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  1. Need Help with Playoff Lineup

    Tiki, Taylor, Turner, Hacket, Henderson, Gates.
  2. Which QB & 3rd WR to start

    Rattay and Evans.
  3. Urgent help with RB! Will respond to yours!

    If it makes any difference, Michael Turner is available too, I just realised...
  4. Urgent help with RB! Will respond to yours!

    Ok, so so far we've got... 3 for Betts, 2 for Jones-Drew, 2 for Barber and 1 for Dayne... Anyone else?
  5. Hey guys, 11 hours until my deadline and I need urgent help with my RBs... 10 yards = 1point, TD = 6points. No PPR. I'll respond to yours. Need two of the following: Betts vs. NYG Dayne vs. CLE Jones-Drew vs. KC Barber III vs. DET
  6. Hey guys, my salary cap league plays all the way through week 17. Got a few questions at a few positions... Scoring is as follows: Passing - 30 yards = 1 point, TD = 3 points... Rushing/Receiving - 10 yards = 1 point, TD = 6 points. (Obviously this scoring system benefits rushing QBs) QB x 1: Kitna vs. DAL Garcia vs. ATL Young vs. NE Cutler vs. SF Rivers vs. ARI RB x 2: Betts vs. NYG Parker vs. CIN Dayne vs. CLE Jones-Drew vs. KC
  7. WR help for 2 Superbowls

    Another vote for Hackett and Coles.
  8. Quick Questions

    Thanks man, I completely forgot to check up on weather reports... So you reckon Burress and Colston?
  9. Quick Questions

  10. QB for Week 16

    I'd say Garcia too...
  11. Quick Questions

    Hey guys, need last minute advice, 2 hours til the deadline... In a salary cap league so I can pick one expensive WR, one slightly cheaper, so only pick one WR from each batch... Thanks! QB: pick one: Romo vs. PHI Garcia vs. DAL WR #1: pick one: Owens vs. PHI Burress vs. NO WR #2: pick one: Driver vs. MIN Coles vs. MIA Colston vs. NYG TE: pick one: L.J. Smith vs. DAL Des. Clark vs. DET Davis vs. ARI Right now I'm thinking Garcia, Owens, Driver, Smith... Am I right?
  12. WDIS

    Coles or Colston guys? I will respond to yours too...
  13. WDIS

    So we all agree on Driver and Winslow, but we're split between Coles and Colston... Anyone else have any thoughts?
  14. WDIS

    Thanks guys... Bump!
  15. RB Help for the Title

    Benson or Jones. Just see which one is starting and roll with them.