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  1. The Project Thread

    Will do, thanks!. It may not be today though. We have company coming over & the Mrs has already told me I have to wait to start back up again. Also, if I can't figure out how to get that side wall drilled out, one of my coworkers said he'll lend me his 90 degree drill joint when I'm back in the office Wednesday . I think, though that I'll be able to reach it with a spade bit and an extension from that right side cabinet, which is where the outlet is.
  2. The Project Thread

    Almost ready to mount. Just have to drill the holes for the power cord. You can see where the old cord went through, the new one is about 6" in from that.
  3. The Project Thread

    Up until the last part of the 4th quarter of the Bills-Chiefs game last night, I haven't watched a minute of football since the Saints last game. I wouldn't have even watched last night except the Mrs was flipping through channels and asked me if I wanted to watch it. So, it was on while I was working and then I stopped working long enough to watch the flurry of touchdowns before OT. I was cleaning up when KC was driving for the win, so I didn't really see that either.
  4. The Project Thread

    Nothing ever is a simple, quick job... I picked up our new microwave Sunday morning from Best Buy and brought it home. I'd already removed the old microwave to work on it, so no problem there, but the old mounting bracket was still attached to the back side of the wall and needed to be removed still. Now, the way my microwave is attached is slightly different than normal. Typically, you're attaching to an existing wall and cabinets overhead. However, since my oven & microwave are basically on a peninsula that separates my kitchen & living room, all there is there is a box overhead that the cabinets are attached to and a faux half-wall that consists of a sheet of plywood with a drywall facade. When I installed the last microwave, wanting to make certain it was secure, I bolted the bracket through the plywood and just covered the locknuts on the other side with the drywall. I'm sure at the time I thought, well, how many times in my lifetime am I going to have to take the thing down? After much unscrewing, prying, cursing and finally getting the dremmel tool out and going through almost every cutting and grinding tool tip I had left I was finally able to cut the screw heads off and remove the bracket. I then cut the remaining screw studs so the would be flush and there they will stay until someone when I'm long gone decides they want to remodel. I figure I'll give someone a good laugh. Step two is to take the, basically, newspaper template and tape it up to show where the new bracket will install. So, I lay the template on the wall and the damn sheet of plywood it's supposed to attach to doesn't go far enough down for the template to screw into. After some more cursing and a bit of thinking I went to the home store and got some flat brackets. I bolted the flat brackets to the mounting bracket and was able to screw the flat brackets to the plywood. The last step in mounting is preparing the overhead for the cord to run through and the top mounting bolts to attach. Of course nothing lines up with the old holes, so again, I'm trying to stick a paper template into the overhead to get everything lined up. Which isn't very easy because I've got to reach over the counter on a step stool and can't put too much weight on the glass range top. What I ended up doing was cutting the side of the cardboard box out and squaring up the template to that. Made it much easier. I then use my farming square and measure out all the holes from the template and mark with a pencil. Then I place the template attached to the cardboard and use a tack pushed through the cardboard to double-check my measurements and everything is spot on, but I notice another issue. The cabinet over head is just a 6" high row of several slide-out boxes. It's really just there as a decorative piece because it's too high up to store anything in without having to get on a step stool and pull the box all the way out. I also had to modify the furthest out drawer so that the microwave cord could run through. Well, the issue now is that the cord comes through at the next 6" square box over. That's fine for drilling out the hole for the new cord to go up into, but now I have to figure out how to drill a hole in the board that separates the two boxes so that I can fish the new cord through to the outlet. By that time it's already getting late and I have to get everything picked up and clean. I'm hoping that I can get this new issue figured out this evening. If so, wish me luck that everything aligns properly and I'm up and running again.
  5. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    Basically, this whole thing boils down to Payton being on vacation and not talking to reporters, which he does every off-season prior to the senior bowl, so reporters say that Payton is not committed to coach the Saints.
  6. Question

    Not every situation is the same & I don't blame you at all. I know another guy who used to be on the boards here who also had his gun stolen from his truck and he invested in a vehicle safe. That may be a good option for your situation as well.
  7. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    What's an offseason without rumors of Payton going to Dallas? These rumors have swirled every single year there's ever been a question about who's coaching Dallas. Seriously, why would Payton want anything to do with Dallas while Jerry Jones is running the show? How could anyone possibly be able to compare 'this is your team to run however you want, for as long as you want' Gayle Bentz and 'whatever you want to do, I'll make it work. You do the football part, I'll do the financial part' Mickey Loomis with 'the buck starts and stops with me' Jerry Jones?
  8. Question

    If you know you're going some place that doesn't allow guns, like a courthouse or a school, then you don't bring your gun. Common sense.
  9. Question

    Same reason the Tailgate started its slide before and some of the same people involved. No surprise at all to me.
  10. 1st lesson: Real guns are nothing at all like Call of Duty. Make certain he knows the difference.
  11. Raiders fire GM Mayock

    I could see Carr as a viable option for New Orleans.
  12. 49ers vs. Cowboys

    Have you ever been to a game in New Orleans or know someone who has? I'd wager there are very few, if any, more welcoming cities to opposing fans than New Orleans. And the video you posted were Falcons fans acting an ass in New Orleans, not the other way around and not to mention it was a shouting match rather than a brawl. Philly, on the other hand, is absolutely notorious for its manurety fans.
  13. 49ers vs. Cowboys

    Typical Foulcan fans. He's a big man getting in a womans face and acting like he's going to take a swing, then shouting racial slurs at her from across the aisle. Security should have sent them packing.
  14. 49ers vs. Cowboys

    Kinda like this?