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Found 10 results

  1. Was this cheating?

    Genuinely seeking everyone's opinion on this very strange situation! We're playing in a .5 PPR, 12 team league on ESPN. Commish is whoever won the league last year with another guy still having overall league access. There are 3 married couples in our league, and 6 solo dudes. Couples are not on the same team or anything like that. On Tuesday, this situation started out with a trade of Damien Williams (CHI) from team 1 to team 2, team 1 receives Jalen Hurts for Damien. Team 1 and Team 2 are married. Team 2 needed a RB and is starting Kyler so the trade made sense. On Thursday at 3pm, it is announced that Damien has Covid. Team 2 is in trouble, Team 1 then trades Darrel Williams (KC) to team 2 for an out running back in Damien Williams at 4:15pm The starting Kansas City RB for an out Bears RB. I say in the chat that it is a pretty suspicious trade, brother of Team 1 says that's collusion, last year's commish says he's vetoing. I vetoed, brother of team 1 vetoed, and last year's commish vetoed. That's 3 vetoes within 15 minutes of the trade, and we only need 4 votes. Our chat isn't very active, the only five people who responded to the trade were the 3 that vetoed, team 1, and team 2. 8:30pm rolls around and team 1 hits up the chat, asking if the current commish had pushed the trade through. Commish responds he didn't do anything. After 4 hours the trade is processed and done. The window is always 48 hours. The only other person with ESPN league access is team 1. Fast forward, to today team 2 is going to win their matchup by 4 points, thanks to Darrel going off. Am I crazy or did team 1 definitely make a a suspiciously bad trade for no reason other than to help their significant other? Am I crazy to think team 1 definitely pushed the trade through? General opinions on the situation please! TLDR; married couple in league made a very suspicious trade and then pushed the trade through after 4 hours before people could veto.
  2. The league will resemble the nba where there will be contracts, player extension. You’re going to be just a gm.
  3. Yahoo free league

    Looking for managers 14 team IDP 2 flex spots trying to draft this weekend anyone can join Football season is upon us! Join my league Very punny. Click Here:
  4. The entry fee is $20.00 per Pool Entry Name. Payment In Full is due by Thursday, September 9, 2021 8:20 PM EST. Choose one team from the current week's NFL schedule that you think will win. If your team wins, you continue in the pool for another week. If your team loses or ties, you are eliminated from the pool. You can choose a team more than once during the season. You may choose any team that is playing in the current week. Once your pick is submitted, you may change it as long as it is before the game's start time. If you fail to make a pick before the week's deadline, you will automatically be assigned to the home team of the first Monday Night Football game. No exceptions! The pool will continue until there is one remaining player or the end of the regular season. In the event that all remaining players are eliminated in one week, the pool will be divided amongst those players. All picks will remain confidential until the picks for the week are posted on the website. T In the event of a website malfunction of any kind, the commissioner has final say regarding that week's picks. The commissioner has final say with any dispute. The pool will not be split unless there is more than one remaining player at the end of the NFL regular season. 100% of the money received will be paid to the winner(s). In the event that the season is cut short, all remaining players will divide the pot.
  5. A little history of the "Prove it " Leagues. I started them for football and baseball 4 years ago and going strong. The reason I started my own leagues was because the commish(which was very nice) was changing the rules for managers after the draft to get them out of jams they found themself in. I will never change any rules no matter how small after the draft. I know there are tons of great managers that draft according the the rules, and no matter how small i might think it is it might be a reason why they drafted the way they did. I am wide open in changing any rules one week before the draft. Always open to ideas then I put a vote to it. But once the draft starts. All rules are in stone. Thank you Douglas Feel free to look around the leagues both drafts are on Sunday 3pm the 22nd and the 29. Just a heads up I have never missed a draft or had to move it. If you have any questions feel free to email me or dm me on the yahoo fantasy chat. Thanks Again Join my Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football league, Really Prove it 2QB Deep League
  6. Road to Glory III We still have a few openings for a 30-team dynasty, SF, IDP. LeagueSafe (majority approval); $50/year. Well-established league. Smart owners. Fun. We use GroupMe for league chat. Ping me here on Reddit and I’ll provide more details, email address, LeagueSafe info, etc. You can also contact via the Details Spreadsheet below. League Page Available Teams Cardinals, Raiders, Falcons, Buccaneers, Bears, Oilers, Ravens, Chargers Details Spreadsheet Dispersal Draft Once owners are established and paid, we will conduct a dispersal draft for all assets of those rosters, including rookie picks. Rookie Draft Once the dispersal draft is completed we will hold our rookie draft. FORMAT 30 Teams, organized into the NFL structure (pre-1999), bearing actual NFL Franchise names and logos; 100 man rosters, 15-man practice squad (being phased out- See Article III Section 4) 10-man Injured reserve, designed to mimic NFL rosters, rosters expanded to 115 during the off-season; 26 starters, balanced between offense and defense positions including 2QB plus an additional Superflex position NPLB Premium PPR/IDP scoring system; Playoff system that mimics the NFL; Annual Rookie/Free Agent draft occurring shortly after the NFL Draft; Three copies of each player available; Acquire Practice Squad players from other teams; 16-Game Schedule that includes Rivalry Games and Pinkslips; Prize pools with 100% payouts (minus league fees); League dues collected via League Safe w/ Majority Approval; Bonus pool, holdover of 25% of funds from Years 1-4 for big payouts in Year 5. LeagueSafe
  7. Unique IDP settings, 16 teams, 8 keepers, PPR startup. 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE Flex, 3DL, 4LB, 4DB starters, 8 bench. Not for beginners. Message board will provide more details on league setup and year2 plan. Over 20 years LM experience.
  8. 16 Team Dynasty league. Keeper League has been together for about 7 years, but been moving towards a Dynasty the last 2. Finally moving to Reality Sports Online. $12 site fee, AROUND $20 A TEAM. 100% payback. Use real NFL salary cap. 3 IDP. 1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, .....NO K. Email for more info. 2 established teams available. First come, first choice. Thanks
  9. League Rules vs. Norms

    I have an owner who is frustrated that people not in the playoffs, (they're in the consolation playoffs but whatever) are picking up people off waivers and playing them. He feels that owners not in the playoffs shouldn't be able to pick up players off waivers to play in games "that don't mean anything." What is the policy in your league? The consolation tournament doesn't have any bearing (no winnings for that bracket, no draft pick for next year, etc), its strictly for fun. Thoughts?
  10. I have someone in my league that after missing the playoffs drop Nick Chubb to the waiver wire. I feel like a round 2 draft shouldn’t end up on the waiver wire all of a sudden in the playoffs especially