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  1. Keeper league Help...

    I was thinking Roy Williams.. Reggie Williams doesn't get to have his last name put down by itself ...the only WR that warrants this is Roy Williams...
  2. I Got a Crush on Obama!

    where did this Obama Girl come from?... I think I made a 12:00.....err mah pants are tight
  3. Cool places to hold your Draft

    host it at a bar if you know the owner... this is what we do... we keep the drinks coming....it's their only chance that I might slip up..
  4. Keeper league Help...

    wow...you definately have alot of options here... since that 5th overall pick is in the 5th round technically...I'd consider that, but try to move a WR and a lower pick instead of your 1st... I'd hate to not utilize the fact that I would have 4 clear startable WR's and not be able to package one to better your team... the idea of having Manning and Addai may sound bad to some because of the whole "having too many eggs in one basket" thing....especially when they play the Jags.... but I'd have to try and get Manning with all your trading power...plus I think that trading Alexander right now is the best time....he's had too much wear on his wheels... keeping 4 of the 5 mentioned below would be ideal... Manning Addai Colston Moss/Williams after this, you can try to get Travis Henry if he is indeed available through the draft.... just try and unload a WR and offer your 3rd or 2nd pick if need be so you can get a decent stab at a RB with your 1st pick....
  5. pick one keeper

    I won't know for some time...
  6. Darius released

  7. Pick a RB

    I agree...but the blocking scheme and OL in ATL are at least very decent... in NY...I can't say the same... and I'm not sold on Eli....but in terms of fantasy...Vick is worth more.. I'll avoid both QB's and all WR's on both teams.... aside from the TE's and the RB's mentioned in this thread as roster fodder, there isn't much fantasy value on either team at this point... maybe Joe Horn or Burress....but I see both of them as #3 WR's at best...
  8. Pick a RB

    the Atlanta offense revolves around the runningbacks...
  9. Darius released

    I'd like to see the Eagles give him a look...I don't have faith in Considine...
  10. Pick a RB

    you act as if Tiki is still in NY... ATL has the superior OL and scheme... NY has a new coach and lost their best player on offense..
  11. Randy and some for 85?

    after looking at your roster...I think I would do it... even though I think Randy will return to his old form... I just would want to get a younger player in dynasty...and 85 is exactly in his prime...
  12. Pick 3 to pickup

    he just hit it on the head... carr is the top choice and Pope is the 2nd... Burleson is more of a wildcard pick-up...hit/miss
  13. Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

    yeah, he resembled more of a Cyclopse type of character from x-men... someone who isn't very popular, but has leadership skills and while not the toughest guy....he's certainly not supposed to be "weak"..... but I guess it helps the whole Storyline between him, Sue Storm and whoever else as in Doom/SSurfer..
  14. Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

    the 1st one was alright, I buy alot of movies..especially in blu-ray and still didn't buy this one.. on another note....I always was a Doom fan and I felt they could have done better with him in the 1st.....but I expect him to have a unique role in the 2nd... plus Silver Surfer in this one...I expect them to be a bit on the kiddy side, but still come with a decent flick....and I expect it to be better than Transformers...which reminds me alot of War of the Worlds in the previews
  15. Comcast and the NFL Network

    never...Comcast owns the sixers/flyers/phillies games...
  16. Comcast and the NFL Network

    yuup...NFL Network is the one charging Comcast too much money to offer the channel.. all Comcast is doing is showing them how much their channel is really worth... I love the idea of an NFL channel that is 24/7....but at what price?... I'll let the NFL Network find out what their value price is...
  17. Fishing or Sex

    ahaha that's great...
  18. also...one point I'd like to add in regards to 1080p.... where 1080p really comes into play is up-conversion... when you are playing a standard DVD on an up-conversion player capable of 1080p...this is where it makes the movie look better, regardless if TV broadcasts only do 720p/1080i for the time being and for the forseeable future...not to mention all Blu-ray players and a few HD DVD players being capable of 1080i... this is where 1080p has it's strength...in high-def movies and up-conversion as it can make the movie look even closer to high-def....especially if you own a super-bit movie... just wanted to add this for people who are interested...
  19. Low class move?

    this year we have 10 of 12 owners staying and this is the best return rate we've had since we started our own league in 2001... the 2 owners were 1 year fill-ins and we're fine with that, even for a keeper as we'll just sell off the teams..
  20. Pick a RB

    I like Norwood....he's way too explosive and can be a factor in the passing game....Dunn is a little long in the tooth... I expect Jacobs to be more inconsistent and I wonder if he can take the pressure off Eli...which in turn hurts himself... Atlanta has a better offense all around and I see Norwood being able to capitalize more if Dunn goes down than Jacobs would if Droughns went down..
  21. Early Bird Player Tiers

    I don't know about that...I don't have a crystal ball... of course you are a dallas fan with high hopes... I'd still trade him after about week 4 anyways.. also I could agree with your Hass/favre assessment....and i valued VY too high here....I guess I was getting bored ahah
  22. Early Bird Player Tiers

    I'll throw together a quick tier....just for kicks... also...there's alot of QB's who I don't like much and I think there will be a few backups that will come in and do something... 1st Tier Peyton Manning, Indianapolis - 6 Carson Palmer, Cincinnati - 5 Tom Brady, New England - 10 2nd Tier Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia - 5 Marc Bulger, St. Louis - 9 Drew Brees, New Orleans - 4 3rd Tier Philip Rivers, San Diego - 7 Michael Vick, Atlanta - 8 Matt Leinart, Arizona - 8 Jon Kitna, Detroit - 6 Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle - 8 4th Tier Vince Young, Tennessee - 4 Jay Cutler, Denver - 6 Brett Favre, Green Bay - 7 Tony Romo, Dallas - 8 Chad Pennington, N.Y. Jets - 10 5th Tier Jason Campbell, Washington - 4 Jake Delhomme, Carolina - 7 Matt Schaub, Houston - 10 Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh - 6 Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants - 9
  23. Vikings Receivers

    exactly...but I only say this because I hate having a team that is mediocre because the passing game stinks... the Vikes need help at QB and WR..... well, maybe they don't need help at QB...but they need him to not be a bum... and I don't see him doing too well this season...but it can be a learning process... the current state that the offense is in will make things awfully tough to watch and if the Vikings manage to be mediocre and draft around the 17th spot...ten it just makes it even more tough... I figure...if my team is going to miss the playoffs, they might as well be chum scrubbers and then make a serious run the next season.... strong teams nowadays are not built overnight unless you acquire a QB who can handle the load....and while you CAN compare the Vikings to the Saints...I just don't see Jackson being anywhere near Brees and so on....but maybe Peterson can do some damage in the 2-headed monster offense..
  24. Dialoque with my wife

    it's a steel curtain because nothing can get through it....