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  1. Autographed football or jersey?

    Jersey...and depending on the player, I'd have it framed...
  2. cbs improvements........

    sportsline is more for people who don't use the computer alot and are pretty much rookies at fantasy ... I have a few people in my league that aren't computer savvy and would probably prefer sportsline because of it's 'user-friendliness'.... MFL is the better product for me and you....but for the non-huddler or rookie-huddler types, sportsline is pretty much it..IMO..
  3. cbs improvements........

    ahaha they need to stop picking on Fragile Freddy...
  4. Lowe's Really Delivers

    what a Rosie O'Donnell...he didn't even try to take the camcorder away... anyways...he should do some serious time for what he was doing..
  5. Keepers

    I'm not big on Evans either and my "gut" said to keep both QB's instead of both WR's...just by value alone... Evans is spotty ..performance-wise...at least from what I recall.. especially where he had that 3 or 4 TD game....
  6. I've got the # 5 pick

    I have Westy and Addai above Alexander regardless if it's PPR.... LT LJ SJax Gore Addai Westy that's how I see the top 6...7th could be Bush, Maroney, etc..
  7. Pick a keeper

    keep Wayne and Bush.... Westy FWP Henry Benson Edge Brown Caddy JJones Jacobs
  8. Sleepers

    that is a very solid list... I'd scratch McGahee and Edge right now...I would add Cutler and VJackson on that list..
  9. QB Rankings: Why Is Michael Vick So High?

    only way I draft him is if he slips and I know there is another QB I can draft with the next pick so I don't have to rely on him... this would happen in the 5th or 6th round and I don't think he'll last that long..
  10. Randy Moss

    is this the Raiders team you speak of?... I'd wait until you see him play a few games for the Pat's..
  11. Best 2 WRs

    try to trade any 1 or 2 of those guys to get a RB and then keep the WR leftover...
  12. The Huddle

    exactly...just because I rank a player at a certain spot doesn't mean I like that player more than another player... it just means his value is higher... I draft the team that I want to put together.... to come with rankings is one thing, but drafting a decent team is another...and then you have management for your underachievers...
  13. DeAngelo Williams vs DeShaun Foster

    if DW consistently outperforms Foster, they'll have no choice but to give him the majority of the carries when they drafted him in the 2nd and paid him 2nd rounder money...
  14. pick one keeper

    league scoring PPR (all players) scoring for RB: 1 pt per 10 rush yds; 5 pts @ 100 yds 2 pts per 10 rec/pass yds; 5 pts @ 100 yds rush TD's are worth between 6-9 pts pending on the distance rec/pass TD's are worth between 9-12 pts pending on the distance the scoring is the same for WR's, except you switch the rush with receiving as the scoring system favors players who perform "out of position"... Edit: go down 6 or 7 posts to read the update..and post 13...for another one.. I will definately respond to yours in return....
  15. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    the masses are morans
  16. Lack of Talented Song Writers?

    I like the sound...but the delivery of the guy singing bothered me...
  17. A truly sad day in pro wrestling

    I don't even know what to say... some people just make things harder than they need to be..
  18. Poll : Pick the better keeper

    I have them about the same value range...but I like Rudi's chances better..
  19. i have a migraine

    they checked me out and everything was fine on several occasions... it's not a problem so much anymore as I would only get them once every couple of months or a couple within a month between 3 months or more.. but now I only get them when there's a gas leak in the area but my remedy beats it to the punch, I could actually feel it coming on and then doing nothing...
  20. i have a migraine

    yeah I get sinus migraines and tension migraines....they both set off...this is probably a cluster version of what you said....because I used to get them 3x a week every week... I likely have to be in a room with no light and no noise....and it feels like my head is in a vice the entire time... I was even told by my doctor that with the symptoms...they were mini-strokes...so finding a way to beat them was a must... but these supplement pills work like a charm
  21. Lack of Talented Song Writers?

    music is garbage nowadays anyways....it's been that way for awhile now...
  22. pick one keeper

    alright...another update here... if said players were available in one of my previous posts.... would this trade be reasonable....(note: I'm not overly sold on Maroney...regardless of my scoring system)... I have been negotiation with the owner who has not many good players, but has the 1st pick... It works like this...he can keep 0 players and have the 1st pick of the player pool or he can keep 1 player....and if someone keeps no players, they can have the 1st pick... remember, we keep 2 players... he has Travis Henry, Ronnie Brown and Braylon Edwards....he's overvaluing Travis Henry right now because I asked about him... so I figured to trade him Maroney for his 2nd round pick so he would keep Maroney and I could very likely have the 1st 3 picks in the draft with the current players available... Portis, T Henry, Fitz, Boldin, RMoss, Wayne and Harrison to name a few... should I just stick with Maroney?...if I nabbed his 2nd pick, I would take one of his 'keeper picks'....so I'd get the 2 players I was already targetting...plus a stud WR
  23. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    ...a combination of the two....
  24. i have a migraine

    used to get them 3 days a week... if you get them even once a month, the way to beat them is by taking B-2 vitamins daily and popping a 'flush-free' niacin pill if you feel the "aura" coming on.... the aura is when you see this spot during a migraine.... this will take care of everything as I have literally felt this work the last 4 times I was going to have a migraine, but this beat it...