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  1. lol Juwan James - Denver OL

    Laugh out loud, he tore his Achilles. Hilarious....
  2. Rank Your Teams Draft

    I believe they tried and couldn't find any takers. Word was they tried multiple trades and no one was biting. On Turner, I think it depends on who you ask. There were some that had him as a late riser. Honestly, I didn't know anything about him, but after reading some of the stuff that was posted on the Saints board I was more comfortable with the pick. As I said, the Aints have had a pretty good track record there and they've done a good job coaching these guys into starters and role players. From what I've read, Turner was miscast as a DT initially, which is why his production is let than your expect. But his measurables tick all the right boxes as a DE.
  3. Rank Your Teams Draft

    Sorry, yes, Dlineman.
  4. Rank Your Teams Draft

    Who was better value? A lot of Saints fans were upset because they didn't take JOK, but now it comes out that he has a heart condition. In fact JOK nearly made it to their next pick. I like the pick because he's not expected to start right away and given the Saints track record on selecting and developing OLinemen I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think that within the years, that better value will hand played out and Turner will be considered a good selection there.
  5. Rank Your Teams Draft

    I don't see Book setting the field this year barring injury. If Winston falters, Taysom will be the guy to step in and Payton will give them both a long leash.
  6. NOS receivers?

    That might be a little more ambitious than I'm expecting, but I could see him breaking top 15. I think that he's capable, it's jist hard to say that he will be that consistent with Thomas and Kamara around. Again, my mind might change before the start of the season, but right now I see him slightly outperforming Cook's numbers last season by maybe a couple of positions.
  7. NOS receivers?

  8. NOS receivers?

    That's my thinking on Trautman. I doubt he comes off the field much, even on obvious running plays. Yeah, my daughter isn't into any sports of any kind whatsoever. Any time we even talked about going to games ask we'd get was a groan. I doubt she even heard of the guy TBH. 😅
  9. NOS receivers?

    The issue I have with him is that as big and fast as he is, he really doesn't get much separation. He can get over the top and Winston should be able to get it out in front of him, but he just doesn't seem to have much in his arsenal to get defenders off of him and doesn't run the sharpest routes. He's also not a monster at catching balls in traffic like Thomas is. Last year, with Thomas out most of the season, really should have been his time to step up but he wasn't able to do that. I'll give him a bit of a pass because Drew was injured or out most of the season so it may have been difficult to build a rapport, but he's really had ample opportunity and my gut tells me he's already at his ceiling whereas Callaway appears to be just scratching the surface.
  10. NOS receivers?

    Because I think they are confident in the guys they already have. At tight end they brought in Nick Vannett who basically takes over the blocking role that Josh Hill played and also is a capable receiver as was Hill. Also, they nabbed a really nice UDFA blocking TE with Dylan Soehner. Trautman, however, will clearly take on the pass-catching duties and is still a very capable blocker as well. I'm not going to claim breakout at this point, but I do think he will make a splash. Maybe after training camp I can say, yeah, this guy is going to blow up, but I'm guarded right now on his much Payton will open up the passing game from the start. Assuming Winston will be the starter, there's already Taysom there as well who can play as an H-back. At wide receiver, I'm pretty much all-in on Callaway. He's got all the tools to be a WR1 IMO and I think he gets the opportunity this year. Dionte Harris is still there and still will make some sparks, but he's going to be more inconsistent and I think TQS will solidly back up Thomas and rotate some with Callaway. I also like what I've read of the rookie and a bit embarrassed to say I didn't really know much about him before since he went to the same school as my daughter.
  11. NOS receivers?

    I think Callaway will take a big leap and Trautman will have an impact as well. I'm still not high on TQS, but Winston's deep ball may change that.
  12. Rank Your Teams Draft

    I agree that he'll continue to be a great fantasy QB, but I seriously question where he will get them past the playoff hump.
  13. Rank Your Teams Draft

    I would agree with that grade. The Saints are in a good position where they didn't lose a whole lot in the off-season and can afford to bring most of these guys along slowly. This is again one of those drafts that don't appear to have much pop on the surface, but really can't be judged until a few years down the road.
  14. IIRC, it had much more to do with the circumstances than his drinking.
  15. Patriots cut Edelman, announced retirement.

    Edleman shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Rice & I'm not the biggest Rice fan. I'd put Ellard in the HoF before I put Edelman and he probably won't get in at all.