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Trade Advice w/ defensive players on roster

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I'm looking to see if I'm solid enough on the offensive side. I'm open to trading two of my defensive players for one offensive player. Maybe a better backup QB?




K. Jones


M. Clayton

L. Coles

M. Bulger

J. Shockey

Thomas Jones

K. Boller

Mark Clayton

K. Colbert


Defensive Players

Jonthan Vilma

Takeo Spikes

Antoine Winfield

Dunta Robinson

Jamie Sharper

Brian Simmons

Robert Griffith

Julius Peppers

Cato June

Dat Nguyen


I didn't draft a kicker. I'll most likely drop a defensive player before the season starts and pickup the best possible kicker.



thanks for the advice!!!!

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You have a good team, yes BackUp QB is weak. What QBs are (if Any) are still available?


If none available, I would hold and see how week 1 pans out. I


t would be easier to trade to a team in need vs trying to make a trade before the season starts.

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