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I have been fortunate in the prior drafts of always picking in the top 4. This year however I am #9 (12 - Team Performance). Our scoring throws a curveball - without going into much detail it gives addition value to QB's (Top 12 scores 2004 were QB's with the 13 being the top RB).


Any draft strategy help or point to a usful article on the web would be greatly appreciated.



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Kind of lenghty - Here you go - Thanks for the help


Scoring for Offensive Categories

FG - Field Goals 3 points

Plus 1 point for a FG of 40 to 49 Yds

Plus 2 points for a FG of 50+ Yds


IKRTD - Individual Kick Return TD 6 points

IPRTD - Individual Punt Return TD 6 points

Pa2P - Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points

PaAtt - Passing Attempt -1 point

PaCmp - Passing Completion 2 points

PaInt - Passing Interception -2 points

PaTD - Passing TD 6 points

PaYd - Passing Yards 0+ PaYds = 1 point for every 25 PaYds

Plus a 1 point bonus @ 310+ PaYd

Plus a 1 point bonus @ 320+ PaYd

Plus a 1 point bonus @ 330+ PaYd

Plus a 1 point bonus @ 340+ PaYd

Plus a 2 point bonus @ 350+ PaYd


Re2P - Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points

ReTD - Receiving TD 6 points

ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 1 point for every 10 ReYds

Plus a 2 point bonus @ 210+ ReYd

Plus a 2 point bonus @ 220+ ReYd

Plus a 5 point bonus @ 250+ ReYd


Recpt - Reception 1 point

Ru2P - Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points

RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points

RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds

Plus a 2 point bonus @ 210+ RuYd

Plus a 2 point bonus @ 220+ RuYd

Plus a 5 point bonus @ 250+ RuYd


XP - Extra Points 1 point


Scoring for Defensive Categories

DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points

DTD - Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 10 points

Int - Interceptions 2 points

PA - Points Against, Total Points Scored 0 - 3 PA = 20 points

4 - 9 PA = 15 points

10 - 14 PA = 10 points

15 - 20 PA = 5 points


SACK - Sack 1 point

STY - Safety 10 points

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The key here isn't who is the top scorers, but how different are they? Were the top 3 vastly different from the rest? If it ended up as most leagues, with Manning at the top, Culpepper closely following, with a second tier of Bulger, McNabb, etc., then it doesn't really matter. If you have to start 2 RB, that still means that 24 RB's will be starting on any given Sunday and that there are only 10-12 "sure things" for starters.


In a 12 team league, the 9 hole is my favorite, as you have tons of options. Later in the draft (like in the 5 to 6 swing or the 7 to 9 swing) make sure you have good tabs on what the 10, 11, and 12 teams look like as far as their rosters. For example, if you are considering taking a quarterback at pick 5.9, look at the rosters of teams 10, 11, and 12. If all three already have a quarterback, why take one at 5.9 when you could get the same guy at 6.4? Conversely, if there's one quarterback clearly better than the rest, and none or only one of those teams has a QB, you would know taking him at 5.9 would be better than waiting until 6.4, as he'd likely be gone.


Hope this helps.

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