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Guest THEbigred

2005 NFL Predictions: let's have em

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Guest THEbigred

My random predictions:


- PHI wins SB rematch with NE.


- Big Ben is big soph bust, PIT crawls into playoffs and exits early.


- Colts offense is good but nothing like last year and D/ST still too lacking - another div. title, another playoff exit. Manning ends up around 30/17.


- Palmer sucks and proves Cincy's undoing, despite a solid team with a lot of promise.


- Cards suck in every way imaginable.


- Both Moss and Culpepper feel the loss of the other and have good/not great seasons.


- Jackson gets hurt and Faulk has best production in years.


- Gates disappoints somewhat with about a 750/7 season (which aint bad).


- Bruce and Wayne have major letdowns after big years as WR2s in 04.


- DAL D is the #1 or #2 D this year.


- WAS QBs suck (gasp) but Portis still manages to have another good year.


- Favre's streak ends at some point this year.

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My pick for Sophomore Slump goes to Michael Clayton.

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