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  1. Looking back: Mel Kiper's top 10 rated QB's ever

    How difficult is it really to pick John Elway, Peyton Manning and Trevor Lawrence? I'm not impressed with the guy who hits on the top picks.
  2. Saints release Jared Cook and Josh Hill

    Prior to the concussion in 2019 he was looking like the player the Saints wanted. After that it seems he was never the same.
  3. Players you are targeting next year

    No way Brown goes too low. Still kicking myself for not drafting him when I had the chance. Sell high on Gronk if you can find anyone willing to bite. Gibson is a possibility, he's shown the talent, but I'm not confident with the team he's stuck on.
  4. I have my thoughts as to why, but I think the biggest factors were it was a boring match-up (yay, Brady again) and regardless of whether anyone wanted to admit it or not, they knew how the outcome would turn out. I'm really curious as to what the ratings difference was from the start of the game to the second half. I know I quit watching just before the half to go take a shower. I left it on so the wife could watch the halftime show and then switched the channel after that. I imagine a lot of other people that started watching ended up turning it off as well. Super Bowl viewership drops sharply from last year - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)
  5. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    Wouldn't surprise me if it weren't a mistake. We've got a few that completely lack any sense of tact or self-awareness.
  6. Incredible Brady Stats

    Got this from another forum: From 2009 to 2019 The Pats offense got 94 holding, 111 pass interference and 35 illegal contact calls for a total of 240, the most in the NFL during that span. Patriots this year got a total of 9 calls & Tampa was #1 with 6, 27 & 1 for a total of 34. By far, tops in the league. By comparison during that same span, the Saints have gotten 53/65/15 for 133, dead last in the NFL. And this apparently from a Chiefs forum: Buccaneers were the beneficiary of 27 PI calls this 2020 season, Kansas City received 4. No other team had more than 19 (Miami/Pittsburgh) and 28 teams had less than 15. Buccaneers were the beneficiary of 12 PI last year with Winston throwing for over 5000 yards... Brady's Bucs received 15 more PI calls than the same team did last season...and set an NFL record. Brady had 12 more PI calls than 28 other teams....16 more than 21 teams. He was essentially getting twice the PI calls of nearly every other franchise...and 7 times the amount as Mahomes. 25 teams had 11 or less... Chiefs were called for 2 PIs in one quarter of the SB...they only had their opponents flagged 4 times all year.
  7. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    Don't know why, can't make an argument for it, but I get the feeling that he's going to be a major disappointment in the NFL. Maybe it's through mostly no fault of his own, such as poorly managed team, poor supporting cast, poor coaching or injuries or maybe it's all him & how he transitions. Or maybe I just don't care for the name "Trevor."
  8. RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    "Marty Schottenheimer, Who's Teams Wilted in the Post-Season, Dies at 77" Truly one of the most unclassy things I've ever seen from a news headline
  9. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    I loved the one where all the refs are trying to tackle him & then throw flags when they can't
  10. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    Tampa doesn't really have that strong of a fan base. They're almost as bad as Atlanta & Jacksonville in being able to fill their stadium. And, and as great as he is, I really think people are tired of seeing Tom Brady win championships. As for the politics and social justice stuff, that's kinda what I think is an underlying issue. I just think that things like this are really starting to turn people off from the NFL. It's not necessarily that they don't support or agree with the causes, just that they (we) are really getting sick & tired of feeling like we're being preached to all the time. That, along with the poor officiating that everyone knows is going to happen & did. Blaming it on the pandemic doesn't really make sense to me though, because it seems like you would have more people staying home to watch rather than going to bars or big gatherings, ie. more TVs with the game on. Maybe you're right too about cord-cutters. Of what I watched, I watched over the air broadcast. Maybe that is having a much bigger impact on viewership numbers.
  11. RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    Wow, no words...
  12. NFL salary cap might drop to $180 million in 2021

    I was adjusting & didn't follow thru.
  13. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Because I hadn't cared enough or paid enough attention to look up who was doing the halftime show and I saw an advertisement they had of the show and all the advertisement showed was a silhouetted profile of him with sunglasses on. The hair & sunglasses made him look just like Lenny Kravitz. lenny-kravitz.jpg (1765×2048) (essence.com)
  14. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Yeah, yeah... Congratulations & all that other nonsense. BTW, it must be pretty entertaining to be a Bucs fan in Boston right about now. I've got a friend who is a Bucs fan here & his whole family are all Saints fans. Thankfully he's not too over-the-top with rubbing it in.
  15. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    He didn't run into the back of Evans. Evans foot hit him in the leg causing him to fall. He barely even touched Evans as he went down. Being beat & his position had nothing to do with it. It was textbook incidental contact per the NFL rulebook: Breeland barely touched him. It was Evans' foot hitting Breeland that caused him to stumble and lose momentum. a. Contact was made that restricted Evans from getting to the ball & Breeland was not playing the ball. However, the added note specifically states that if there is even a question of incidental contact then the ruling should be no pass interference. b. Breeland was unable to play through the back of Evans c. He did not grab Evans & clearly made no attempt to tackle him to prevent him from getting to the ball d. Nope e. Nope f. Nope g. Breeland did not initiate the contact Seems pretty clearly to be textbook incidental contact.
  16. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I agree with this completely.
  17. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    This is ridiculous. The trip was incidental contact that neither player was at fault for. This happens all the time and is NOT pass interference. When two players get their legs tangled together in any fashion, unless one player intentionally trips the other, it's NOT pass interference. It isn't up to the DB to make sure his legs aren't in the way of the receiver's legs. As for falling "on top" of Evans, you have to be kidding me...
  18. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I think that you can't be bothered to do a simple web search.
  19. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Obviously a lot of people who are supposed to be professionals saw something going on that you seem to be blind to.
  20. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Pass interference on Mike Evans: Evans' left foot trips Breeland and he begins to fall grazing Evans' hip and foot. Evans, as a result of the trip, loses momentum, but not balance. Is that technically a penalty on Breeland for touching Evans as he went down? I guess, though I've never seen one that weak called and certainly not in a playoff game. I've certainly seen MUCH, MUCH worse not called. Did Breeland cause Evans to drop the way he did? I highly doubt it. Was the ball even catchable? I highly doubt it, especially not after Evans lost his momentum, which wasn't caused by Breeland. This play should have been looked at closer and the flag should have been picked up.
  21. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    You didn't quote the entire sentence for a reason. This IS a game for that argument because clearly there were calls in this game, the most important game of the year, that were not typical of the way games were being called. Go do a search online for Superbowl penalties and see how many players, coaches, analysts, former refs, journalists etc are echoing the same thing that I am. This game was called differently and all of those calls directly had an influence on the first three touchdowns of the game, putting KC down 21-3 at the half. Did KC play flat? Did KC drop passes? Did Tampa play better & capitalize on the opportunities that they were given by KC's poor play? All yes. Was Tampa afforded opportunities that KC was not? Yeah, I think so. So, when one team is given opportunities that the other is theoretically not. It makes it a heck of a lot harder to pull yourself out of a slump and regardless of what team is better, it affects the course of the game. The end results may have been no different, but at least it may have been a more competitive game.
  22. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I didn't watch enough of the game to know, that's why I'm asking. Was the game called the same way for both teams? I know I saw one play where the LB got there early on Kelce, but he still made the catch. I know that it certainly hasn't been called that way leading up to the Superbowl and that undoubtedly benefited Tampa. So why was this game called differently? In the first half alone, the Chiefs set a Superbowl record with 8 penalties for 95 yards. That's understandable if the refs are calling a tight game since they're well over the average on penalties for the year, ranking 4th in the league. However, Tampa isn't typically clean in that area either as they rank 6th in the league in penalties, yet had only one penalty in the entire first half for 5 yards. Did Tampa really play that cleanly beyond what is typical for them? I can say this, from what I saw KC came out completely flat & weren't playing well at all on offense. But in the games I have watched, they seem to do that sometimes from the start and then begin to pick it up as the game goes along. But on defense they seemed to be holding their own at first until the penalties started killing them very late into the 1st & throughout the 2nd quarter. Tampa beat them, outplayed them in every aspect & there should be no excuses for that. However, you can't deny that the penalties in the first half had a huge impact on the game & not from just a scoreboard standpoint but, more importantly, a demoralizing & momentum killing one. Imagine playing a certain way for the entire season all the way through the playoffs & then in the biggest game suddenly not being allowed to do the things that helped get you there in the first place? Going in there seems to be a standard set & not just for one team, but both and then suddenly that standard has changed only KC apparently didn't get the memo. OR, maybe KC just didn't do their due diligence on the officiating crew. The best example I can think of on different standards is the Legion of Boom defenses of Seattle. Had they not been allowed to play so aggressively with their DBs it's very possible they would have never won a Superbowl. The standard they played with throughout those years was pretty much the same and continued through to the Superbowl. But what if you changed that standard for the Superbowl or held Seattle to a different standard than their opponent? That's the questions I'm asking & I think they absolutely should be asked. Are teams being treated fairly across the league or are some teams and players receiving preferential treatment by the league and/or officiators? I feel like it's the latter and I think that certain evidence has shown very good examples of that possibility, at least enough to strongly question it. Not just from an officiating standpoint, but from a league office standpoint as well. Even if a team is outplayed on the field like KC was, if one team is getting a leg up then that can have a very real impact on the game by either evening the playing field or solidifying an outcome.
  23. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I don't think you quite understand. It's not just about what IS called and whether or not it's a valid call. The question is, is that something that is being regularly called during the playoffs? The answer is absolutely no. The other question is, is it being called evenly for both teams and from what I saw in the first half, again I would say no.
  24. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Yeah, I thought it was gonna be Lenny Kravitz. I don't even know who this hack is.. 🤣 Edit: Now the wife is irritated with me because she's a big LK fan. 😒
  25. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Even Boomer Esiason agreed with me just after the half. Refs are too involved in the game and making calls that all have led to Tampa touchdowns.