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  1. surprise team this year

    that was quite moving... I shed a tear reading this ....this poetry..
  2. Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver and A clockwork orange should be higher...
  3. Keep one RB

    I'd go with LJ...but I am starting to like Gore better if the OL continues to shape up... I don't like where the KC OL is headed right now and LJ's saving grace will be in the passing game... Gore should blossom this season in continuation from the previous one,.. I'd pretty much flip a coin between the 2....you can't go wrong either way, but I like to take a look at the miles each back has and the fact that LJ will likely get a new contract... I don't like players coming off a big contract signing...
  4. Keeper Trade Advice

    yeah, the Ravens OL is not in good shape right now... I'm not big on Alexander, but you should definately pull more in that that off his name alone..
  5. she's got a crush on obama

    I've got a cru...12:00 on Obama's Girl...
  6. surprise team this year

    I picked them last year....I'm going to go away from that right now... even though there is still a shot.. I will say... Redskins, Jets and umm...I'd like to say the Cardinals...but I'll go with the Rams...I think the whole NFC west is due for a complete 180 soon...
  7. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    the sad thing is...he probably forgot how he came to that conclusion when he got up... I always forget how I came to my conclusion, but know that I must stick with it..
  8. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    Thats my "thinking chair"...my best thoughts are conjured on the thinking chair... if I need to study something, that's where I go..
  9. Keep one RB

  10. Fergie

  11. For the Video Gamers out there

    yeah, the lever that sits over where the spikes raise only needs to go around one revolution... that was the part that got me..
  12. Fergie

    those are by far the best Fergie pics I've ever seen...
  13. keeper trade

    I'm 90% right 50% of the time..
  14. LJ value keeper trade/

    wow...the possibilities are endless here... in a 6 man keeper, I'd try to unload some of your other backs.. but if you're moving LJ, I'd try to package him with another player of his choice for 2 of Gore/Bush and Henry ... I personally don't like your crop of RB's and would consider getting younger along with backs in better situations.. I still don't like McGahee's situation or Benson's ability to produce if you could get Henry and Bush in there instead of LJ and 'player x'...you'd have a better lineup for the future and present...
  15. Darrell Jackson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Brown

    exactly how I feel...
  16. Keep one RB

    I would hold Westy and Maroney over manning, honestly...but if ALL TD's are 3 pts... ..... Manning and Westy
  17. Fergie

    it depends on the day.... one day her face will look...alright.. the next day her face is all busted looking...almost as if she were a tranny... her body is good enough to just double bag the head if you don't want to know what day it is and hold the bag down with the plastic bag handles...
  18. pick one keeper

    exactly how I feel I could end up with Maroney, another RB or top tier WR with Roy Williams as my 3rd..
  19. Seattle WRs

    Branch is always one of those players that slip usually in the draft some and I think he's usually money on MNF....plus a division with a weak secondary...he's not a bad pickup if he slips.. but seattle WR's are not something I'd taget as I don't like their offense for fantasy production anymore....I don't like anyone.. at the spot I'd have to take them..
  20. pick one keeper

    yeah...-1 for a fumble... also...if I keep only Maroney, I'd have a great stab at either Fitz/Boldin/Holt/Wayne/Harrison at the very least...since I would get the 2nd pick in the draft..at worst... we work it like this....you can keep between 0, 1 or 2 players...and however many players you keep, you lose your top picks... if I keep Maroney and the 1st pick person only keeps Henry (very likely...unless he keeps nobody and goes for the 1st 2 picks in the draft... Portis will be available as will the WR's I mentioned above...he will likely go for Portis and then I'd have a strong stab at some WR's... edit: I have until July 31st to name 3 players I would potentially keep so everyone has a decent idea of who would be available...
  21. Who to keep?

    that looks about right...
  22. For the Video Gamers out there

    I've had GoW2 since it came out and I just stopped playing because I can't play any game all the way through... I am at the very-very end and just haven't found the need to play for whatever reason.. the only games I recall playing all the way through were Batman Begins and Resistance on PS3...Resistance actually kept my attention for 3 weeks...
  23. For the Video Gamers out there

    I didn't get the 1st God of War...but I got God of War 2... it's the only PS2 single-player game I've played in awhile aside from Resident Evil 4... these are the only single player PS2 games I've played in the past year....or even further..
  24. pick one keeper

    also...if you could keep either Colston or Roy Williams...would you?... here are the list of players likely kept by their teams... QB McNabb Palmer Manning RB FWP Edge SJax Mcgahee Addai Rudi LT2 Alexander LJ Westbrook Gore Bush Henry WR CJ SSmith
  25. keeper trade

    trading for Brees and a semi-early pick is ideal here as you have a better shot at nabbing that 3rd RB that will save your hide down the stretch... my best teams always usually have a strong rotation of 3 RB's and 2 dominant WR's... add in a top QB and it's over...you'd have 3 and possibly 4 of those covered and then you can just focus on WR which seems like a crapshoot sometimes, but you'd have the groundwork laid for your team...