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  1. Greatest American "Genius"

    Then I will officially change my answer to Charles Steinmetz. Not only in honor of your multiple field theory, but because his stature and socialist leanings remind me of you.
  2. Greatest American "Genius"

    When someone is really, really smart (nerdy), do you call then an Einstein or a Neumann?
  3. Greatest American "Genius"

    I'm going Einstein then.
  4. 29

    28. satelliteoflovegm
  5. 29

    26. PS UL ions
  6. What do you think?

    Very likely, but will the passengers incur legal fees regardless of lawsuit progression?
  7. 29

    7. Sheik Yerbuti
  8. 29

    24. McNasty
  9. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    Have you made bail yet? If so, please update us.
  10. the supreme court rules ...

    DANGIT ! ! ! !
  11. $12.5 million to store FEMA ice?

    Just think of how much easier it would have been if you were remotely attractive to a girl in America.
  12. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    Congratulations. You have just edged out keggerz as the whiniest business owner in America.
  13. Man Charged with Murder

    Rosie O'Donnell. I love homos who like to hide behind drugs and act like theyre all that. My 2 year old could shoot heroin if I handed him a needle.
  14. Maybe W just glanced through the Captain's Logs for the last 8.5 years and they said to let Bin Laden go.