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I was reading "the edge" commentary by Kevin Ratterree and was think of making this add/drop:


"I avoided drafting Jerry Porter this year, but made it a point to draft Ronald Curry on most of my teams. Bottom line: Curry is a superior talent, and superior talent has a way of rising to the top. Porter's lingering hamstring injury has only reinforced my belief that Curry is a potential super sleeper this season. "


Drop Wiggins TE

Add Ronald Curry


I have Gonzo and was using wiggy for my backup. As you can see (below) I am a littlw weak at WR.


What do you think??



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Why not? You're not losing anything... There may be some upside with Curry.

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There is alot of hype because of Moss with Oakland this year.


Do we really see a value in Curry to be the next superstar? If he had all of this superior talent, he would not be the #3 wide out.


Yes he'll make some great plays, but when it is said and done, I think you'll find other Receivers on your waiver board with better stats.


What about any of the following?


T.J. Hous ... CIN

Brandon Lloyd

C. Rodgers - Big year this year



If any of these three are available I would take them over Curry.


People only remember SF from last year, people forget that the team was destroyed with injuries. These players are back this year. Tim Rattay is healthy.


Brandon Lloyd is a huge target and the only way SF can stay in the game is to pass.


I do not think 1000 yards and 7-9 TD's is unrealistic for him.


With Curry splitting with Porter, I do not see Curry getting those kind of numbers.


Now it sounds like Porter will be starting.


If you don't like SF look heavily at Rodgers and TJ. Both are great Receivers.

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Now.. I'm not saying I am anywhere CLOSE to being in the kind of shape a NFL player is. BUT... I had the exact same injury as Curry, about 2 months BEFORE his. There is no way on God's green Earth that I would be able to suit up and ball right now. I haven't even started playing basketball yet. I probably could...


All I'm saying is... Curry is most likely going to be rather tentative (haven't seen him in preseason yet) and perhaps a step slow. That is, perhaps only for a few weeks... as I'm sure the personal training attention he's received far outweighs what I got.


Yeah, don't rupture your Achilles, it's not fun.

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Yes Charles Rodgers with Detroit.


A lot of people are avoiding him, and he is available on most Waiver boards.



He is under the radar because of being injured the last two years.


I personally am not concerned with a collar bone. I am more concerned with injuries involving legs and knees.


Rodgers is very talented, very fast and with Roy Williams opposite him, Most defenses will have a tough day.


I do not believe in playing to WR's from the same team but with the right matchup and this one with Green Bay is perfect.


Harrington should have a real nice day this coming Sunday.


Rodgers is an excellent #3 receiver, possibly #2 depending on Harrington is this year.

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