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  1. Swampnuts

    John- The pleasure was all mine, and thanks again for meeting up with me on short notice. You're a class act my friend, and I look forward to seeing you again maybe this fall. Enjoy those brewski's!
  2. North Carolina Huddlers

    I'm back in town! I'll be around the entire time Unta, so just let me know when you're available. I've got a 4 yo boy so we can go guys only or family style. Dave hooked you up with the cool stuff, and I'm sure your brother has most of the restaurants down by now. Just be sure to go to the Penguin in Plaza-Midwood neighborhood for a big-block cheeseburger and the fried pickles. I'll pm you my number.
  3. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    I bought a brand new Chevy in 99 and it was the worst purchase I have ever made. I might as well have parked it at the shop dailiy, that thing was a piece of chit! I've owned 2 Toyotas since without a single problem. It may not be American, but in times like these I need MY cash in MY pocket and not in some repair shops.
  4. Where did you propose?

    At home sitting on the couch. This was after another big drawn out fight about what a non-commital pos I was. It wasn't romantic or memorable, and I wish I'd done it differently.
  5. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    Toyota Tundra Double Cab. It's great and fits the kids and their junk easily. You always need a truck IMO, and that must be true because people are always borrowing mine.
  6. For You Married Folks Only

    How does one find a woman like this? Longest for me has been about a year.
  7. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    Bier's the man then! Talk about a 180 in two distinct professions. Pretty impressive work.
  8. HEAT

    I left in 97 for AZ, and have since moved to NC. Moved first for my job and the second time for hers. I miss the old home state every day. Times were always tight, but there's nowhere better.
  9. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    Bier? Are chefs also therapists or did Bier's wife go nuts and I just didn't know about it?
  10. HEAT

    Typical tree hugger mentality. I haven't had the Trout Slayer yet, but my buddies say it's pretty tasty. I have my friend ship me Moose Drool through the mail.
  11. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Best wishes on all fronts Nsab. That's a heckuva an emotional swing in 24 hours.
  12. HEAT

    Good luck Griz. As a fellow Missoulian I feel your pain. Most folks up there didn't have AC when I was living there, and I doubt it's changed a whole lot in 10 years. Hopefully the fire season won't be out of hand. I drank a cold Moose Drool out by the fire tonight and thought of home.
  13. Which movie should i go see tonite with my wife

    I've seen them both this week, and I'd go back to see Transformers. I thought it was great, and Megan Fox is an added bonus. There were tons of women in the theater and the ones I was near seemed to like it.
  14. Lifelock

    I was just trying to make you feel guilty. My friends have both had big troubles fixing these problems. The hardest part is dealing with the credit bureaus from what I understand.