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Found 23 results

  1. Dynasty trade advice

    Right now I have a trade someone is trying to send me. He send me Zek and Shenault. I send K. Allen, C. Carson and 2022 2nd. Do yall think is a even trade and which side would you rather have?
  2. 12 team Dynasty League. I have the 2nd overall pick in each round. I am being offered a 2021 1st, 2021 2nd (10th overall pick each round) and 2022 2nd (probably another overall late rounder) for Jonathan Taylor. Am I being too greedy wanting more or is this a win-win trade proposal?
  3. Dak for Cook?

    Dynasty league. I’m in desperate need of QB and have a bit of RB depth. Is trading away Dalvin Cook for Dak a decent idea?
  4. New to dynasty. Startup draft includes rookies. I have 1.10 and guy at 1.02 wants 2022 1st plus multiple 3-6 rounds. I would keep 1.10 and 2.03 is that worth it if I offer 5th and 6th round in startup and 2022 1st for 1.02
  5. First year doing dynasty. I have the 1.10 in vet draft and 1.03 in rookie draft. The guy at 1.04 trying to move down. What’s a good offer to move up 6 spots
  6. First year doing dynasty. I have the 1.10 in vet draft and 1.03 in rookie draft. The guy at 1.04 trying to move down. What’s a good offer to move up 6 spots
  7. First year doing dynasty. I have the 1.10 in vet draft and 1.03 in rookie draft. The guy at 1.04 trying to move down. What’s a good offer to move up 6 spots
  8. Playoff Time/Kamara trade?

    Our playoffs start week 15, I'm looking at a 1st round bye. My roster: Qb: Josh Allen Rbs: Kamara, Chubb, Mostert, Jonathan Taylor, Latavius Murray Wrs: Calvin Ridley, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, Aiyuk, Curtis Samuel Te: Goedert, Kittle (Hoping he comes back by championship Def: Miami I'm honestly trying to get rid of Kamara. Any advice on trying to get value out of Kamara? Start/sit advice? Guy with Tyreek is willing to deal, but he doesn't have much else to package with him for Kamara.
  9. So... Have Dalvin Cook on our team and running back has been an issue pretty much all season (drafted Mark Ingram and Kenyan Drake and Jordan Howard WAY LATE)... Now have: Dalvin Cook; Kenyan Drake, damien Harris and Zach Moss... Question is: Do we drop Zach Moss and pick up Alexander Mattison (someone just dropped him) ---and handcuff to Dalvin ---or stay with how we are??? Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  10. 2WR + 2FLX, pick 4?

    WR Keenan Allen, vs BUF WR Michael Thomas, vs DEN WR AJ Brown, vs IND WR Devante Parker, vs NYJ WR Mike Evans, vs KC WR Michael Pittman, vs TEN RB Kenyan Drake, vs NE
  11. I’m leaning towards Ekeler just because of the upside but I’m fairly certain he’ll be on limited snaps. Should I just stick with Kenyan Drake for the high floor?
  12. So for reference here are my current running back options: KEEP Austin Ekeler, LAC Kenyan Drake, ARI Darrell Henderson, LAR Carlos Hyde, SEA DROP Phillip Lindsay, DEN Zach Moss, BUF
  13. I was offered Michael Thomas for Miles Sanders straight up. I have Alvin Kamara and if I trade Sanders my second running back spot would be kind of weak but I would have Michael Thomas in the flex with Diggs and davante Adams at wide receiver. So basically I’m asking if Michael Thomas will score more non-PPR points on a weekly basis then Sanders Sanders
  14. This is a 10 team Superflex/Devy Dynasty with TE Premium(1.5 PPR) I am tied for last place and the 1st place team really wants Zeke He has offered Taylor/Hockenson/2021 2nd Rd Pick For Zeke I haven't bitten yet because I have Engram and Hurst at TE and I still think Zeke is/can be elite. So I'd really only be upgrading at TE at the cost of Zeke. I don't value the pick very much. We all have 3 devy picks so there are already 30 college players on our rosters. That 2nd RD pick is a real crapshoot as it would also be a late pick. He asked me what it would take and also said Mike Evans is available. Not sure I need another WR though either. My counter is going to be: Zeke/Hurst for Taylor/Evans/Hockenson Current starting lineup if healthy is: QB- D.WATSON RB - ZEKE RB - BARKLEY WR - METCALF WR - CLAYPOOL TE - ENGRAM W/R/T - HURST W/R/T - BOYD W/R/T - PITTMAN/SUTTON W/R/T/Q - BRADY It would look like this next year: QB- D.WATSON RB - TAYLOR RB - BARKLEY WR - METCALF WR - CLAYPOOL TE - ENGRAM W/R/T - HOCKENSON W/R/T - EVANS W/R/T - PITTMAN/BOYD W/R/T/Q - FIELDS Opinions? Stay put or give it a go?
  15. I was offered the Deshaun Watson and Hopkins for a Lamar Jackson an Devante Adams. Thoughts?
  16. 10 teams, 1/2 ppr and standard starting lineups with 9 bench players. My Team: QB: Aaron Rodgers, Tua RB: CMC, Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, Ballage, Gio WR: Hopkins, Metcalf, AJ Brown, Tyler Boyd, Watkins TE: Kelce, Ertz, Hooper, Reed I have two offers on the table from two different teams: First offer: I get Miles Sanders and Allen Robinson for Chris Carson and AJ Brown Second offer: I get Zeke for Kelce I'm on the fringe of making playoffs and I need to win this week and next week (to be safe) to make playoffs. should I take these trades? UPDATE!! Guy just said that he would be willing to do a 2 for 1 for Henry. Kelce and a Receiver for Henry. Who would be a good option? Or should I just tell him that I'll stick with the Kelce for Zeke trade? Thanks for your help!
  17. Trading Edmonds & Bernard for Ekeler. I’m 6-5 and in 4th place. Teams below me are all 5-6 w/ 2 games to go. My team: Tannehill & Tua Mixon, Mostert , Edmonds, Gio, James White Adams, MT, Jefferson, MJJ, Beasley, Reagor Waller, Fant *Only worry is Ekeler & Mostert might not play this week and I’m left with White as my only healthy RB.*
  18. Trade help

    please help I am somewhat of a fantasy novice, and have some how found myself 10-1, in a 10 player league. Given our playoff format (I receive a by 1st playoff week), the next meaningfull game for me is week 15. I am trying to make some trades to solidify my chances of winning the league as I don't believe I have a strong chance of winning the league, (I am ranked 7th on points for, 200 points less than the number 1 ranked team). An opportunity has presented itself as the owner of Christian McCaffrey is just outside the playoff positions and needs to win his next two games. I am thinking of offering him Todd Gurley and Brandon Cooks for CMC, but wondering if I am taking too much of a risk. I have back up at WR for Cooks (Golladay/Aiuyk/Meyers), but nothing really for Gurley at RB2 (Edmonds/Henderson/Montgomery/Bell). FYI - Thomas is my WR1 and Dalvin Cook is my RB1. thanks for any help!
  19. 1 pt. PPR I am offering Michael Thomas and Zeke For Stefon Diggs ( have J. Allen and looking to stack) My other RB's are A. Jones, D. Cook, McKissic, D.Johnson, and Myles Garrett My other WR's are D. Adams, Thielen ,Ridley, and Lamb.
  20. Ekeler and Mckissic or Carson and Swift? Ekeler and Swift both have solid playoff schedules
  21. Auction, keeper league $175 cap, PPR Who do you think is best to acquire for next season as keepers: Option 1: DJ Moore $11, and Deejay Dallas $6 Option 2: Robby Anderson $1, and Marquise Brown $2 Option 3: Ceedee Lamb $13, and Deebo Samuel $15 Option 4: James Robinson $6 Thank you!!!
  22. I’m looking to get Latavius Murray for insurance. I have Kamara. I was offered Murray for Golladay. What do you guys think about Golladay? Is he worth holding onto? my other WRs are D.Adams, Mike Williams, Aiyuk, Diggs. Thoughts
  23. My team: Burrow, Tua Mixon, Mostert, Edmonds, Breida, Bernard Adams, MT, Marvin Jones, Jefferson, Reagor, Beasley Waller, Fant I’m looking for a RB1 plus a WR2/3 for Adams cause Mostert hasn’t been activated off IR. Should I just wait and hold out hope Mixon comes back week 14 & Mostert stays healthy?