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  1. Your inbox is full! :-)

  2. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    keep trying every few days - complain nicely - high cost - may have to cancel - I'm a good customer yada yada. Keep trying every few days until you get a representative that will help you out and make sure you are calling the customer retention line. If you can you can even threaten to go to Dish because of the high cost etc. Always be polite and don't bash them and good luck!
  3. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    Customer Retention 1-800-824-9081 is their direct number.
  4. IDP sleepers

    great choice - I've managed to either draft him or pick him up in most of my leagues. He had a great write-up in Coyles draftguide and seemed like a great late round sleeper pick.
  5. IDP sleepers

    I hope you are right about all these guys as I have everyone of them on at least one of my leagues Would love to see Kevin Williams do something. I still have a 2 yr contract on him and he hasn't done anything much lately.
  6. Current ADP - TEs

    With all the quarterback controversy in JAX - I'm not so sure Mercedes Lewis will climb up any farther than he is. as someone who owns him in a few leagues.
  7. Chris Henry possibly in trouble...AGAIN

    Doesn't it seem just a little strange that in the last week O Thurman was accused of something and everything got dropped and now Chris Henry. Could it be that people are trying to set-up these players for blackmail type situation? They cry wolf and then for a price - everything falls apart? I know these men are idiots in the first place to get into the situation they are - but the timing and the same sort of outcome is a little strange.
  8. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    I got the early bird at $229.00 for the year and SF for free (had to talk to customer retention to get it free) Last year I got SF at 1/2 price so I was happy to get it free. I am a game addict and have Hi Def so its worth it to me to have the SF - the only way to get most of the games in high def. Superfan is normally 99.00.
  9. Odell, say it ain't so!

    yes but there is talk out there - no link - just speculation that he paid them off. If thats the case - it won't be long and he'll be back in trouble again.
  10. IDP sleepers

    Not really too much of a sleeper but Freddie Keiaho - IND WLB - the job is his to lose - the kid has talent and look what that position did for Cato June - who isn't near as talented as Keiaho IMHO. Mark Anderson - I think if Chicago trades Alex Brown - Anderson starts full time. His stats will go up even higher. Again not really a sleeper but Roman Harper NOS safety. A lot of people might have forgotten about him after his knee was injuried last year. Latest is he is in fine shape and working out with the team - he started off really well last season - stats should be even better this season.
  11. Viking Linebacker Update

    Source: Associated Press, Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway is fully recovered from a torn ACL injury which was sustained during the 2006 preseason. He is currently listed as the team's starting weakside linebacker. "No real residual effects, it seems, from that surgery," defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said. "These first two days, he's been moving very well. Yesterday I talked to him after practice, there was no soreness, no pain. He feels real good. Hopefully we can continue to see that type of positive work throughout. But so far, so good." the latest - sounds good for Greenway owners - if he can keep the momentum going
  12. Saints D updates

    Nice job thanks!
  13. From FFMastermind Greenway Feeling No Pain; Installed as Starter AP reports there is no brace on Minnesota Vikings LB Chad Greenway's left knee. He has no pain in the surgically repaired joint and no limp left over from the months of rehab after tearing the ACL in his knee in the first game of last year's preseason. In fact, as Greenway donned his helmet and practice jersey for the Vikings "organized team activities" this week, there are no signs he missed his entire rookie season. Greenway is back on the field with his teammates, hoping to put behind a depressing and frustrating first season in the NFL. "It's great to be back out here just running around and playing again," Greenway said Wednesday. "These first two (days) have really actually been pretty good considering I've been out for eight months." The Vikings are so confident that Greenway is fully recovered from an injury that has ended many a career that they have already put him in the starting lineup on the strong side. The linebacking corps also includes LB E.J. Henderson in the middle and LB Ben Leber on the weak side. I do believe that it was a misprint that Ben Leber is on the weakside. He is much more physically suited to play SAM and Greenway was drafted to be the WIL This seems to back-up my opinion: Minneapolis Star-Tribune 5-22-07 Linebacker Chad Greenway, whose rookie season came to an end after one preseason game in 2006, worked with the first team at weak-side linebacker. E.J. Henderson has moved to the middle and Ben Leber remains on the strong side.
  14. Packers After LJ?

  15. Packers After LJ?

    Actually I don't. I just like what I see about Turner and think he would fit well in Green Bay - better than LJ. Turner is younger and has less wear and tear than LJ.