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  1. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Dr No waives Preston Williams 4 years
  2. We need to have rules in place for tanking

    There should be escalating penalties for playing a player on a bye or IR over an active player. The first time could be a warning, the next a cash or pick penalty, with each infraction being a bit stiffer than before. I'm in a couple leagues that I'm legally tanking. I traded my good assets leaving me with poor team, But I play my best lineup every week.
  3. Seahawks

    I'm a homer and I think the problem lies with Russell Wilson and to a lesser extent the OC. Russ is too enamored with the long ball. Admittedly he is one of the league's best deep passers, but he goes to the well way too often. How many times has Wilson dropped back, changed course to avoid the rush, and either sends the ball deep down the field or ends up getting the sack. The deep incomplete makes it difficult to move the chains and so they turn the ball over on downs and put the defense on the field. The sack makes a first down unlikely and so the defense is quickly back on the field. If Russ hits the deep ball, the Hawks score quickly and puts the defense back on the field. The Hawks are last in the league in time of possession. Without an effective run offense the Hawks need to embrace a short, quick passing game that eats up clock and sustains drives. Our defense can not be effective when on the field for an average of 36 minutes a game. Russell Wilson is a fierce competitor, but he's too much all or nothing. He's tremendous in the RPO, when complemented by a strong run game, but we don't have a strong run game. Until we do, the game plan needs to change.
  4. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Calvin Ridley to IR Khalil Herbert promoted from DTS 3 years
  5. Doc No sends $1 Thhunder sends Zach Pascal Doc No accepts
  6. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Dr No waives Travis Fulgham 1 yr
  7. Thunderball sends Ty Johnson RB NYJ Dr No sends $1 Dr No confirms FROM FRANCHISE
  8. Dalvin Cook OTB

    An owner showed some interest in Cook with an offer since withdrawn. Cook is on a one year contract. He will receive my franchise tag and I expect to get some handsome offers next spring. However contending teams would get a huge boost for this season and they in turn could tag him next spring. While not a fire sale, as he is the only player I own worthy of a franchise tag, I'll certainly listen to offers for this Championship final piece.
  9. Final at deadline New contracts: Ryan Fitzpatrick 1 year Gio Bernard 1 year Mike Evans 5 years Devante Parker 2 years Carolina D 2 year Cuts: Devon Funchess no contract
  10. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    15 to be exact.
  11. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    Lottery #10, drafted in 1970 into the Army and out in 1972. Served in the National Guard from 1974 till 1980 and the US Army Reserves 1980 till 1986.
  12. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    I'm fully vaccinated and my wife is not. She has an autoimmune disease and there is a high chance that receiving the vaccination will either exacerbate her auto immune disorder or give her an additional auto immune disorder. She has every reason to have vaccine hesitancy. Yet the politicians and the media have made efforts in this country to turn vaccinated against unvaccinated, claiming the unvaccinated are prolonging the pandemic. This is wrong to do and totally inaccurate. As we are finding being vaccinated doesn't keep you from contracting Covid nor does it keep you from spreading it. The vaccine only serves to lessen ones severity of covid. If you want the vaccine, get the vaccine, but don't intimidate people into getting it. There is no way vaccines can eliminate covid. Only 15% of the world is vaccinated. The virus is not going away, unless the virus mutates into something less virulent, which is what viruses do to survive.
  13. Dr No agrees FROM FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS TO FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS EXPIRES Baron Samedi | Shaft Hunt, Kareem CLE RB Dr. Julius No | panhead55 Shenault, Laviska JAC WR Sun Aug 1 11:00 a.m.
  14. Looking for QB

    I guess that rules Mr Watson and the others who paid off the accuser before it got to the media.