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Dunn, Duckett or C. Brown

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Which player should i pick in the 1st round? Keeper league we keep 5 I pick 1.7

All of the rookies will be gone that is all the rb's the wr's should be there but my team is hurting at RB. Stanard scoring w/ IDPs. D's also score major points in this league sume up to 400 pts per season which is more then any player left will get.


Question is do i chance picking Dunn, Duckett , Brown or M. Bennett or T. Heap or a rookie wr's or go after a top D which will be Pitt, Buff, Balt, NE all will scoe more points then listed rb's above.


My team T. Green, Foster, D. Jax, M. Clayton and Rookie M. Williams

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True that some defenses get more points than RBs, but you will still need to have depth for bye weeks.


Tough call, either RBBC or injury prone. I would go for Bennett, due to him being the healthiest (at this point) and having the best o-line and schedule against the run.


If you believe that those RBs you listed will still be there in rounds 2-3, then go for WR, TE or Defense.


If you go for rookie RB, I would say Ronnie Brown or Williams, Benson in the distant due to CHI QB injury and missing camp (probably will not start until mid-season).


It would help greatly if you posted your 5 keepers.

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