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Found 11 results

  1. Odds

    I have a 3 pt lead with Hill going tonight he has Kittle Monday. What do y’all think safe or no? 1 pt ppr
  2. Im down 8 points going into tonight game. I have Tyler Bass left who is Bills kicker. Dude has been dropping 8+ every game except for one where he got 4. Do yall think he can pull the dub off? ESPN has him ranked as the No. 1 kicker right now.
  3. Sterling Sheperd WR-3

    He's averaging 10 targets equaling 100 yards per game at 57% ownership in Yahoo leagues. Why is this guy not owned above the 80% mark in ppr leagues?
  4. Najee owner in my 12 team PPR league wants to get rid of him. Bad game, but he got every RB carry & target. My RBs: Montgomery, Carson, & Swift I feel I can trade one of them straight up for Najee. Monty gets most of the carries but Williams & Cohen (when he’s back) take away targets. Fields might steal carries & TDs in the red zone if he starts. Carson is in the best offense but injury prone. Swift is a target monster & one of my guys. Got him in the 5th so I want to keep him the most.
  5. The National Football League and NFL Players Association are launching an effort to learn about the potential of marijuana and its components like CBD as alternative treatment options for pain. They’re also more generally interested in discovering how cannabis use affects athletic performance. A request for information that was published on Tuesday states that the league’s goal is “to identify investigators who have the current capability to carry out studies aimed at supplementing the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee’s (‘PMC’) knowledge about pain management and athletic performance in NFL players.” The notice lists three areas of interest: 1. The potential therapeutic role of medications and non-pharmacological interventions that are considered to be alternatives to opioids in routine pain management of NFL players. Medications may include, but are not limited to, cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (“CBD”). 2. The impact of cannabis or cannabinoids on athletic performance in NFL players. 3. The potential therapeutic role of medications and non-pharmacological interventions that are considered adjunctive to routine post-surgical orthopedic pain management in NFL football players. read more
  6. Jalen Hurts hurt me

    League Champion you called it.
  7. My biggest regret was passing on Travis Kelce during the draft. My lesson learned is not to get emotionally attached to marquee players. It's okay to let some one go when they are underperforming.
  8. I don't have any questions I just need to vent by saying I'm going into the playoffs with Sanders and Kamara as my running backs and I'm pissed off and terrified. That is all.
  9. Cowboys strength coach dies

    Wow..... I hope they respond on Turkey day.