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  1. pick one keeper

    I can't get Bush as the person I have posted about keeper advice is already keeping Bush I probably won't be able to get Portis as the person with the 1st pick will more than likely go after him...
  2. which player to keep?

    yeah...I just like to hear everyone else agree with me... preciate the responses....and the fact that I didn't overlook anything.. I was considering the fact that the Saints now have a 1st place schedule...but the only matchup problems he may have are vs Philly and Chicago...aside from AFC matchups...
  3. Rookie Keeper League

    Maroney being the clear cut starter is enough for me... Norwood would pose a decent argument if he was a starter...
  4. Darrell Jackson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Brown

    DJax is an injury prone player to me and Brown was still coming into his own last year....he played well regardless which QB was in and there were some games he appeared to not get open... but in recent camp, he has been pretty vocal about being the guy and if he improves on last years performance, I think he could be better than DJAX just by playing all 16 games... DJax can be a headache for owners...but he produces when healthy.... but in what shape is that seattle offense exactly in?...the whole team seems in a lull....
  5. Chiefs QB Issue

    exactly... I figured Croyle would make strides and use this regular season to prepare even further to either start by mid-season or the following season.... the fact that people are saying the job is his....is alot more than I expected at this point..
  6. Chiefs QB Issue

    I consider him a sleeper in this year or the next... dump-offs to LJ with Gonzo are nice...he just has to find a go-to WR.... it might be a good idea to own LJ in a PPR league since he'll be seeing plenty of dump-offs from the young QB.. but I honestly thought Huard would have it for at least 6 games...
  7. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    I agree with your theory...but I think you are targeting the wrong player for a dropoff... I know he's lost a bit of durability with the addition of surpassing 30.... but Holt is one of those guys that might have a few injury plagued seasons and then come back to have an all-pro year again due to his hard work and preperation... alot of players fall off because of their lack of focus or they forget that you have to condition more as you get older.... Holt should be in the top 10 until he has 2 bad seasons in a row where he doesn't place in the top 15..... I agree with your theory on "getting rid of players at the right time"...because having a good success rate in regards to acquiring/dumping players is the key to winning championships...
  8. Why the Iphone Will Fail

    the iPhone is already obsolete over in Korea....
  9. do you go to ...

    I go to kffl for news because they seem to be ablout 5 minutes faster than anyone at the minimum.... that's not for fantasy info though.... this site has the best fantasy info.. everyone has their strengths....some are the news...others offer strategy and outside the box thinking..
  10. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    she ruined it for the dems....
  11. Keeper advice

    I'd keep LJ Smith for an 11th....why not..
  12. Religious Question

    no comment
  13. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    ouch...this news is no good regardless..
  14. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    this is encouraged... the PS3 is the reason blu-ray is slaughtering...
  15. Cool places to hold your Draft

    exactly...we take about 6 hours for our draft..... but we are finally bringing back a double-digit number of owners this year so maybe things will run a little quicker..
  16. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    apparently BB has a fixed price for online rentals and you can still use these to exchange in your local BB for a free rental... so you don't have to sign up for a membership at BB.... Netflix offers a better online service because they have less customers and this allows them to deliver movies promptly... but BB still dominates the rental area of things...I personally was pulling for netflix because BB will overcharge for everything if netflix went down... netflix came in and kept BB in check....and they continue to... but BB offers a better deal for me considering I have a BB 5 blocks away..
  17. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    exactly... anyone buying high-def pron is a little too extreme IMO...
  18. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    it's not at all... I'm not a fanboy or anything...if HD DVD were to be ahead, I'd adopt that format... one blu-ray disc is 25 GB...and many movies run on a dual-layered disc (50 GB) one HD DVD disk is 15 GB..dual-layered is 30 (and to my knowledge, they haven't started production of these yet)... plus the red laser is what is used for standard DVD's...the blue laser hits a smaller point of the disc and is more precise when reading it for higher quality..
  19. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    pron is a different animal now.....we didn't have internet at the time... and honestly...the format war is all but over.... the HD DVD prices are falling for a reason.... they have weak studio support.... out of the top 10 movies released in 2006, all of them will and already are available on Blu-ray...3 of them will be available on HD DVD.....this year is likely the same thing as Shrek will be available for both...but unless there is a top movie made by Universal, Blu-ray will own this area once again and this is why Blockbuster has struck a deal with them... they have more recent movies as well as more popular ones... here is how the studio support shapes up... HD DVD: Universal, WB, Weinstein and Paramount Blu-ray: Paramount, Warner Bros., Disney (Buena Vista), Fox, Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures
  20. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    Netflix Total Revenue for the year 2006: $996.7 million (source: http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6409885.html) Blockbuster Total Revenue for the year 2006: $5.52 billion (source: http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6419949.html) Total Rental Market Revenue for the year 2006: $7.5 billions (according to http://www.dvdinformation.com/News/press/CES010807.htm) So we get: 13.4% for Netflix 73.6% for Blockbuster I am joining Blockbuster this week to get my Blu-rays since they have that thing where I can get one in the mail, watch it, return it to the store down the street and exchange it for another rental...
  21. This can't be good

    ...OH BOY.... you don't ever hear crap about Norway..... ..and now this...sheesh..
  22. Players ready to break out.

    Reggie Brown Vincent Jackson
  23. Westy for 1st round and T.Jones, Please Help

    do it now...especially in PPR..
  24. Nerdiest clothing article, EVER

    the pocket protector is the nerdiest clothing article ever....
  25. Pick a RB

    this is about to get ugly