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  1. I realize I'm not exactly a staple around here and many of you don't even know who I am so I certainly don't expect to be missed. I do, however, feel somewhat of an obligation to those of you that have given me advice, assistance or just had an interesting rapport with, whether it be FF related or not. Anyway, the bottom line is I am apparently just too competetive to take part in contests such as FF while having so little control over the outcomes. It has become way to easy and frequent for a combination of a Cowboy loss and a bad fantasy showing to ruin a Sunday for me entirely. That's just unacceptable when your wife and daughter have to be around you. I will miss you guys and gals. It has been fun. Don't bother to respond because I will not be here when you read this nor will I return to read this. Best of luck to all of you.
  2. Caddy

    This is absolutely where I see value with Caddy. I've seen a couple threads around discussing the real value this year of going RB,WR,WR,RB. I can see that working out very well in a few scenarios and I see Caddy as valuable as that 2nd RB. Very true. Having seen most of every game in which Caddy has played the past two seasons, I can tell you for fact that he was hit behind the line far more often last year than the previous. 2005 he played the first half of the season with a veteran Brian Griese(servicable at the very least) and the remainder with newcomer Simms(no book on him at this point). Last year Simms was horrible and Gradkowski was his equal. Teams did not believe the Bucs could throw on them and they were right.
  3. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    sure, sure
  4. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Thanks for noticing Big John. Not that you're noticing something is particularly special since you have freakish virtual world powers and the memory of a computer, wait a minute... HAL?, but I was wondering how this would go down. What better way than to be reminded of one of the reasons why I stuck around so long the first time. As for you jacknards that responded when this resurfaced, Tuesday 24 July 2007, with goodbyes or cheers for another Cowboy fan leaving the boards... READ THE THREAD or at least the date YOU FRIGGIN TARDS. Tis good to be back.
  5. 2nd year keeper league

    I agree with the above. Keepers really ought to be non-serpentine drafts. I too find it difficult to believe that there isn't some great value on at least a couple of the teams from the bottom to the middle. You know, in a draft like yours it's not always the best strategy to keep your best player. You have to base that decision on what's gonna be available on draft day and where the value really lies in your roster. By the way, what are the likely first round keepers 1-12? (or 1-9 since you already told us 10-12)
  6. Drafting same team players?

    I wouldn't blame someone for diversifying their portfolio by taking the likes of McNabb or Wayne instead of putting all their eggs in one basket as it were. I think you'd be hard pressed, though, to find anyone who would be unhappy about having any of STLs big three on their roster so why not all three. If you're targeting these guys because they're Rams then stay away but if each legitimately happen to be the best on the board when it's your pick then why not?
  7. Help with the 7th pick

    Educating yourself and occasionally going with your gut is what it's all about. The rest of us are here to bring up or point out information or angles that you might not have considered. That said Westbrook is probably the safe pick, if he is available at 7, but I really like Addai due to a really nice year last year compounded by the fact that Rhodes who is now gone got about 45% of what would have been Addai's touches. Nobody there to do that this year.
  8. Too Early For RB Betts

    I don't know all the particulars of your roster/line-up requirements but assuming 3 WRs or a TE I would be more concerned about that than handcuffing one of your RBs since you already have three good ones.
  9. bailing on Manning?

    It's a ridiculous idea to completely rule out trading Manning away. In fact, any trade that will make your team better is a trade you should make. No player is untradeable.

    I have made many tongue-in-cheek comments giving props to my beloved alma mater in here but this time it's the real deal baby. I awoke this morning still feeling some of the energy that I absorbed at the game last night. What a week to be a USF Bull! GO BULLS!!! USF! USF! USF! On to Miami next week. I'll take USF and the points.
  11. USC VS.?

    in spite of the fact that Texas beat the team you voted for? Good, sound logic if I ever heard it.

    Believe it or not Florida was once considered a major cattle producing state. It's still in the top 15 in both beef and dairy production. They were originally called the "Golden Brahmans" and it was later shortened/changed to "Bulls". Brahman, or Brahma, Bulls were brought over by the Spanish I believe.
  13. Time to trade for D Davis

    I have a guy in one of my leagues offering me DD for Caddy. My response was a resounding, "Not just no but hell no!" I'm in Tampa and watch all their games beginning to end and I am here to tell you that this guy is the real deal. He's got great vision, he's explosive and quite simply, he's just got that little something special that you see in the great ones. My only concern might be durability but it's a very small concern and when comparing him to DD it's a wash at worst.
  14. I need to start 2 out of Deuce, Julius and Caddy. DMD's projections have them with nearly identical stats and I expect each to have good games because they're all good and they have good match-ups. Any thoughts?
  15. A good problem to have but

    Like I said, not an easy call. Thanks for the input so far. For what it's worth, I'm leaning toward Julius and Caddy because I'm a fan but I can't shake the feeling that Deuce could have a monster day against the Vikes.
  16. favre or griese?

    I have the same decision this week and thinking along the same lines as Badger had me considering Favre, along with the fact that he's at home of course. However, the Bucs ain't the Browns. Just because GB will likely be playing from behind does not mean Favre will have a big day. In fact, he's likely to throw more INTs in that scenario against the Bucs. Favre - playing the Bucs with a below average O-line Griese - playing the Pack who are awful in the secondary I'm playing Griese this week.
  17. A good problem to have but

    My bad. I know better than that. Deuce @ MINN, Julius @ SF, Caddy @ GB and, no points per, basic performance oh, and, reasons would be appreciated thanks so far though
  18. Through 2 games: 0 receptions for 0 yards As far as I know he hasn't even been thrown to. His recs are a big reason for his being a highly coveted stud. Does this bother any of you at this point?
  19. Jags D minus Darius

    The Jags have been very good against the pass, and pretty good against the run too now that I think of it. How does the loss of Darius effect them?
  20. Peyton Manning Experiment

    Did I miss the update or has it not been posted YET?
  21. Peyton Manning Experiment

  22. Culpepper Projection?

    You can rest assured that CPep will go off this week because I'm facing him in two leagues.
  23. Assume you have no real need at either position. In a vacuum, so to speak, would you make this trade? Forget the assumptions... I have Deuce, Jordan and Caddy at RB and Horn, Muhammad, Stallworth, Lloyd, Glenn, Crayton and Booker at WR
  24. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    From priority news: Ladainian Tomlinson - RB, San Diego Chargers 09/20/05 John Clayton of theorizes that L.T. has not been a factor in the Charger passing game because opponents have played primarily man-to-man, thus forcing Tomlinson to remain in the backfield and pick up blitzes. Huddle Up: Sounds like a good theory, and a worrisome one for L.T. owners. A large part of what makes Tomlinson a superstar is his ability to do damage after catching passes. I swear on my mother's eyes that this either wasn't there when I posted or I just didn't see it. Kinda makes me feel like I have some idea what I'm doing.
  25. Give up Deuce and Muhammad for

    Can I take that as an endorsement of this trade?