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  1. TJ or the CADDY

    I am in a 10 team 6 keeper league where I will draft 7th. I know I am keeping: McNabb, Donovan Westbrook, Brian Henry, Travis Maroney, Laurence Johnson, Andre So myquestion is who to Keep: Williams, Cadillac or Houshmandzadeh, T.J. Caddy Pro's 1. He is the primary no RCCB 2. Better QB this yr and his Rec touch's have increased 3. Not many RB's left after 60 keepers and 6 picks before me Con's 1. He looses touchs when TB does get near the end zone. 2. He has not put up a solid game since his rookies season 3. finished 176 with 116 pts in our scoring system TJ Pro's 1. Lot balls in the air in Cincy 2. Great in the red zone 3 finished 51 with 245 pts in our scoring system. Con's 1. Like to have young primary RB's 2. Not the primary Rec. I am leaning towards TJ but would like to here what you think.
  2. Who should I keep

    I agree with Billy. QB's are pretty consistant past the 1st tier.
  3. That is where I am at. Abbai runs alot like Krissy Brown and they take a beating.
  4. I am in a 10 team league with 6 keepers from last year. Obviously RB’s are kept first so the go to guys are already gone. I have the second pick going 1-10 and back to 1-10 each round there after. My keepers are: Donovan McNabb – PHI Carnell Williams – TBB Brian Westbrook – PHI Corey Dillon – NEP Derrick Mason – BAL Andre Johnson – HOU With my fist pick I will need to grab a rookies RB for the future (I am not as worried about this year but it would be a nice bonus) and am having a problem on who to pick. Joseph Addai – IND – Is ranked the highest in most cheat sheets but I am not a fan of up right runners and he may play behind Rhodes Reggie Bush – NOS – Will likely go at the first pick but may slip to me. Laurence Maroney – NEP – This is the guy I am looking at the most. With Dillon as one of my keepers and his age and injuries, Maroney could play this year. Please give me your input and thoughts. Thanks
  5. This is a 10 team keep league (6 keepers) with performance scoring. I am currently keeping D Mason, C Dillon, B Westbrook, D Mcnabb, K Corbet, and T Henry. I also own KBarlow but planned on dropping him as we can only have 4 RB's and I have the 2nd pick over all. I was offered a trade for Fitzgerald for Barlow (who I am not keeping). This means I would have to drop Corbert and am wondering if Fitz is an upgrade.
  6. Is this the end for Freddy, or will he continue to be the main focus of the JAG's running game. As some may have read Freddy had OPEN KNEE MCL and PCL surgery. I have a funny feeling that this is the end of this of the road since the jag's and Fred have been hiding the issue since DEC 2004. What are your thoughts.
  7. Trade help...Vick

    Are you kidding me. Vick has done NOTHING to prove he is a #1 QB. and your scoring system is not set up for the type of game he plays. If you got points for rushing yards maybe. What about completions any points there? Vick is lucky to get 50 yards passing in a half here are his stats: passing yard wk1 163, wk2 179, wk3 115, wk4 148 ect. actually he did have 1 game over 200 but that was against the saints, and totaled 2313 yards (28th of any starting QB) rushing TD's he had a total of 7 that = 42 pts in your system. I would think twice.
  8. I was hoping to see Travis head to AZ or OAK. But both seem slim now to crappy now. Has anyone heard anything or am I the only one that cares. I should mention that the only reason I care is because D. Mason my only legit receiver is now a Raven and we keep 6 players. Things are getting thin!!!!!!
  9. Performance league and I need to start 2 of the 3. TE A. Gates vs. @cle WR D. Bennett vs. @oak TE T. Gonzalez vs. den