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  1. I have both, and am thinking of starting both instead of Sammy Morris (who may also split). Anyone think TJ will get more than a series?
  2. losman or young

    Our league (using Fanball) gives a similar, but not as quite a large gap for Young over the last 4 weeks, (giving 6 pts for a thrwon TD, Young leads Losman 86 to 73 points). However over the last two games Losman is the 4th ranked QB OVERALL to Young's 22nd. So, "better #s" is certainly relative. But it definitely seems that one has grasped the offense and played better and better, while one is flying by the seat of his pants, regressing the last two weeks.
  3. losman or young

    Losman. He's playing more like the veteran. Young has been winning, but JP is putting up better #s. Besides, the Bills D at home of late has been tough.
  4. Chicago RB situation

    I have TJ and Benson and was wondering the same thing myself. Anyone?
  5. Are You Kidding Me?

    I heard he missed practice, but that was expected? Does it get worse?
  6. Are You Kidding Me?

    Now Thomas Jones is questionnable? Having lost my #1 KJ, at least temporarily my #2 Maroney, now maybe my #3 TJ?! I did have the patience to hold Benson all year, and the foresight and luck to get Sammy Morris, but I'll be lucky not to use Cedric Houston against the Vikes, yikes. It is a war of attrition and you just can't have enough RBs. Luck must partner with skill to win championships. Also lost McNabb. Please be OK Donald Driver. Thanks for listening.
  7. McNair or Kitna WDIS

    Kitna. Will throw much more. Baltimore may really run all day on the Browns.
  8. WDIS at WR

    I love Wayne on Monday night. TO #2. He's healthier than Colston.
  9. Kitna @ GB or Garcia @ NYG? --- 1 pt for every 3 completions, 1 pt for every 33 yds, 6 pts for TD DJ Hackett vs. SF or Mark Clayton vs. CLE --- PPR 1pt for 10 yds, 6 pts for TD Thanks
  10. Consider Kitna over Garcia?

    I have the same choice. Am leaning toward Kitna because I think the Meadowlands will simply be more hostile w/ more at stake. Any other opinions out there on this one?
  11. how 'bout some frikkin' love for McAllister?

    Yeah I started Karney over Deuce. And Artose Pinner too. And last week I started Marcel Shipp. What a time I'm having! Oh and Kevin Jones is hurt again...
  12. RB ?

    I couldn't sit Gore myself.
  13. Given everything, I'd lean T.J. and K.J. T.J. has the great match-up and K.J. is at least the only option in Detroit. If Willis struggles or the ankle gets worse, the Bills will not hesitate to use Thomas.
  14. Which Kicker

    Kickers are luck, but you have to figure Hanson gets more attempts. The Lions can move the ball through the air on Minn. but could get stuffed in the red zone when running is more prevalent. I don't like St. L to get as many scoring opportunities against the Bears.
  15. TE help

    Sciafe. Seattle has too many other options.