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  1. OG Check-In

    You'll never convince me that wasn't an alias. Dude was like Beetlejuice. Any time you said his name he'd show up. How about mushywankers?

    Politics are not allowed on this board
  3. OG Check-In

    Wow, RIP
  4. OG Check-In

    Yeah, I know a few people still have that pic. I thought Grunge went through a couple of name changes as well. That's why I thought it was maybe him. All that was well before I really started diving into the boards.
  5. OG Check-In

    That was some of the best stuff around. He went by ratsass on the boards.
  6. OG Check-In

    Didn't Purple Rain change names? Was that supercuts?
  7. Dynasty Holds for 2021

    Two TEs I have are Okwuegbunam and Foster Moreau. Okwuegbunam is a more talented receiver than Fant and started to come on before he got hurt. Could be looking at another Mark Andrews to Hayden Hurst. Moreau was drafted to be Darren Waller before Darren Waller showed up. I drafted both these guys as rookies and they're sitting on my taxi squad, but they both are capable being break out players.
  8. Dynasty Holds for 2021

    Half the names on that list were 1st round rookie picks this year. I don't see how they wouldn't be rostered. Dobbins was 1.3, Jeudy 1.4, Swift 1.6 and I took Mims1.15. Pittman went early 2nd round, Dillon late 2nd, Moss mid 3rd and that's including a lot of IDP players sprinkled in. I just don't see how any of those guys should be available in dynasty. The two guys I was able to grab and hold were Mooney and Callaway. Another i tried to grab but got outbid was Tim Patrick. None were on anyone's radar though most of the season and all have had spotty production through the season and might be available. But if you're in a 16 team league I doubt it. If you're in a 16 team you're rostering guys like Adam Humphries and Jakeem Grant and praying you don't have to start them or you strike gold.
  9. Dynasty Holds for 2021

    In a dynasty league I would think every one of them is already rostered unless maybe it's a12 team.
  10. In his mind I'm certain that he knows that he doesn't have a real shot at the NFL, certainly not at QB since he was never even brought in to be a QB in the first place. In his mind he got a chance to get on an NFL field, get a real NFL game jersey with his name on it & a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Oh & they paid him $36k to do it, which is probably at least half of what he'd make in a year working a sales job & right before Christmas time too. I would be willing to bet anyone who's ever had aspirations, including you or me, would jump at the chance to "embarrass" themselves the way he did.
  11. Judging by his interview he wasn't embarrassed at all, nor should he be.
  12. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Sean Alexander and Larry Johnson were big ones for me. Fred Taylor won me my first championship, but Priest Holmes was probably the best I've had.
  13. OG Check-In

    Someone has their britches bunched again. Hell, BC can call anyone he damn well pleases in here a newbie.