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Decision Time Draft Evaluation

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Here's my team in order of draft. I drafted 12th and got good value at most positions. I played rookie Russian roulette with willy, brown, m. williams and edwards but I feel very uncomfortable with this much risk. Willy for the vikings might not play much but could be strong late, braylon may be the only option in cleveland, M. williams should get red zone looks. So here is the question, Chambers is available for miami and I believe they will be behind alot and throwing but who is the least valuable of the below team to drop. Also below my team is a list of availables. What do you think?


Performance League lineup 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, k, def/st




Jones, Julius RB DAL

Lewis, Jamal RB BAL

Harrison, Marvin WR IND

Gonzalez, Tony TE KC

Brown, Ronnie RB MIA

Harrington, Joey QB

Edwards, Braylon WR CLE

Bledsoe, Drew QB DAL (in trade I gave Jake Plummer but I'm a homer and I figured they are both even, Plummer throws picks and Drew doesn't throw many touchdowns)

Williamson, Troy MINN

Williams, Mike WR DET

Jets, DST

Nugent, Mike K NYJ

Cowboys, DST

Garcia, Jeff QB DET





Available players


Chambers, Chris WR MIA

Patten, David WR WAS

Robinson, Marcus WR MIN

Stallworth, Donte' WR NO

Curry, Ronald WR OAK

McCareins, Justin WR NYJ

Morton, Johnnie WR SF

Gardner, Rod WR CAR

Parker, Eric WR SD

Lloyd, Brandon WR SF

Northcutt, Dennis WR CLE

Wilson, Cedrick WR PIT

Gaffney, Jabar WR HOU

Terrell, David WR NE 0

Pinkston, Todd WR PHI

Galloway, Joey WR TB

Hakim, Az-Zahir WR NO

Booker, Marty WR MIA

McDonald, Shaun WR STL

Gabriel, Doug WR OAK

Pathon, Jerome WR SEA

Robinson, Koren WR SEA

Rice, Jerry WR DEN

Conway, Curtis WR SF

Johnson, Bryant WR ARI

Thompson, Derrius WR MIA

Engram, Bobby WR SEA

Morgan, Quincy WR DAL

Bradford, Corey WR HOU

Curtis, Kevin WR


also all three wide outs for Philly not with the initials TO.

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I like your starting line-up, with the exception of Harrington. Your bench is pretty frightening. But you should be able to keep an eye on that as the season progresses, and make adjustments via the waiver wire. I'm not sure why you feel B. Edwards is Cleveland's only option. Dennis Northcutt and Antonio Bryant will be viable bench fodder, and also bear watching. Yes the Brown's outlook is bleak, but they'll still score points. JMO.

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As long as you are taking chances I would grab Gardner off waivers and cut a defense. You can always get a quality defense later and by then you might even know what is going on with Garcia and Harrington. IMO

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drop some of the dead weight and pick up another defense or two. you can put the rest of the league in a bind if you do this. harrrison is in for a down yr.

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Harrington appears to be the weakpoint of your early draft rounds. Surprised you didn't choose the likes of Palmer, Collins, or Brady at that level if you were itching for a QB.

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Cowboys fan with a similar lineup:


QB - T. Brady, M. Hasselbeck

RB - J. Lewis, J. Jones, TJ Duckett, C. Taylor, C. Benson

WR - M. Harrison, L. Coles, D. Stallworth, T. Williamson, B. Edwards

TE - J. Witten, C. Cooley


K - J. Elam


will probably move stallworth, duckett, benson -depending how season plays out.


IMO - drop some of the 'Boys :D - bledsoe, DST. New system, new players, coord never ran the 3-4.

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