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  1. ROUND 3 WRs

    It's spelled Colston, and the answer is no one. Guys who come from nowhere and put up top 10 numbers are very few and far between, as in once about every 5-10 years...
  2. Rookie RBs in a dynasty

    You misunderstood. Obviously I'm not counting on these guys for this season. It's a dynasty. I'm talking next year/year after potential. Irons went 2 picks before mine...
  3. Rookie RBs in a dynasty

    We had our fourth dynasty rookie draft this past Saturday. And for the first time ever, I went all RB, then picked up a few in FA. I got Peterson with the first pick, but don't need an opinion there. Here are the guys I'm talking about: 2.04: Antonio Pittman, New Orleans 3.10: Dwayne Wright, Buffalo FA: Kolby Smith, Kansas City FA: Ahmad Bradshaw, NY Giants Any info, opinions, predictions are greatly appreciated! I may have to cut one of these guys before the season as well...
  4. Lee Evans?

    I'll take Roy 10 times out of 10. And I did.
  5. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    One of the keys to success for great runners, is being able to elude LBs and then punish DBs. You run around the first wave and run over the second. I don't think AD will have a problem in this area.
  6. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    Not 6'2? Oh really? Here are the measurements from their respective final college seasons: Full Name: Adrian Peterson Born: March 21, 1985 Hometown: Palestine, TX Height: 6-2 Weight: 218 lbs. Age: 22 Pos: RB Class: Junior And Caddy: Full Name: Carnell Williams Born: April 21, 1982 Hometown: Attalla, AL Height: 5-11 Weight: 204 lbs. Age: 23 Pos: RB Class: Senior When AP is in his third year he'll be 225 easy. That's about the same as LJ. Wait is LJ powerful? And for the second time, I'm not comparing him to Smith and Sanders. I'm comparing the playing surfaces, which are very similar. How about Robert Smith's playing surface? Will that help?
  7. Edgerrin James

    Edge is fine and still in his prime. The questions are with his Oline. I happen to think they will dramatically improve under the new staff, which is why I chose to keep him...
  8. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    I'm not comparing him to anyone. Are you literate? Sanders and Smith played their entire careers on turf with very little in the way of injuires. So turf has little to do with anything... Caddy was 5'11 205 coming out of college. Peterson is 6'2 220. HUGH difference.
  9. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    Comparing Peterson to Williams is laughable. They play nothing alike. AD is fast, Caddy is not. AD is big, Caddy is small. AD has great vision, Caddy has limited vision. AD plays behind one of the top Olines in the league, Caddy behind one of the worst. AD was a beast in college, Caddy was slightly above average... Also, playing on turf is the recipe for blowing past defenders not injuries. Emmit and Barry did pretty well on turf... A broken clavicle makes you brittle? Bad choice of words...
  10. Time to move Brandon Marshall further down your list...

    Exactly my point. No "strain" is that serious that you can't participate...
  11. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    "Beat it skank!" My new favorite quote!
  12. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    That argument makes no sense. Who you play in the reg has no influence on who you play in the post. It's all about who wins. If that was the case, then someone from the NFC North would be in the SB every year. That division has been unbelievably weak for 10 years...
  13. Time to move Brandon Marshall further down your list...

    LOL little did you know you were conversing with an aspiring Doctor of Physical Therapy with an Athletic Training degree. And it's just my opinion, having seen many muscle "strains", treated them, and experienced them myself. Take from it what you will...
  14. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    Sure. But no more than any other full-time RB. They could all go down at any time. He's worth it.
  15. I think it was scheduled (as a last resort to attempt to return to play) last season. Maybe he decided against it (retirement)...