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  1. Wildcard games chat

    League office should have stopped play because it was inside two minutes.
  2. Wildcard games chat

    That didn't look like a first down. Spot absolutely should have been reviewed.
  3. OG Check-In

    He's asking how you missed the thread when it was originally posted & I think the answer is that you didn't frequent the Tailgate back then.
  4. Broncos set another record!

    How in the heck were the Jets favored over them?
  5. I know that it was very noticeable during the Chiefs game that we were getting held a lot and it wasn't being called. I'm pretty used to that, so I usually never say much. In truth I thought it was particularly bad that game & it came out on the field through the visible frustration of Trey Hendrickson and Cam Jordon, who uncharacteristically was ejected from the game for throwing a punch. Still, I'm used to seeing holding and it not being called like I'm sure most fans are. But then I saw the below article. You be the judge: What's with the penalty disparity between the Saints and their opponents?
  6. Jets

    I'm saying that I think Darnold can still be a very good QB, so I believe the best route for them is to build a supporting cast. If Darnold doesn't take a step forward next year then they'll assuredly have another shot at a 1st round QB and theoretically better off in other places.
  7. Jets

    Manning had Marshall Faulk (Hall of Fame), Edgerrin James, Addai, Marvin Harrison (Hall of Fame), Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and a stellar offensive line across the board. The Colts built that team from the ground up and were able to plug in Manning when they drafted him. Oh, and their defenses weren't too shabby either with players like Dwight Freeney.
  8. Jets

    Saints fans endured many, many years of losing before we even had a winning season much less a playoff appearance or playoff win. They were the laughing stock of the NFL yet had a very strong & loyal fan base and I'd say the Jets fanbase is probably just as loyal. That said, if I knew the Saints were purposely losing games then I'd be gone. You don't lose to "win." That creates a culture that is very difficult to dig yourself out of.
  9. Jets

    Marketing, merchandising and filling the stands only goes so far if you're not winning games. You're putting all your eggs in one basket and history says you're just as likely to have a bust as you are a generational player. Again, this isn't about whether or not Lawrence will be the type of player you're referring to, it's about building a team that is set up for long term success with or without a Peyton Manning.
  10. I haven't had much to say on how the NFL is penalizing teams for Covid violations. Although I thought it was BS that the Saints got fined for mask violations during a game when it didn't really look like they were doing anything more than the majority of the NFL. Still, they were guilty & took their fine. The second penalty for the Saints locker room celebration was incremental & understood. I was really confused by the situation with the Broncos and felt sorry that they were forced to play without a QB and also wondered why they were never penalized, though playing without a QB is penalty enough & arguably worse. That said, this latest Ravens - Steelers situation really has me scratching my head. The Ravens were just fined $250k for their first mask violation. Fine, that makes total sense because that's what the Saints were penalized for their first one.. But the Steelers have yet to be penalized at all and Tomlin is saying that they would keep any discipline "in house." Last I checked, that's not the way it works, at least not for some of the teams. What's worse is that this isn't the first time the Steelers have had this type of celebration this season. One week before the Saints got popped for their locker room celebration the Steelers posted one of their own on Youtube and no one said a thing. As always, I get the fines & penalties most of the time. I just want them to be consistent with everyone.
  11. Jets

    There have been quite a few Saints fans saying that they'd like to see him come to New Orleans & I would as well.
  12. Jets

    Completely agree. I think it's much more likely that a bad team will spoil a good QB than a good QB raise up a bad team or poor coaching. I think it's just too tall an order to ask of any one player.
  13. Jets

    If they go with the 5th year option it won't cost them that much for one more year and then they can go after another QB in the 2022 draft.