink shots

    Jager Bomb and umm...
  3. Technology is awesome !

    not bad for a steelers fan... I would be so involved with that car that I'd crash...
  4. Scout.com lists some SLEEPERS

    what they said about the Eagles and Gocong was very interesting to say the least...
  5. Pick 8

    here's my top 8 LT LJ SJax Gore Addai Bush Alexander Maroney
  6. Chestnut wins hotdog eating contest!

    Kobayashi's a bum...McNabb would have had the same result....with no training..
  7. Trade Advice Needed

    exactly... Kitna being your starter very well can = Brees in production... Romo is ehh..
  8. I am TORN!

    I'd like to say get rid of SJax and go after Addai or Westy...and then bolster another area..... but the truth is...I'd sit tight with Jackson because of the room you have left as-is.... with the current backfield you have now and still 176 left...that is unreal..
  9. which player to keep?

    still fielding offers and throwing them out there instead of losing Portis for nothing...
  10. which player to keep?

    ahah this is true...the only deal that looks enticing is SJax and a pick for Bush and Portis...and even then I am iffy... moving Portis for a high pick to a team that doesn't have enough keepers is the ideal move...
  11. MJD

    he is in my top 15 I think...
  12. which player to keep?

    yeah I'd probably ask for a 3rd or maybe even a 4th to start out and be willing to go down to a 5th...
  13. which player to keep?

    it's looking like Portis for a 2nd...which maximizes everything in value..
  14. which player to keep?

    alright...I have a trade offer where I am getting ripped off, but I think this is a better move for now... since I can only keep 2 and I'd keep Bush along with Gore...I figured why not offer bot Gore and Bush for a RB not sharing the load... Portis and Bush for Addai... he already has Rudi...but both of these backs are worth more than him in our scoring.. is this ill advised?...I know it's lopsided....but the chance to keep Addai and Gore sounds enticing..
  15. Thoughts on this trade

    you give up too much in regards to picks.... I'd sit tight...
  16. Trade Help

    I think you just insulted him...
  17. U.S. Fears Terror Spectacular Planned

    blondie is a terrorist.....I am unable to get up out of my chair because of her... ...the terrorists win........ again
  18. Ronnie Brown

    I will try to get him at good value...
  19. Keep 2 of 4 WR...

    also...Colston wasn't the same after he was hurt and it clearly lingered the rest of the way... I believe he may have some "sophmore" problems...but I can't base it off what I saw last year... I just think him having a 1st place schedule may give him some fits...but I don't know who they play in the AFC...
  20. Keep 2 of 4 WR...

    exactly...I was about to add the factor of going younger in a keeper.. even though I like Randy alot this year...regardless if they spread the ball alot in NE..
  21. Who among us has not done this?

    I love hearing stuff like this.... we need more news like this...on a daily basis..
  22. Team of the "Noughties"

    because they always live in the past... but so do Niner fans as well... of course...I am only speaking of the fans of those teams that live in Philly...and the fans on these boards...
  23. Sleepers

    the Broncos offense isn't known for throwing alot... they run alot and then pull play action for a big play...
  24. Who is the best?

    A real list would have included Bruce Lee..