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Found 10 results

  1. Killa Man P41 - Why You So Bad? (Draft Day Rmx) https://soundcloud.com/fireradio/killa-man-p41-why-you-so-bad-draft-day-rmx Lyrics (Also found on rapgenius): http://rap.genius.com/Killa-man-p41-why-you-so-bad-draft-day-rmx-lyrics [intro]: Awww yeah it's goin' down This ya boy killa man p41 up in this bitch comin at you with some motha truckin fire ho! Y'all ain't even ready for this season Who's ready to pwn some motha truckin bitches? [Verse 1]: Thee League season three, (Three!) You playaz best not forget about me, (Nah!) Just cuz I currently reside in Cali, (Cali!) Don't mean I can't make draft picks from the valley, (Valley) It's the Killa Man P41 up in this muh trucka AKA Purple Bandz up in this muh trucka 2014. That's my season. Any chance that you'll win? No reason. (Nope!) You can catch me cheesin', as I'm wildin out. (HAAAANN?) Purple BANDZ in this bitch you know what i'm about Cuz I be comin' out with that killa honda, (Killa!) All you bitches need to suck a damn Tebow dick. (Ho!) You can hear me with a lighter flick, burn one quick With a click, watch me take yo motha truckin draft pick. (Bitch!) Did yo honda just lag? Did yo app just crash? Sorry muhtrucka, uninstall cuz you just bad [Chorus]: Why the truck you so bad? Man... Why the truck you so bad? I said, why you so bad ho? Why you so bad ho? Awww man, aw man I just don't understand how you can be so bad When you scavenging the waivers, please don't ask for no favors Unless you got a real deal sittin on the table, noob! [Verse 2]: Sexy Daygo fumblin on his motha truckin' phone He don't even know that he is gonna get pwned By the Killa Man P41, Los Carpachos on the run Hernandez Hitmen can't even find his truckin' guns I will pwn without a pause, this Wolverine ain't got no claws 10 INCHESOFPAIN MANE and you betta get some truckin gauze Cuz I'm sittin here pwnin while i'm truckin boozin And I don't even know, who the truck is Victor Cruzin... Yo team names a playa, so you will end up losin When it comes draft day you'll probly have some problems Yo first round pick will probably be Johnny Manziellin You overdosed on cheese Favre2First gunnin' for Peyton You think you Ookay Witit but you just there pretendin' The motha truckin title don't even need no defendin' It's already mine sitting there for the takin' I can beat yo ass even when I'm wakin bakin' Every sunday mornin I be watchin yo quarterback chokin' As I see my defense get an interception Purple Bandz rackin' points you can have a dosage Gotdamnit Ditka quit playin wit yo sausage [Chorus]: Why the truck you so bad? Man... Why the truck you so bad? I said, why you so bad ho? Why you so bad ho? Awww man, aw man I just don't understand how you can be so bad When you scavenging the waivers, please don't ask for no favors Unless you got a real deal sittin on the table, noob! [Outro]: Yeah yeah yeah 2014 it's goin down.... You just witnessed the Killa Man P41 I'm gonna pwn yo bitch asses this season so watch the truck out. Don't sleep on me fooooo... Yall should just uninstall yo ESPN apps right now. it's the only way. and if you dont well then this is only the beginning.....
  2. 12 Man PPR 2 PlayerKeeper League. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1K, 1D. I can take 2 players @ -2 rds from previous year. Last round if undrafted. I have second pick as well. A. Brown in the 4th round at pick #47 Giovanni Bernard in the 6th round at pick #71 Andre Ellington in the 15th round Josh Gordon in the 7th round at pick #76 I was thinking at 2 I kind of have to take McCoy/Charles leftover from the 1st overall pick, which forces me to take 3 WR/TE in rounds 2-4 if I keep both running backs. Josh Gordon is risky, but if he comes back for playoffs he could be a steal and allow me to get him in the 5th next year. Ellington in the 15th is amazing, but he is relatively unproven. And Brown isn't really that great but I added him here in case anyone thought that was good.
  3. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for weekly winners and this is what I have so far..... Week 1- Highest total points Week 2- Week 3- Week 4- Closest win Week 5- Lowest score to win Week 6- Biggest Blowout (money goes to winner) Week 7- Lowest ranked team (based on record) to win Week 8- Week 9- Lowest total of points Week 10- Highest score to lose Week 11- Closest loss Week 12- Week 13- any suggestions on what to put for the other weeks?
  4. I'm losing in the championship of my league and need some lineup advice ASAP!! Thanks! Who should i start? RB - Chris Ivory, Edwin Baker, Ryan Matthews, Le'Veon Bell WR - DeZ Bryant, Doug Baldwin, Jerrel Jernigan, Danny Amendola (Choose 5 total from the WR and RB) TE - Julius Thomas or Jimmy Graham D/ST - Seahawks (opponent Saint louis), Colts (opponent Jacksonville), Detroit (opponent Vikings) K - Phil Dawson, Mason Crosby, Josh Brown, Nick Novak
  5. Currently my lineup is QB: Stafford HB: Lynch and Charles WR: Andre and J Gord TE: J Thomas Flex: Decker D/st: Cheifs K: Prater Figured starting Decker this week would be good considering Welker will be out, so probably more targets his way. Same with Julius Thomas. Other Flex options: Desean Jackson, Chris Johnson, Fred Jackson, Jordy Nelson, and Jason Witten. DJax might be a good play too against Minny. CJ has been inconsistent all season, as has FJax. Jordy has a bad qb throwing to him again this week. Witten isn't as consistent as Thomas. Any matchups im missing that i could exploit better than Deckers? Keeping my other starters in. Andre playin against Indy when he racked up over 200 yds and 3 td, and J Gords been unstoppable. Help me out with this and I'll help you out with your question.
  6. Hey guys. I'm starting to feel compelled to make a trade in order to secure a long playoff run. The league is 20 team PPR league. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 2 Flex (WR/RB/TE) along with a kicker and a team defense. My starting lineup is Dalton, Frank Gore, Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Martellus Bennett, Victor Cruz and my other flex was Arian Foster. With the news that Foster may need season ending surgery, I was like to make a push for another player(s) to make my team better for a long playoff push. My bench consists of Andrew Hawkins, Mario Manningham, Jay Cutler, Denard Robinson, Darrel Young, Jermaine Kearse, and Arian Foster. What trade should I propose or what package should I ship out to get someone else? I was thinking Cruz and Cutler for Matt Force? The guy doesn't have the strongest QB in Tannehill. Thanks for the help.
  7. Need a little help with all the injuries. Any help is much appreciated. The lineup I'm leaning towards is underlined. 1 QB 1 RB 1 WR 1 TE 2 WR/RB Flex K DF (PPR) 12 team league - RG III Eli Manning Reggie Bush Jason Snelling Ray Rice Giovanni Bernard Justin Forsett Kendall Hunter Eddie Royal Wes Welker Dwayne Bowe Josh Gordon Antonio Gates Seattle D Thanks!
  8. Tom Brady-locked Doug Martin Lesean McCoy DeSean Jackson Victor Cruz Julian Edelman-locked Jaren Cook Randy Bullock Carolina Bench Matt Ryan Darren Sproles Julio Jones Anquan Boldin Calvin Johnson Martellus Bennett
  9. Hi, I'm in a 12 team PPR league with standard scoring. I need to pick 3 keepers in this league that starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex. Please leave your advice on which 3 guys would be good keepers keeping in mind there draft position. Any combination of 3 is acceptable. Thanks! Arian Foster (Rd 1) Aaron Rodgers(Rd 1) Jimmy Graham(Rd 2) Percy Harvin (Rd 5) Mike Wallace (Rd 3) Steven Jackson (Rd 4) David Wilson (Rd 15) Danny Amendola (Rd 15)
  10. Chris Johnson has been a hot topic of debate this preseason. With an improved offensive line, a full training camp, and a new attitude towards success, I expect flashes of the old Chris Johnson to reemerge this season. I’m predicting 1,500+ total yards from scrimmage and 13+ touchdowns. What do you think? Will Chris Johnson finish the season as a top 5 RB?
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