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  1. Who you root for...

    Football: Seattle Seahawks Baseball: Seattle Mariners Basketball: Seattle SuperSonics
  2. Posting this prematurely

    well that crap is gonna happen take it from me man..dont take anything away from the colts the Patriots had their chances..
  3. Ugly Bear Fans

    lol I meant bucs typo...but the Bus sucks too, he couldnt wipe shaun alexanders butt
  4. Ugly Bear Fans

    oh and I think we need to make a rule here that hurricane katrina shouldnt be used as a joke of any kind..That is not cool and makes your teams fans seem like pricks..Well they are pricks but yeah..
  5. Ugly Bear Fans

    The only games I have been to away are the Bucs, niners, and Packers. I had a great time at all 3 and the fans for each of these teams are very cool. I got the boo's but that made me feel awesome. I went to the Bucs game this year and a guy said your team is gonna lose and I said what are you talking about the bucs f'n suck and he said yeah I guess they do and started laughing.... best time ever
  6. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    Pats earned it and Merriman is a punk. LT's emotions were high and thats his teamate so you know hes sticking up for him. Either way the whole thing is blown out of proportion.
  7. Congrats

    give it a rest fag
  8. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    Samuel must have done something or said something on the feild to LT, I doubt this is just LT in a hissy fit.
  9. Congrats

    After this season and the way it all played out and for the Hawks to come back to soldier feild and give the bears one last run for their money, You cant be too disappointed. The Seahawks Passing game is gonna be electric next year. Healthy Hass plus chemistry between DJax, Branch and Hackett. Cant wait!
  10. Congrats

    It was a very great game the Hawks and Bears both played well.
  11. Congrats

    They played a great game and their defense stopped the Seahawks on 3rd down conversions through almost the whole game. Good luck in the next game. Im already looking at a healthy Hawks team next year and a 100% Hasselbeck and what they might do. lolz. I Guess im now rooting for the Colts to go all the way.

    Just read the numbers in my name 37, thats right Shaun Alexander is gonna run all over the Bears and Jerramy Stevens is gonna spread the feild along with those Speedy Hawks receivers getting open moving them chains all day long. Hasselbeck will lead us to victory! YEAH ITS LIKE BRAVEHEART!
  13. The Conspiracy Theorist

    jk on the last post but that would be a huge dissapointment, good story and all but seriously the Chargers, Bears, Seahawks, Pats, or Colts. Anyone but the Saints.
  14. The Conspiracy Theorist

    If the Saints win the super Bowl this year I will stop watching the nfl.
  15. Hey Chicago! What time is it!

    Your gonna eat those words tomorrow big guy