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  1. One song

    Been quite a while since I've listened to their stuff.
  2. One song

    Since it's Christmas time. The greatest Christmas song of all time:
  3. Facebook Commercials

    Yeah, I use Facebook. I have a LOT of family and friends that are scattered about the country and some who are also overseas. Even many who are close by that I can't see often enough to stay in touch. Even my mom, brothers and their families live over 4,000 miles away, so, yeah, I actually like seeing what interesting things they and their families are doing and like staying involved in their lives even though we are often literally worlds apart. Facebook made that much easier. It's too bad it's turned to manure just like every other social media platform.
  4. Facebook Commercials

    Anybody else want to vomit every time they see one of these? Is anybody really buying what they are trying to sell? If anything they make me trust them even less if that was at all possible.
  5. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    It's dumb because leagues shouldn't have playoffs while teams are on bye. That's FF league management 101. I'm sure some leagues didn't think of it. It's because they're dumb.
  6. December 7th, 1941

    A day that should never be forgotten nor diminished.
  7. It seems like every time I go to the store there's something that they are just completely out of and sometimes shockingly so. It's getting more common to see whole sections of shelves empty. Last time I went to pick up stuff for sloppy joes and fries and Walmart was completely out of sloppy joe seasoning and the only frozen bags of fries they had were the giant-sized bag of Ore Ida steak fries, a couple regular bags of their "fast food" fries and a few of the specialty fries like Red Robin and TGI Friday's. I can almost guarantee that with a list of 10 items or more that I'll either have to buy some off brand I've never heard of before or have to go to another store to find what I'm looking for. I know, first world problems and all, but I'm wondering if this also has become the new norm and concerned that it will get way worse before it gets better. My daughter sold tubs of cookie dough for a fundraiser and the company selling the dough could only send part of the order. The rest is supposed to come next week with exception to the peanut butter cookies because they couldn't get any peanut butter and had no estimate on when they would get any, so they are substituting for chocolate chip.
  8. Supply issues you've experienced

    Stocking up or hoarding is only going to make things worse. We're just going to have to get used to things not being readily available for a while. I mean, what exactly are you going to stock up on anyway? What turns up unavailable is just so random.
  9. Supply issues you've experienced

    The damage was done when most of the world governments shut down. It was exacerbated with stimulus checks, mass layoffs and extended/supplemental unemployment. Many people who left the work force are taking early retirements or just not going back to work. Employers have been forced to cut back staff in order to manage covid restrictions and manufacturers, warehouses and shipping companies just can't keep up with the demand and backlog. The solution was to find better ways to manage covid rather than mass shutdowns and after the shutdowns it was to incentivize getting people back to work rather than give them monetary excuses not to. That was a very unpopular opinion a year ago, but now people are starting to see why shutting the economy down is such a bad thing. https://www.businessinsider.com/why-store-shelves-are-empty-supply-chain-crisis-shortages-2021-10?op=1
  10. Supply issues you've experienced

    I was talking about this with a coworker of mine and since his family is rather large with all young ones, they almost exclusively order for pickup. He was saying that he went to the store last week and was surprised to see so many empty spaces on the shelves.
  11. Supply issues you've experienced

    Hmm, not sure why this posted twice.
  12. That sinking feeling

    "The 1.7" Locked forever in mediocrity. Good enough to have a shot at sneaking into the playoffs, but not good enough to actually have a shot at winning. You're fodder for the chumps who couldn't manage a bye or, at best, an easy win in the 2nd round while other teams no longer in the playoffs bitch about how they could have done better.
  13. Week 13 Milk Carton

  14. Weak 13 Chat

    Not that it changes anything, but it's nice to see others more mainstream finally taking notice.
  15. Weak 13 Chat

    With as bad a shape as the Saints offensive line is in right now, missing both starting tackles and a starting guard/tackle vs Micah Parsons & Demarcus Lawrence, I'm not really sure why anyone expected Ingram to have a good game.
  16. Weak 13 Chat

    Apparently Hill has a torn tendon in his finger. *sigh*
  17. Weak 13 Chat

    Hard to say Seimien would have done much better. Decimated Oline, no AK and no MT have pretty much decided the Saints season. Still, finger or no finger, those were some pretty terrible picks by Hill. He has no touch on the ball whatsoever. Everything he throws is a dart throw. That's ok for most throws, but when you've got to fit it in over a defender, not so much.
  18. Weak 13 Chat

    Replay shows Granderson was shoved in the back to spring that play. Would have been a 5 yd loss. No flag.
  19. Weak 13 Chat

    Totally bullmanure call, typical of just about every game I've watched this year.
  20. Players You’re Disgusted With

    No doubt. Every year it seem he plays like beast and then falls off a cliff. Unfortunately, I think the problem is much more than Williams. For me though it's been Miles Sanders (again mostly not his fault) and DK Metcalf. I own all three of them in one league.
  21. In my experience that's true, but it's not exclusive to liberals.
  22. I haven't really seen a lot of people talking about this, but it seems like a huge invasion of privacy for banks to report anything over $600 to the IRS. Where did they come up with that number and how does it relate to the "rich" trying to hide money? Since when does making a transaction of $600 or more make you "rich?" That would pretty much include every single American that even holds a job. Somebody help me understand this without getting too deep into the political weeds. I've also read two different things. One says any transaction over $600 and another says any account that holds over $600. That just seems very, very bad to me in a lot of ways. IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt (yahoo.com)
  23. Ingram not playing tonight

    Saints are missing 14 starters this week. I seriously doubt Latavius Murray would be doing much better. It's not like he's lighting up the world anyway and on a much better team.
  24. Week 12 Chat

    He's injured. Only active as an emergency QB.
  25. Happy Thanksgiving Huddlers!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well and wish you well @heehawks.