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  1. What team had more 5,000 yd seasons than any other team?
  2. Don't know the answers to any of those questions. It didn't look good, but who knows. I don't think anyone is cutting him any slack. It was a stupid situation to put himself in, but again, don't know the circumstances that put him there.
  3. Definitely doesn't sound good.
  4. Have you ever bought something from someone on eBay or Craigslist? I'm not saying that's what happened here, just that I'm going to wait until I hear more before I call him an idiot.
  5. I'm withholding judgement for now. It said that he was booked for being in possession or purchasing stolen goods, but he hasn't been formally charged yet. It's certainly not a good look, but he may have just not known it was stolen.
  6. NHL ref caught making bogus calls

    I'm extremely skeptical & would love to see some sort of proof of that, especially proof that outlines the types of penalties & when they are called.
  7. This isn't NFL, but if you think this sort of thing doesn't happen in other leagues as well then you may want to get your rose colored glasses checked. What's worse is that he was talking with another person about it openly during the game as if it were coordinated. So who was the other person? https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/31127110/referee-tim-peel-banned-hot-mic-call-nashville-predators-penalty
  8. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    And Mooney as well.
  9. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    Funny, I watched this movie a few days ago and it reminded me of this. Nagy: [at a team meeting] Can I have your attention, please? I have something I think you all ought to know about. It seems that Mr Pace doesn't think too highly of our worth. He put this team together because he thought we'd be bad enough to finish dead last, knocking attendance down to the point where he could move the team to London... and get rid of all of us for better personnel. Andy: Even me? Nagy: Even you, Dalton. Tarik: What if we DON'T finish last? Nagy: He'll REPLACE you with somebody who WILL. After this season, you'll be sent back to the Canadian League or given your outright release.
  10. The deal with Winston gives them a lot of options. Winston could easily be traded in a deal for another QB or the Saints could still draft one. They've got an extra third this year and will likely get another compensatory pick next year for losing Hendrickson to the Bengals, so that gives them a lot of flexibility to move around in the draft. Personally I'm not a fan of either as a long term QB, but I do think Winston can have better success with the Saints than he did with Tampa.
  11. Holy manure! You and Steve actually agree on something?
  12. Or they thought with Hill having more time and experience in the offense that he gave them a better chance. They weren't wrong in either case. That doesn't mean they don't think Winston can be a starter next year. Just that they thought Hill was more ready last year, just like they thought Bridegwater was more ready the year before.
  13. Eagles have none, Saints have two. I'll take option B.
  14. Saints restructure deal with Michael Thomas

    Mac would never see the field unless he was killing it off the field. It world be Taysom and/or another veteran QB and only if Brees was injured again. Payton is not the kind of coach to throw a rookie to the wolves.
  15. Saints restructure deal with Michael Thomas

    Honestly I don't know. It's going to be really tough to sign Winston to a long term deal financially. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they let Winston walk, bring back Drew for one more year with Taysom as his backup and draft someone like Mac Jones. In fact, I would prefer that as long as the issues Drew had last season were mainly due to his injuries.