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Big Dogs

Looking to make a trade -- Need Advice!

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Hey Guys.....


I've got a huge week 3 bye issue with Jamal Lewis and Kevin Jones and I could use help at TE, WR, and Defense. Just so happens that one team has both Ahman Green and Cedric Bensen, and I've got his backups, and trying to work a trade with him that helps both!!!


Here's my lineup (scoring below):

QB: Bulger

RB: Jamal Lewis, KJones, Suggs, Thomas Jones, Staley, & Davenport

WR: Clayton, Drew Bennett, Bruce, Toomer, Ferguson

TE: Wiggins

Def: Colts


His Lineup:

QB: Culpepper, Brooks, Pennington

RB: Ahman Green, Steven Jackson, CBensen, Anthony Thomas

WR: Darrell Jackson, Driver, TJ Housh, Reggie Williams

TE: Heap & Putz

Def: Pittsburgh & Washington


I'm thinking about offering KJones, TJones, & Davenport to him which would give him a top back he wants and the backups to both of his other RB's....


I'll be asking for Steven Jackson, Pittsburgh Defense, and either Aaron Brooks or Todd Heap. Am I giving up too much for the sake of a bye week? My thoughts are that I would still have Suggs & Staley as backups, and I'm also picking up William Green off waivers, which I should get.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether or not they think this is fair or too lopsided one way or another??? I know the season hasn't even started yet, so maybe I'm just getting the "joneses" to get into FF mode by making a trade!!! :D:D:D


Let me know your thoughts!!! :D

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The other team would be foolish to give you Jackson. he is the starter for the Rams and will have a great year.


Good Luck

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if you get jackson for Kjones, do it.

nm the bye week, other players involved: crappy shoes from spammers-style: just do it

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