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  1. Looking for QB

    I guess that rules Mr Watson and the others who paid off the accuser before it got to the media.
  2. lol, we both posted at 6:03 AM PST I still match
  3. Bosa doesn't help much in this league. lol
  4. That offer was for another player
  5. Returning? - League is full

  6. Just an innocent question. Who in your opinion has greater value Dalvin Cook on a 2 yr contract or Nick Chubb on a 4 year contract?

    1. MonkeyOne


      Chubb on 4 years to me.

  7. Sorry to be a pill, but I've bidding on some SlickWillies players and have been watching his blind bid money. As of yesterday he had $4. He made a trade with you that netted him $1. He used that dollar and the 4 he had to matched Emanuel Sanders. Which should have left him with $0. Then he made a trade with Wait Till Next year that netted him $2. The home page now says he has $10, but based on transactions, he should have $2. Is there another transaction not yet recorded?


    Matt aka Big Fish