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Found 33 results

  1. Evaluate this Team

    4 weeks of dealing and now I feel competitive. Can this roster make a run for the championship? I'm 2 - 5 in 7th place on a 10 Team league.
  2. The Bears are moving further away from Allen Robinson. Is it time to trade him while he still has value?
  3. Cowboys Players?

    What are you guys doing about Cowboys players? I have Zeke and Cooper and now Idk if I should hold and bench, start, or trade away even though I wont get much.
  4. Looking at my roster I don't want to use my waiver. However Chase Claypool is available. Should I grab him or hold my waiver? This is a 10 Team 💰💰💰 league
  5. I'm thinking Matt Ryan, TY Hilton, Z Ertz, Hayden Hurst, Marvin Jones, AJ Green, Deebo Samuel, Sony Michel, Leonard Fournette and 49er's defense. Who are you thinking?
  6. My chances????

    So I'm up 11 points. NON-PPR I have Joshua Kelley and Kamara He has Diggs, Hunter Henry, and Saints kicker. Should be a close one! 🤮
  7. scoring correction

    Todays game between Dallas and the Giants ended with Dallas kicking a field goal from the 22 yard line. I think this should have been a 39 yard field goal but they counted it as a 40 yarder. (Before the kick you can see the ball on the 22) When the previous play was over, you can see the ball placed at the 22 also. I lost my fantasy week 115.32 to 115.26. ( .06 pts). Our league gives 3 points for a FG of 30-39 yards and 4 pts for a 40-49 yard FG. The 1 point made a difference in the loss. Does the NFL check on these stats automatically or who can I report what I think was a error in scoring and to who?
  8. Herbert looks like a gunslinger throwing bombs to undrafted WRs. When Mike Williams is back, does he have the elite upside to become a consistent top 15-20 WR? He’s a great deep threat w/ an insane catch radius. Underrated route runner as well. Add in the fact that Ekeler is hurt, his targets will go to someone.
  9. Drake does not look good. Edmonds has flashes of talent. Drake has never been a season long workhorse, & the Cards already benched their starter last year (David Johnson). Is it bizarre to think Edmonds is the starter by say week 8-10?? *If he is a starter, does he become a top 20 RB for ROS?
  10. Watched parts of the Giants game. He’s gone from 5 touches to 15. Played 63% snaps yesterday compared to just 27% last week. Just observing how he looks....he looks faster/quicker than before. Giants are due for touchdowns & I feel like Freeman will get some of them.
  11. And thats why I drafted Zeke!

    This year in one of my 12 man redraft ppr league (random draft position set a week before draft). I drafted Zeke first overall. CMC and Quads are behind crappy O-lines and are their whole offense. They were going to get hurt eventually. I find with all the WR weapons and great O-line Zeke will be a more durable back and will have more big play opportunity with those 3 WR's opening the field for him. Who else is loving Zeke this year?
  12. Would you consider Robby Anderson an every week starter or very underrated? Would you drop Henry Ruggs or Devante Parker for Anderson?
  13. With Thomas out is it worth starting Drew Brees?
  14. Draft is TONIGHT Sunday the 30th at 10est/7pst....Half PT PPR 12 man Yahoo Cash league.....$125 Entry.....$1,000 to 1st, $350 to 2nd, $150 to 3rd......3rd year running this league, fun and very competitive....added an extra roster bench spot and IR spot for Covid this year only.(6 Bench, 2 IR) 1QB-2RB-3WR-1TE-1DEF - No Kickers- Bonus pts for 100 yd rush/rec and 400 yd QBs.....Click on the link for other league details- Live Snake Draft- Please pay when you join - Thanks
  15. When a stat change was implemented and Avonta Maddox was credited with a sack on the last play of the game in the Eagles/Washington game this week it caused me to lose a semi final game. On the play, Dwayne Haskins is clearly attempting to pitch the ball backwards to keep the play alive. If it had gone forward, it would have been ruled an incomplete pass. The announcers state "he flips the ball away" .. "trying to hope something good happens". If he was in the grasp, and recorded as a sack, then it shouldn't have been ruled a fumble. It clearly wasn't a strip sack. Terrible stat change.
  16. Ummm. What the fricking frick? Well. It looks like I started literally all the wrong players. Great.
  17. So all year mainly the second half of the year I been destroying. I started slow losing the first two weeks then I won out the rest. Well this week I played the first round of the playoffs and played the number 6 seed. Well all of a sudden my team manures the bed and I lost in the first round 92-135. The guy I went against had such an up and down team. I had Connor hurt, Thielen hurt, Coleman, J. Brown, and Deebo with a bad matchup. Also, sat Ravens def. with them playing 49ers.
  18. I have no confidence in Hopkins this week. Thomas did nothing last night. However, I do like that my opponent has Chubb going against his own defense. What y'all think? I was considering replacing seibert with badgley and possibly replacing Rams defense with chiefs at home vs raiders?
  19. So im playing my brother in law this week. Win or lose I shouldn't move on my playoff position I am locked into 3rd place right now on the easier side of the bracket. But for bragging rights yall think I can pull this win off tonight? Im down 72 to 91 (rough week for me). I have Lamar Jackson left and he has Mark Andrews left.
  20. I benched Deshaun Watson and started DP this week. I'm thinking of keeping Watson on the bench probably for the ROS or based on match ups. Thoughts?
  21. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I was stupid and started Aaron Rodgers again this week instead of Cousins (7.86 pts to 25.9). I'm down almost exactly 20 pts and I have Emmanuel Sanders and Tevin Coleman going on Monday. My opponent has nobody. Do I have a legitimate chance? (.5 PPR)
  22. I'm up 13 points. I have Chris Carson tomorrow and my opponent has Garappolo. Not PPR 6 point passing tds no bonuses
  23. Who would you rather have on your team going forward and does Andrews have any trade value?
  24. Dallas Goedert (TE)

    Is he worth a roster spot in a 10 team league? He's trending in the right direction and Ertz is starting to generate some concerns.