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  1. Road to Glory III We still have a few openings for a 30-team dynasty, SF, IDP. LeagueSafe (majority approval); $50/year. Well-established league. Smart owners. Fun. We use GroupMe for league chat. Ping me here on Reddit and I’ll provide more details, email address, LeagueSafe info, etc. You can also contact via the Details Spreadsheet below. League Page https://www81.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/74979#0 Available Teams Cardinals, Raiders, Falcons, Buccaneers, Bears, Oilers, Ravens, Chargers Details Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSs8dyUG7Yv4Biuqcw0WG9MMYtynDF9eCq49yHOLikTI3k_HVRWIE8U0rSCP4FbikmlfxcM7ek5d4l3/pubhtml Dispersal Draft Once owners are established and paid, we will conduct a dispersal draft for all assets of those rosters, including rookie picks. Rookie Draft Once the dispersal draft is completed we will hold our rookie draft. FORMAT 30 Teams, organized into the NFL structure (pre-1999), bearing actual NFL Franchise names and logos; 100 man rosters, 15-man practice squad (being phased out- See Article III Section 4) 10-man Injured reserve, designed to mimic NFL rosters, rosters expanded to 115 during the off-season; 26 starters, balanced between offense and defense positions including 2QB plus an additional Superflex position NPLB Premium PPR/IDP scoring system; Playoff system that mimics the NFL; Annual Rookie/Free Agent draft occurring shortly after the NFL Draft; Three copies of each player available; Acquire Practice Squad players from other teams; 16-Game Schedule that includes Rivalry Games and Pinkslips; Prize pools with 100% payouts (minus league fees); League dues collected via League Safe w/ Majority Approval; Bonus pool, holdover of 25% of funds from Years 1-4 for big payouts in Year 5. LeagueSafe https://www.leaguesafe.com/league/3967919
  2. Why can't I find the rookie rankings? I use them every year. Are they here? This is a pay site, correct? There are some free sites that offer more, I am sorry to say. I blame it on USA today.
  3. This is our sixth year in the Deadpool, and it looks like it is going to be something special, The Deadpool is on CBS sports, a 16 team league, we have 4 openings for owners in 2020,. They won't last long, last year we had a waiting list, if interested contact me now.. The Deadpool will cost $125 plus a $5 fee charge (paid to League Safe, payouts will be 1st Place $1,400, 2nd Place $400 and 3rd Place $200). Contact mbar493684@aol.com if your interested. Must sign up now, the draft is September 6th at 6 pm, all skill levels are welcome....
  4. Join my league. It is free and will be very exciting. I don't really have many friends so I look forward to seeing you guys join. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=94537264&inviteId=b296f922-dfda-4608-ba9d-97a57c09e1a3
  5. CBS Sports league There are 9 teams It is rotisserie league with a 6x6 scoring format BATTING BA Batting Average HR Home Runs OBP On Base Pct R Runs RBI Runs Batted In SB Stolen Bases PITCHING BBd9 Walks per Nine ERA Earned Run Average H+S Holds + Saves K Strikeouts (Pitcher) QS Quality Starts WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning The league is a keeper league with 3 major league keepers per year and 15 minor league players.
  6. 2018 - NFL Survivor Pool 10 Players In and Counting! JOIN NOW 1. Go to www.usafootballpools.com and Register on the website. 2. Then click Join NFL Survivor Pool 5. Enter PRIVATE POOL NAME = SURVIVORZ https://www.usafootballpools.com/registration/join_from_email_invitation.php?site_id=F01&pool_id=SURVIVORZ&mid=264339dcbbf2cd729df0929bdf7627f8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The NFL season is about to start and I'm inviting you to join my NFL football pool known as: - SURVIVOR - Survivor Pool format, the rules are simple: - Pick one team each week that you think will win - If the football team you pick loses, you get eliminated from the pool - Pool ends when there is one player left who survives the longest! - That's it! Email me footballfanatix0@gmail.com if interested.
  7. High Stakes Auction draft looking for more players! Check our Bylaws below and reply with your email address if you want to join! 12 Dynasty Teams – 3 divisions w/ 4 teams each 1 Pt PPR/ 1.5 Pt TE/ Superflex Higher Stakes League with Bonus performance scoring format League Buy-in ($100 each year) - **Save the 4% LeagueSafe FEE!** Roster would be 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex (QB/ RB/ WR/ TE), 1D Total Roster Size is 31 (25 active players + 6 Taxi Squad + 3 IR spots) Drafting As Follows: 1) Maiden Auction Draft of 360 players. 2) Maiden Auction draft of Veteran and Rookie players, minimum bid of 0, proxy format. 3) Rookie draft in the years to come will be same auction format as maiden startup -1st Rd. Rookie Pick = 1200-600 auction dollars depening on pick. Example: 1.01 = 1200 || 1.12 = 600 -2nd Rd. Rookie Pick = 550-300 auction dollars depening on pick. Example: 1.01 = 1200 || 1.12 = 600 -3rd Rd. Rookie Pick = 275-155 -4th Rd. Rookie Pick = 145-85 ***This range is liable to change, I'm open to any ideas. * Off-season FAAB Of $100 starts 1st Wedesday after draft ends @ 12pm PST and continues everday until the 1st Wednesday in September. Every following year the Off-Season waivers begin the 1st Wednesday after the Super Bowl. Waivers stop during rookie draft and begin again on following Wednesday. * In-season FAAB Of $300 starts 1st Wednesday in September @ 12pm PST and continues Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 1/1. FAAB of $0 bids allowed FAAB ties broke by 1st bid time Leftover FAAB does not carry over from In-Season to Offseason or vice versa. League Handled through MyFantasyLeague.Com Unlimited Trades (Can trade draft picks) Double Headers Each Week Weeks 14 thru 16 for playoffs Fees Paid through LeagueSafe.Com with 51% league approval for winner payouts **Pay NO 4% Leaguesafe fees in this league!** League dues of $100 + (MFL Fee each year) for 1st year in league and the same for every year thereafter. Will use GroupMe to saty in touch year round Offense/ QBs: Completions .25 Passing Yards .04 points per yard; Passing Touchdowns 6 Interceptions/ Fumble Lost -2 Sacks -1 2-Point Conversions 2 Pick Sixes Thrown -3 RB: Receptions 1pt Rushing Yards .1 Point per yard; Rushing Touchdowns 6 Fumble Lost -2 WR: Receptions 1pt Receiving Yards .1 point per yard; Receiving Touchdowns 6 Fumble Lost -2 TE: Receptions 1.5pt Receiving Yards .1 point per yard; Receiving Touchdowns 6 Fumble Lost -2 BONUSES: QB Bonuses: Combined Passing & Rushing: 3 points at 300 yards; 4 points at 350 yards; 5 points at 400 yards; 6 points at 450 yards; 7 points at 500 yards (Only 1 Bonus level awarded) 40+ Yard Passing Touchdown: 1pt 60+ Yard Passing Touchdown: 2pt 80+ Yard Passing Touchdown: 3pt QB/RB/WR/TE Bonuses: Combined Rushing & Receiving: 3 points at 100 yards; 4 points at 150 yards; 5 points at 200 yards; 6 points at 250 yards; 7 points at 300 yards (Only 1 Bonus level awarded) 20+ Yard Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 1pt 40+ Yard Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 2pt 60+ Yard Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 3pt 80+ Yard Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 4pt Defense/Special Teams Sack 2 Interception 2 Fumble Recovery 2 Touchdown 6 Safety 2 Block Kick 3 Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 6 Points Allowed 0 points 8 Points Allowed 1-6 points 6 Points Allowed 7-13 points 4 Points Allowed 14-20 points 2 Points Allowed 21-27 points 0 Points Allowed 28-34 points -2 Points Allowed 35+ points -4 4th Down Stops 2 Extra Point Returned 2 IR Squad: Only players listed as IR via NFL can be on IR Taxi Squad: Only new Rookies can be added to the Taxi Squad! Once there they can stay as long as you want on the taxi squad New Rookies can be promoted and demoted to the taxi squad as long as they are rookies until the season ends Rookies cannot be traded from one taxi squad to another * Rookie squad will expand in 2nd year to 12 total, and 3rd year cap @ 18 total * We can vote in the 4th year if we would like to expand the rookie squad further. Trades: Trades are immediately processed. Trade deadline is kickoff week 11 Any questionable trades will be voted on if requested and adjusted by commissioner if needed. (Per Ballers, only clear collusion will be vetoed, bad or one sided trades will not be considered for a veto) Schedule/Playoffs: 13 Week Regular Season Double Headers Each Week Each team plays divisional opponents three times and all other teams twice. Except week #1 3 Week Playoffs (Beginning Week 14) Playoffs (Weeks 14 thru 16): 6 Teams make playoffs Top three division winners will automatically be in the playoffs determined by the following: 1. Overall Team Winning Record 2. If Tie then by Divisional Winning Percentage 3. If Tie then by Head to Head Record Next three spots are determined by: 1. Overall Winning Record 2. If Tie then, Total Points Scored 3. If Tie then, Head to Head Record Payouts 1st - $800 2nd - $300 3rd - $100 Winners will be paid after 1/1 with majority vote via LeagueSafe Following Years Draft Positions: Will be determined by the reverse order of standing for the six teams in the playoffs. The last 6 teams will be determined by potential points. (Higher Potential Points = Lower Draft Positions) Excluding taxi squad. OFF-SEASON: League dues of $100 + (League safe fees) due every year by 4/15 via LeagueSafe before Rookie Draft If your dues are not paid by 4/15 your team will be orphaned an you will lose your spot. Rookie draft takes place on May 15th of each year. For the 2 Weeks following the Superbowl you will have your final chance to place that years rookies on your Taxi Squad before they will be considered Veterans and the league will be rolled over to the new year. You must also remove players from IR and place on active roster. After the Superbowl divisions will be re-shuffled in reverse order of how teams finished the season. For example: teams finshing in the top 4 will be in Division #1, Teams 5 thru 8 will now be in division #2, and the least 4 teams will be in divison #3. This ensures a fair and balanced league from year to year. Roster/ Points/ League Rule Voting: We are basing our inaugural draft off our current starting roster requirments/ premium scoring/ positional bonus bylaws & requirements therefore any modifications will take a unanimous vote to change. Taxi squad will grow by 6 for three seasons (For a total of 18) then we will vote each successive season if we wish to add more roster spots to the taxi squad or keep it where it is. Taxi squad spots cannot be removed. Changes will not take place in season. Taxi squad changes will take a simple majority to change. Total number of roster spot changes can be brought up and must be voted on at the end of the current season and before we rollover to the next season. Changes will not take place in season. Any modifications will only take a simple majority to change. Addition IR spots changes can be brought up and must be voted on at the end of the current season and before we rollover to the next season. Changes will not take place in season. Any modifications will only take a simple majority to change.
  8. I've tried a number of different sites for estimated auction values, but the estimates always seem so much lower than people go for in my 12 person $200 budget, non-PPR auction keeper league. My guess is that it's partially because when players are kept at great values, it frees up extra budget to spend on your other picks. I really like TheHuddle's tiering approach, but it would also help to be able to count on their estimates for what a player is worth as well Anyway...thanks!
  9. I'm really high on him, and think he could put up RB1 numbers this year. They spent a first round pick, and are trying to think of any, and every way to get him more touches. He's an elite receiver, has incredible game speed, great vision, and possesses one of the nastiest cuts of any player in the league. His biggest knock right now, is the uncertainty of his ceiling with Cam as his QB. Cam's known to be a ball hog in the red zone, and between the 20's will often run the ball himself in a scramble instead of dump it off. Also, that he only had 1 bench press at the combine, so he might not be strong enough for blocking or stiff arms. Good luck trying to catch this guy in the open field. He won't need to stiff arm when he's breaking ankles. I think there's a strong chance with this revamped offense that a lot of these tendencies of Cam's will look to be changed, and I think this offense is going to want to feature McCaffery. They want a return on their investment. He's the real deal, and NFL ready imo. Besides being a product of eugenics, he's been learning football from his father who was NFL vet of 13 years. I think you can get a return on him in the 3rd round as is, and the upside is going to be there. He's a game changer. I think he'll outperform Fournette (who's ADP is ridiculous), Jeffery, A-Rob, Mixon...all guys going around the same range. Edit: yes, I am Christian McCaffrey
  10. Hi All, I am curious about some unique and challenging league scoring and roster formats that you have seen in your leagues. For me, the most interesting and challenging format included 2 QB, 2DST, and 3 IDP. I have created a free custom yahoo league with the same rules. Feel free to use the link below and join my league. Once you see how cool this format is, I think you will fine the standard format boring. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1010107/invitation?key=6c8578eb4c8d04b4&ikey=f5fcc9377e142aee
  11. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 1 spot open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at offspeedshot@yahoo.comhttps://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/335688/invitation?key=2c6fcbfb4da40fcd&ikey=d893b2f8ccf51fa4 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$ QUARTERBACK (QB) 1 WIDE RECEIVER (WR) 2 RUNNING BACK (RB) 2 TIGHT END (TE) 1 WIDE RECEIVER/RUNNING BACK/TIGHT END (W/R/T) 1 KICKER (K) 1 DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS (DEF) 1 BENCH (BN) 7 INJURED RESERVE (IR) 1
  12. Hello everyone! I am running a 2 QB Auction league over on nff.com.. It is on Sunday Aug 27th at 5pm EST This is a FREE league. We have family and friends in the league and looking for more owners. Expanded auction budget to assist with the 2nd QB slot. Tons of fun, bunch of points and hope you will join. http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/4881813 You can also search the league via the custom search feature on nfl.com fantasy. League name is : 2 QB Auction (original I know!)
  13. Current IDP rankings wouldn't suck. No more Watt, no more Bowman, bring the goods Huddle! Stop resting on your laurels!
  14. Full ppr KR 10yds= 1pt. PR 10yds= 1pt. TD=6 Fuller has been returning kicks. Will Cooks rebound? I have QB Flacco/Palmer RB L. Miller, Gore, G. Bernard, K. Dixon, B. Powell, D. Washington WR Fuller, Green, Landry, J. Brown, R. Cobb TE Pitta, Bennett I'm 2-2 in the league.
  15. Any reason to take this? Is Jones better than T.Y. and is Ivory worth having? My team Rivers Cj Anderson L.Murray Riddick Duke Ajayi Beckham Macklin Hilton T.Benjamin Barnidge
  16. Hilton, Ebron and Winston for Marvin Jones, Stafford and Ivory Any reason to take this? Is Jones better than T.Y. and is Ivory worth having? My team Rivers Cj Anderson L.Murray Riddick Duke Ajayi Beckham Macklin Hilton T.Benjamin Barnidge Ebron
  17. Should I drop Sterling Sherpherd or Allen Hurns in favor on picking up Tajae Sharpe and Will Fuller? I lost Keenan Allen and we use a FAAB so I'm dedicating a lot of cash for these two players.
  18. Hey wassup my 12man league needs players. The draft is tomorrow. If u want or need a league come join us and let's have a good season!!!! 12man standard league custom scoring using the NFL Fantasy app. Please text me if your interested!!!! 205-541-1501
  19. I drafted peyton manning somewhat high and he has been pretty bad this season. He had a bye last week so I started my back up Ryan Tannehill. He went off for 28 points, who should I dart this upcoming week?
  20. Please help. I have added my fantasy league's scoring settings to my view players ranking. Here is the issue I am facing >>>When it's showing the player ranking by position Leveon Bell is ranked 3 overall behind AP and JCharles. I am trying to create a TOP100 or 200 list (overall / all positions) but when select the Top 200 from the drop down list under the Fantasy Draft Kit it changes the ranking to where Marshawn Lynch is above L.Bell. What am doing wrong? please help me understand how can create a top 200 list that is customized to my Fantasy league's setting. Thanks.
  21. Took me 15 minutes, cause I'm old to realize after 37 years, you changed the format from: Week 1 Week 10 Week 2 Week 11 To: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 What gives?
  22. My Team: QB: Andrew Luck RB: Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, CJ Anderson, Alfred Blue, Latavius Murray WR: Emmanuel Sanders, Brandon Marshall, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Roddy White TE: Jimmy Graham, Martellus Bennett K: Justin Tucker DEF: Bills I lost my last game, so I'm 7-1. 2nd place in my division is 6-2 and he has a definite win this week. Not only do I want first round bye, the player I'm playing this week is a weapon who started off the season bad but he's now 3rd in our division so hes projected to be in the playoffs. Winning would seal my #1 seed and prevent an upset. WDIS mainly in my w/r and wr positions. Opponents lineup: QB: Rodgers, Ryan(bench) RB: Ellington(LP), Bernard, West(bench) WR: Dez, Demaryius Thomas, Edelman(flex), Cobb(bench), jeffery(bench) TE: Witten, Thomas(Bench) (DNP) K: Dan Bailey DEF:Seahawks, 49ers(bench) See I'm worried about this matchup as he's starting edelman and is still projected more than me.
  23. I do need another receiver and Cobb does fit that position. Is this a good trade. I am #1 in the league and I'm undefeated but I think I'm winning off of luck (and lucks production). Is this a good trade?
  24. I have luck Lynch foster Graham and Evans and Marshall on my team. I have a pretty good bench to, I'm undefeated in our league. I offered a player in the opposite division luck foster and Terrance Williams for Antonio brown Russell Wilson and leveon bell. Is this a good trade. Luck #1 and brown #1. My team would kill in every position except QB since Russell is on and off. Brown had that one -6 point game, but I need to know if that will happen again. Gimme your insight.
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