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  1. Bosa doesn't help much in this league. lol
  2. Returning? - League is full

  3. Just an innocent question. Who in your opinion has greater value Dalvin Cook on a 2 yr contract or Nick Chubb on a 4 year contract?

    1. MonkeyOne


      Chubb on 4 years to me.

  4. Sorry to be a pill, but I've bidding on some SlickWillies players and have been watching his blind bid money. As of yesterday he had $4. He made a trade with you that netted him $1. He used that dollar and the 4 he had to matched Emanuel Sanders. Which should have left him with $0. Then he made a trade with Wait Till Next year that netted him $2. The home page now says he has $10, but based on transactions, he should have $2. Is there another transaction not yet recorded?


    Matt aka Big Fish

  5. Hey Dave, I have a FSDB account balance question. My balance was at $37 after my FT and Hunter trade ($4). It is now at $27. Are you adjusting it to reflect current bids? If not, why did I go from $37 to $27. Thanks.



    1. panhead55


      Never mind. I was at $41 at the end of last year. The $37 reflects the Hunter trade, but not the FT fee. All is good. Sorry for the first post.



  6. Hi Dave,


    Pinbot and I (BigFish) have agreed upon a trade Keke Coutee and $4 for Danielle Hunter. Twice one of us has offered and the other accepted, but it hasn't been processed, doesn't show as "awaiting commish appoval", and doesn't show up under transactions. Does the trade show on your end? I suspect a glitch in MFL's system.



  7. Openings in BoTH 32 HomARRRRRR's league

    I left a message on the wait list. I'm interested in the Seahawk opening. I'm a longtime Huddle lurker and occaisional poster. Whether first or last I'm a committed fantasy owner. My wife also thinks I should be committed! Beware, D J Hackett will arrive in 2007.
  8. Undefeated teams check in

    Sportsline redraft, 12 teams, draft position #12 QB Vick, Plummer RB Portis, Westbrook, Buckhalter, Turner WR Roy Williams, Djax, TJ Housh, B Edwards TE Gates K Scobee Def Seattle, Carolina
  9. 4-0 teams

    Sportsline 12 team performance redraft. drafted # 12 QB Vick RB Portis, Westbrook, Turner, Betts, and Buckhalter WR Roy Williams, TJ Housh, Djax, B Edwards TE Gates K Tynes Def Seattle, Carolina I'll probably drop Betts for a QB for this week
  10. Djax

    I was listening to Seattle's radio station KJR. Warren Moon was a guest and was asked how the Hawks would do and specifically how Djax looked. Moon had been at Monday's practice. He said Djax looked very quick and fluid and that he was at full speed. Yes, I'm a homer, but I wouldn't be afraid to play him at all, and I think he has a great matchup with Detroit.
  11. Denver running backs