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Do moves hurt or help my team?

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Completed 1st draft late last and made a couple moves that will hopefully payoff. In a 10-team performance league. 1/10 rec, rush 1/25 pass, 6/td, -2/int, fum. Start qb, rb, 2 wr, rb/wr, te, k dst. Do the moves that I made after the draft improve my team?


1.06 J. Lewis

2.05 J. Jones

3.06 M. Harrison

4.05 T. Brady

5.06 J. Porter*

6.05 C. Benson

7.06 J. Wiggins*

8.05 Pitt DST

9.06 L.Coles

10.05 M. Hasselbeck

11.06 T. Williamson

12.05 J. Elam

13.06 C. Cooley

14.05 C. Taylor

15.06 TB DST*

16.05 J. Reed**


* traded Porter, TB, Wiggins for J. Witten, TJ Duckett, D. Stallworth

** released J. Reed picked up B. Edwards

Good or bad moves/draft?

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Don't like the trade that much, don't care about the free agent agent move.


No reason to take Brady in Round 4 (when someone like Hasselback is available in round 10). You are now starting Coles at WR? Not awful, but that 4th round pick should have been a WR.

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