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  1. WDIS?

    Thanks guys. Anybody else?
  2. WDIS?

    Who do you guys go with here? Lienert vs. Green Bay D. Carr vs. Tennessee Thanks in Advance.
  3. WDIS - Need 2 of these guys

    Anybody else?
  4. We start 3 WR's, performance scoring, receptions included. Need to go with 2 more. I've got: Boldin vs St. Louis already. R. Williams vs Indy Cotchery vs Buffalo Colston vs Atl (MNF) Crumpler vs NO (MNF) R. Brown vs SF Was looking to go with Cotchery and Williams. Crumpler should have a good matchup McNabb's been on a roll in the air. Brown not many looks though. Colston has been a solid target to this point. Give me some insight please. Thanks, in advance.
  5. Bennett or Moulds; NE or Chi

    Kind of a toss up with Moulds and Bennett. I'd go with Bennett hoping that Boller has got a rhythm going. Can't believe that you are even contemplating NE over Chicago DEF. here. Da Bears have proven all year long there propensity to score points. Farve, as good as he is, is forcing the play right now and should provide Chicago with some opportunistic points to be had. The Pack is hurting here. Go Bears.
  6. Superbowl Dilema

    I've made it to the Superbowl in my league, but unfortunately I have also experienced multiple injuries, causing me to look at some questionable options. C. Houston vs New England or J. Bettis vs Cleveland Garrard vs Houston or R. Grossman vs Green Bay I need 1 RB and 1 QB. Receptions count for 1 pt. Thanks in advance.
  7. Zack Crocket or D. Rhodes

    I have the same scenerio. It's tough to make this unpopular decision, but I'm looking at going with C. Houston. There will not be an RBBC and I can't trust Crocket to bring home the bacon. Good Luck.
  8. WR decision

    Need 1 of these 2. R Smith vs Oak K Curtis vs Seattle Bruce is to be back but how much will he take away from KC? Oak secondary not so hot. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. WDIS?

    I need 2 more receivers to go with S. Smith. J. Jurevicius vs. St Louis R. Smith vs Oak. K. Curtis vs Seattle L. Coles vs Carolina Receptions = 1pt. 10 yds = 1 pt. Looking @ JJ and R. Smith, since Bruce is to be back for Rams, taking away from K Curtis, although he has been hot. Thanks for any thoughts.
  10. Bears D or Ravens D...WDIS?

    Da Bears. They out-stat the Ravens in each Def. category that counts for FF points. Bears are in the top tier of Fantasy scoring this year.
  11. WR Help

    I'm considering picking up Az Hakim, but unsure if such a good move due to Brooks' inconsistency. Performance scoring league. R Smith vs NY Giants J Jeruvicius vs Cowboys K Curtis vs NO L Coles vs Atl Original line-up: Smith Curtis Jeruvicius Was going to plug in Hakim for Jeruvicius. What do you all think? Thanks.
  12. WDIS WR? Need 2.

    I was also thinking that combo, but hated to sit Smith.
  13. WDIS WR? Need 2.

    I need 2 other WR/TE starters to go with S. Smith. Performance Scoring Rules. R. Smith vs Wash. (Usually consistent, but Wash CB's looking tough) R. McMichael vs Buff (Been red zone target-not many catches-defensive battle?) K. Curtis vs Seattle (Could be a shout out- Many targets for Bulger) Leaning towards: R. Smith K. Curtis Need some input. Thanks.
  14. Start J. Smith or Rogers

    I'm not sold on J. Harrington. B. Leftwitch will have many targets as does Harrington which could develop into the ball being thrown around the lot of them. I have more confidence in B.L. to make the connections. I'd go with Smith.
  15. 3rd Receiver to start?

    I'll remember his first name if his play justifies that. lol.